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Jaspillite Gemstone For Sale at CabochonsForSale

Discover our wide range of Jaspilite gemstones, carefully chosen to suit your individual tastes. We have an assortment of shapes to fit every style, ranging from traditional round cuts to eye-catching pear shapes. We are flexible in meeting your demands, be they for solitary stones, matched pairs, or bigger lots. Our Jaspilite gemstones are ideal for whatever jewelry project you have in mind because they are available in a variety of sizes.

Jaspillite Gemstone

The fascinating gemstone jaspilite is a banded iron deposit with alternating layers of silver-gray hematite and red jasper. Jaspillite origin is derived from prehistoric sedimentary processes and provides a singular view of Earth's geological past. The words "jasper" and "banded iron formation" are combined to generate the Jaspillite meaning.  Jaspillite formation is a result of rock with a characteristic banded look made up of alternating layers of hematite and red jasper. 

Jaspillite Properties

On the Mohs scale, jaspilite normally has a rating of 6.5 to 7, providing durability appropriate for a range of jewelry applications. Its smooth to vitreous shine adds to its aesthetic attractiveness. Jaspilite gives natural elegance to any design with its strength and appealing gloss.

Jaspillite Colors

Jaspillite comes in a wide variety of colors, but its most common color is red. It can be anything from a deep crimson to a rusty hue. Black, gray, or brown bands are dotted throughout the stone to create eye-catching patterns that resemble sunset landscapes. 

Jaspillite Healing Properties

  • Thought to encourage solidity and anchoring
  • Connected to boosting vigor and energy
  • Intended to support inner strength and emotional balance
  • Promote physical well-being, especially blood circulation 

Jaspillite Jewelry

  • Jaspillite pendant
  • Jaspillite ring
  • Jaspillite bracelet
  • Jaspillite earrings

Jaspillite Carat Weight 

Jaspillite prices can vary significantly depending on a number of criteria, including market demand, size, and quality. Smaller examples often start at a few dollars per carat, while larger or better-quality stones can fetch prices as high as $5 to $50 per carat or greater. It's best to speak with gemstone dealers or experts for precise prices.