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Gemstone Montana Agate

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Montana agate: The Yellowstone agate

Let’s have a look at a super alluring, rare, and unique stone that one can and must have in their collection: Montana agate. The stone resembles nothing like any other agate stone. The stone is produced in very limited quantities every year, which is why it falls under the rare category. You are about to learn everything from the appearance of montana agate to its metaphysical properties.


Montana agate stone is a semi-transparent chalcedony mainly composed of silica. The stone contains black manganese oxide, red iron oxide, and some grey nodules.
Sometimes the stone is confused for a mookaite gemstone.


This Montana agate cabochon is rare in terms of availability. The stone can only be found on the banks of the Yellowstone River and its tributaries. It is believed that the stone was formed around 60 million years ago due to volcanic activity.


The stone is hard enough to be used in jewelry like pendants, earrings, bracelets, and rings. The stone is also used for its amazing healing properties and for meditation purposes.


The stone is much more than a rare and unique gemstone. The stone has amazing healing benefits that are beneficial to our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Let’s have a look at the Montana agate benefits.

Physical healing properties

  • Known to improve brain functioning
  • Improves concentration and your analytical capabilities.
  • Makes you feel stronger and perkier physically.
  • Builds endurance and muscle strength.
  • Improves your biological functioning
  • Promotes a better blood circulation cycle

Emotional healing properties

  • Supports your emotional health at all times.
  • Protects you and brings out your best self.
  • Handle your mood swings and sadness waves.
  • Allows you to think freely.

Metaphysical healing properties

  • Keep your root chakra in balance.
  • Helps us feel more stable and safe.
  • Becomes in charge of controlling your overall happiness.
  • Helps create a spiritual connection to Mother Earth.
  • allows for a healthy and equal energy flow throughout the body.


  • The care guide for this stone isn't much different from other stones. To clean the stone, remember to only use mild soap and some water. After rinsing the stone, you must dry it using a dry and soft cloth. Any use of harsh chemical cleansers should be avoided at all costs. This can damage the stone.
  • The stone is soft and a little fragile, and hence must be handled with care. The stone is prone to getting scratched and must be stored on a soft, scratch-proof surface. You can try storing it in a softly fabricated box.
  • To cleanse the stone, you can try keeping it in sunlight, but remember that your stone must not be exposed to too much sunlight. Prolonged exposure to extreme heat and high temperatures can damage your stone.


What more do you need to know to convince yourself to buy this alluring stone? If we were you, we’d be putting this stone in your carts right now. You can find the best quality Montana moss agate for sale with your favorite next-door wholesale gemstone supplier, CabochonsforSale.


1. What does the mountain agate spiritually signify?

The stone has excellent physical, emotional, and spiritual healing benefits. The stone is known to remove any feelings of anger, fear, jealousy, and resentment. It promotes more courage and strength.

2. Is the Montana agate stone a rare stone?

The stone is rare in terms of availability. The stone is only known to be found in the alluvial gravels of the Yellowstone

3. How old must a Montana agate be?

The stone is a result of some volcanic activity along the Yellowstone National Park and is hence believed to be around 50 million years old.

4. What is the color of a Montana agate stone?

The stone can be found in a rich, saturated orange color with a touch of red.

5. What is the other name of the Montana agate stone?

The stone is also referred to as "moss agate."

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