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Gemstone Snakeskin Jasper

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Snakeskin Jasper: Feel The Mysterious Beauty And Mystical Powers of Serpent

Snakeskin jasper is a delicate looking gemstone noted for its close resemblance to the snake’s skin- and hence the name. It is also known for its chalcedony effect. The stone is found across many locations but Snakeskin Agate originates from Oregon, USA. Different world cultures attach different meanings to the stone and thus it enjoys wide popularity across various cultures, civilizations, and countries. The stone’s ubiquitous properties and popularity also boost its commercial potential making it a good investment option for people in the business of retail and wholesale crystal, and stones.


Snakeskin Jasper possesses distinct patterns that have an intriguing look very similar to the snake's skin. It generally comes in a base color of gray or beige that acts as a perfect background for its green, brown, or black patterns. It generally has a matte or waxy luster and may range from opaque to translucent in appearance.


Snakeskin Jasper comes loaded with several benefits in the areas of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Here are some ways in which snakeskin jasper benefits the wearer

  • Physical benefits: The stone makes the body resilient to different infections and helps it enjoy robust health
  • Emotional benefits: As a calming stone the stone forsters emotional balance and brings about tranquillity in the mind. snakeskin jasper’s metaphysical properties help in making a person in sync with their emotions and accept them with grace.
  • Spiritual benefits: As a calming stone the stone helps in stilling the train of thoughts and mentally prepares a person to dive deeper into their mediation practice.


Snakeskin Jasper is widely used by lapidaries to craft various types of gemstone jewelry. Some of the Nobel snakeskin creations include pendants, necklaces, and bracelets. Energy workers also use snakeskin jasper crystal to heal chakra-related disorders. They place the stone’s cabochons on the relevant areas of the body to heal the chakra related to them. Sometimes it can be used as a decorative stone to enhance the interior beauty and bring prosperity to the house.

Real vs. Fake

Fake snakeskin jasper is not uncommon to find in the market. Carefully testing the authentic snakeskin jasper’s properties professionally is the best way to distinguish real stone from fake one os snakeskin jasper properties,

  • The patterns of the authentic snakeskin jasper have natural imperfections which means you will not find a human-like accuracy or consistency. The fake stone on the other hand may have well-formulated patterns

  • The shine of natural stone may be subdued as it is open to various natural phenomena for a long time. The fakes tone may show an artificial shining achieved by lab processes

  • Another way to tell the difference between real and fake stones is to check the color tone. In the real stone, the color tone may slightly or considerably vary as it runs throughout the stone while the fake stone may show an artificially achieved consistency.

  • Just like other gemstones, snakeskin jasper commands high prices due to its beauty and demand. If a seller tries to offer you the snakeskin jasper stone at a very low price then it may be a fake stone

  • If you are uncertain about the authenticity of the stone evne after conducting the above-mentioned tests then it is recommended to get it verified by a professional gemstone assessment agency

Care and Cleaning

Snakeskin Jasper is a delicate stone that needs special care while cleaning and storing it:

  • As a relatively soft stone, handle the snakestone jasper stone with utmost care to protect it from blows or impacts that may cause chipping or scratching of the surface
  • Avoid exposing the stone to intense heat as it may result in discoloration. Avoid wearing it when going to spend a long time in the mid-noon sun, like for taking sunbathe
  • Keep the stone away from harsh chemicals as they can interfere with the original use of the stone. Remove your snakeskin jasper stone before engaging in domestic chores like washing diseases
  • Keep the stone separate from other gemstones or jewelry to safeguard it from any damages
  • Put the stone in a soft pouch or fabric-lined jewelry box before storing it to avoid or minimize the effects of impact, weather, etc.
  • Store the stone in a place well-shielded from direct sunlight or humidity use warm and soapy water and cotton or microfiber cloth to clean the stone
  • If needed you may use the soft bristol brush to clean the dust
  • Never use ultrasonic cleaners or other extreme ways of cleaning methods as that can ar this delicate stone


Snakeskin Jasper stone is available across a wide number of global locations including but not limited to Australia, Asia, and Africa. It is also available across specific US regions.


Snakeskin Jasper gem, as the name suggests is a beautiful gem that closely resembles the skin of a snake which offers it a mysterious beauty and adds to its widespread popularity. Along with that snakeskin jasper’s healing properties further adds to the stone’s value and demand. The stone is widely popular among jewelry lovers, crystal healers, and collectors due to its rarity, beauty, and mystical properties. The high saleability of the stone has also won it fair with the wholesalers, retailers, and manufacturers of gemstones.


1. What is snakeskin jasper crystal’s meaning?

Snakeskin stone gets its name from its looks which closely resemble the skin of a snake. In metaphysical terms, the stone is believed to have grounding energy which helps in relaxing the mind and mind.

2. What is the best crystal combination for snakeskin jasper?

Some of the recommended crystals to pair with snakeskin jasper stone include Red Jasper, Moss Agate, Black Obsidian, and Boji Stone.

3. What are some most the selling colors for snakeskin agate?

Some of the best-selling colors of snakeskin agate include tan, beige, gray, and brown with snakeskin-like spots and swirls.

4. Is snakeskin a birthstone?

While snakeskin is not an official birthstone it is sometimes associated with people born under the Scorpio zodiac sign

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