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Gemstone Eudialyte

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Eudialyte - A Decomposable Fine Tuner Stone

The stone’s name itself is a Greek word for ‘readily decomposable'. The stone belongs to the cyclosilicate mineral family and is a minor ore of zirconium. It is sometimes considered a "fine tuner" as it helps with meditation and clairaudience and is no less than a defensive stone.


Common colors in which the stone can be found are brownish red, brown, yellowish red, yellow, violet, green, cherry red, red-orange, and orange. The stone is usually found in a translucent to transparent diaphaneity. It isn't considered the most robust of gemstones, as it is ranked around 5 or 6 on the Mohs scale.


The stone can be easily found in Canada and Russia. Deposits of eudialyte can be found in Madagascar, the USA, Greenland, and Norway. You can always find the best eudialyte gemstones wholesale at CabochonsforSale.


Eudialyte is comparatively rare and a stunning gemstone. It wouldn't disappoint you when you wear it as jewelry. This stunning piece would fail to catch an eye. The stone comes in various types. To try for something unique, you can go for a tumbled eudialyte.


This alluring stone comes with amazing healing benefits. Let's take a look at the healing properties of Eudialyte stone.

Physical healing properties

  • Known to heal all kinds of bones and skeleton-related issues
  • Treats heart-related diseases
  • Known to treat eye problems, thyroid problems, and purifies the blood.
  • Provides aid for problems related to the pancreas

Emotional healing properties

  • Energises and uplifts the wearer when they are feeling low.
  • Makes oneself emotionally strong
  • It makes it easier for you to go through emotional ups and downs.

Metaphysical healing properties

  • Helps discover life paths and reveals the true purpose of life.
  • Enhances our creativity and sharpens our extrasensory powers.
  • Known to be helpful in developing telepathic senses.
  • Is an excellent meditation stone.


Some people believe that eudialyte is radioactive. Which is somewhat true. Eudialyte crystals come with a little toxicity. The levels are very mild, which makes it okay for one to wear it. But the point where you have to be careful is on the maintenance part. The stone is supposed to be handled with a little extra care.

For starters, you have to always keep in mind to keep your eudialyte stone separate from the other stones. A radioactive gem like this can alter the color of the stone that is kept near it or with it.

It is a very soft gemstone and hence must be protected from any kind of scratching. The stone must be stored in a soft, fabricated box and kept away from other gemstones. Avoid keeping the stone on any hard surfaces, as it might scratch the stone.

The care guide is somewhat similar to that of a fire agate stone.


Here was everything that you needed to know about the eudialyte cabochon. The stone is an excellent one to have in your collection. At CabochonsforSale, find nothing but the first eudialyte for sale.


1. What is the estimated value of an eudialyte stone?

Eudialyte is a rare gemstone and, hence, is priced accordingly. It is not that rare but is definitely priced a little higher than a rose quartz or an agate. The price can also go up depending on the type of piece that we are getting; if it's faceted, it's expensive. One can expect the price of these loose cabochons of eudialyte to be around $90–$100.

2. What chakra is the eudialyte stone associated with?

The stone works primarily on and affects the heart chakra. It helps in energizing and releasing all the blockages from your heart chakra. A blocked heart chakra can increase self-doubt and make you feel low at all times.

3. Is eudialyte stone a durable stone?

On a Mohs scale, the stone ranges between 5 and 6, which makes it a not so robust stone.

4. Is eudialyte a radioactive stone?

The stone includes several minerals like cerium, which makes it a somewhat radioactive stone. It is very mildly toxic and won't affect you in any way.

5. What are the common colors in which one can find the eudialyte stone?

The stone can be commonly found in deep to bright red colors.

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