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Picture Jasper - Liveliest Stone You’ll Ever See

Let us introduce you today to a very uncommon and absolutely stunning stone that is also known as the stone of vision. The Picture Jasper gemstone got its name from its appearance. The stone represents the earthly elements, like the landscapes.

The stone's name comes from different languages like Greek, Latin, and Arabic.


The stone comes in striking and lively earthy colors. The stone is available in different shades of brown, like tan, ivory, blue, and black. Sometimes a slight confusion has been noticed in identifying a cobra jasper stone and a picture jasper due to their similar appearance.


The stone can be originally found in the Northwest of the USA. The stone can also be found in South Dakota, Brazil, Indonesia, and many countries in Africa. You can find everything from an American picture jasper to a cripple creek picture jasper at CabochonsforSale.


Since ancient times, the stone has been used for several purposes. They were treated as sacred stones, and they believed the stone to be the protector and grantor of strength and courage.


Once you learn about the picture jasper’s benefits, you will not think twice before using it.

Physical healing properties

  • Known to boost the immune system and detoxify the body.

  • keeps the body free from dangerous toxins.

  • Provides aid in recovery

  • Leaves you with a stronger stomach, kidney, and intestines.

  • Eases allergy symptoms

  • Provides relief from nosebleed, colic, and other body aches.

Emotional healing properties

  • No less than a companion in fighting emotional demons

  • Helps you get through any challenge easily.

  • Give you strength to move forward in life.

  • Helps with anxiety and fear

  • Makes more room for positivity.

  • Enhances creative visualization

  • Brings you more comfort and peace.

Metaphysical healing properties

  • Offers time and space to process things.

  • Enhances your connection to the earth

  • Helps you feel more stable.

  • Keeps you more joyful, creative, and confident.


While thinking about ways to clean your stone, you don't need to experiment with anything. Go simple and easy. Take some mild soap and water and clean your stone with them. Use a soft cloth to wipe the stone dry. Avoid using any kind of harsh chemical cleaner or hard brushes to clean the stone.

To charge or clean the stone, there are many ways. It is important that you charge and cleanse your stone if you want it to function efficiently. There are many common and easy ways to do so.

You can let it soak in the sun for a while. Do not leave it for long hours. Soaking in the sun would help your stone get rid of all the darkness and fill it with warmth and light.

You can try burying the stone in the soil for some time. The stone has a connection to the earth and hence can come up charged stronger.


This was a short summary of the benefits, usage, and healing properties of the picture jasper gemstone. You are now aware of all the reasons why you should consider buying this stone. What you don’t know is the source to buy it from. You can go to any wholesale crystal and stone seller to shop for these stones. CabochonsforSale is your next-door wholesale gemstone seller and will provide you with nothing but the best gemstones at an affordable price.


1. What’s special about a piece of picture jasper?

The most special thing about this stone is its stunning and remarkable color. The stone is so coloured because of the high iron content and the impurities present in it.

2. Where is the picture Jasper found?

The stone is found in the USA, South Dakota, Brazil, Indonesia, and many countries in Africa.

3. How can the jasper stone help you?

The stone can help heal the body faster from any injury and speed up the healing process. It can help you quit bad habits and remove any kinds of toxins from your body too.

4. On what chakras does the stone jasper work?

The stone is known to be beneficial to the throat chakra.

5. What is the other name for this picture of jasper stone?

The other name by which the stone can be identified is "stone of vision".