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Picasso Jasper Gemstone For Sale at CabochonsForSale

Picasso Jasper is a kind of microcrystalline quartz that has beautiful, detailed patterns that resemble paint strokes on a canvas. Mainly found in Utah, USA, it has earthy tones with sporadic bright hues. It represents creativity, stability, and the beauty of nature's artistic creations preserved in stone when used in jewelry and décor.

Picasso Jasper Meaning

Pablo Picasso, a well-known artist recognized for his abstract and emotive paintings, served as the inspiration for the name "Picasso Jasper". Picasso's creative flair is evoked by the gemstone's elaborate patterns that resemble brush strokes on a canvas, giving it its unique and imaginative name.

Picasso Jasper Properties

Picasso Jasper gemstone is a low-translucency stone that frequently appears opaque and occasionally translucent. It provides moderate durability, with a Mohs hardness of about 6.5. Its varied sheen, which ranges from dull to vitreous, highlights the stone's allure as an earthy stone.

Picasso Jasper Colors

Just like other quartz gemstones - amethyst, agate, Picasso Jasper is available in a range of earthy colors, such as black, gray, cream, and brown. It has a distinctive and artistic appeal since it frequently has splashes of red, yellow, and green with complex patterns that resemble brush strokes.

Picasso Jasper Types

  • Classic Picasso Jasper: This type of stone has earthy tones and swirling patterns that mimic brushstrokes.
  • Red Picasso Jasper: This stone accentuates vigor and passion with its complex patterns and red tones.
  • Black Picasso Jasper: This stone encourages protection and anchoring energies with its striking patterns and dark colors.

Picasso Jasper Metaphysical Properties

  • Picasso Jasper is thought to encourage inner fortitude, artistic expression, and inventiveness.
  • It is said to improve stability and anchoring, giving people a sense of assurance when things are stressful or unclear.
  • Some people think it encourages constructive change and makes spiritual development and self-discovery easier.

Picasso Jasper Birthstone

Picasso Jasper isn't usually connected to a particular birthstone month. For those looking for an alternative birthstone or just drawn to its artistic appeal, its distinctive patterns and earthy beauty make it a meaningful choice.

Picasso Jasper Jewelry

Picasso Jasper jewelry, which is frequently set in sterling silver or gold, accentuates the stone's alluring patterns. Designs include Picasso Jasper pendant, Picasso Jasper bracelet, Picasso Jasper necklace, giving wearers a unique and creative accessory choice.

Picasso Jasper Carat Weight

Due to Picasso Jasper's distinctive patterns and compositions, it is usually not marketed by carat weight. Prices can range from a few dollars to about $20 per piece, depending on the quality, size, and supplier.

Picasso Jasper Gemstone Care

Picasso Jasper can become discolored or damaged if exposed to strong chemicals, acids, or continuous sunshine. To avoid scratches, gently clean with a light soap and water and store apart.