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Porcelain Jasper Gemstone For Sale at CabochonsForSale

Porcelain Jasper gemstones are very well known in the gemstone community for their mesmerizing beauty and proficient healing properties. These gemstones are also known as exotic porcelain Jasper and their origin can be attributed to Mexico and Madagascar. These gemstones have gained popularity throughout the globe because of their viable energy as well as unique patterns. 

Porcelain Jasper Meaning

The meaning for porcelain Jasper gemstone actually originates from the appearance of the gemstone which looks like the polished surface of porcelain. And when it comes to Jasper, it is an indicator of the gemstone being from the family of Jasper. 

Porcelain Jasper Properties

This gemstone which is known for its porcelain like patterns showcase a waxy luster and an opaque transparency. At the same time, porcelain Jasper gemstone is also suitable for getting ornamented into various kinds of jewelry and other purposes because it has a hardness of 6.5 to 7 on mohs scale. The hue ranges for porcelain jasper gemstone include gray, cream, white and earthy brown tones with the hint of yellow and red. 

Porcelain Jasper Healing Properties

Porcelain Jasper gemstone is known to have numerous healing benefits and metaphysical properties. It helps in rendering peace, emotionally and creating a balance of tranquility in the wearer. At the same time, the stone is very beneficial for those who are suffering from anxiety or stress as it fosters harmony among its wearer. The stone also emphasizes self awareness and spiritual growth because of its connection with nature. 

Porcelain Jasper Jewelry

Porcelain Jasper jewelry is known for being very subtle and sophisticated exuding elegance and class for the wearer. It is often crafted into necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings with cabochons and beads. Gemstones like blue lace agate, amazonite and moonstone, when paired up with porcelain Jasper can create really beautiful pieces for both casual and formal jewelry designs.  


Is Porcelain Jasper a Rare Gemstone?

Porcelain Jasper is not that rare of a gemstone but the gemstones of porcelain Jasper that have unique patterns and distinct colors can be less common and more devoured. The availability of the stone white also varies depending on the locations and the demand in the market. 

What Colors can Porcelain Jasper Exhibit?

Porcelain Jajpur gemstone colors showcase a wide range of early tones like browns, whites, cream, gray with pinch of red and yellow at times. 

Where is Porcelain Jasper Typically Found?

Porcelain Jasper gem is primarily found in regions like Mexico, Madagascar and United States of America specially California and Oregon. 

Can I Purchase Porcelain Jasper Online?

Yes, you can buy porcelain jasper online from CabochonsForSale, which offers authentic gemstones at wholesale prices. Explore our collection of porcelain Jasper gemstones and other unique and beautiful gems.

What is Porcelain Jasper Price Per Carat?

The price for porcelain Jasper depends on a lot of factors that includes size, quality , colors, patterns exhibited by the gemstone and also on the market demand of the gemstone. Usually, the price per carat ranges from $10 to $50.