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Malachite Stones for Sale at CabochonsForSale

Think of lush green forest, so full of light and so vibrant in its deep greenery. That is malachite - a gem that is able to mirror the beauty of nature with its beautiful patterns and swirls. The stine is just like a small sample of all the goodness of earth in your hands. Malachite benefits are known across the glove and it is considered a treasure for spiritual and emotional growth and protection. If you are ready to embark on the journey of peace and growth, malachite is your friend! 

What is the Meaning of Malachite? 

The word ‘malachite’ comes from the Greek word ‘malache’, which translates to ‘mallow plant’. Due to the stone’s deep green hue, malachite is said to be a resemblance of mallow. The meaning of malachite is most of the time connected to growth, transformation, protection,and healing. The green stone is said to have a deep and strong connection with nature. 

What Does a Malachite Stone Look Like? 

Malachite is a copper carbonate mineral with hues of green that ranges from dark to light, depending on the quality of the stone. The stone often exhibits delicate and intricate bands, swirls, and patterns. The stone rams about 3.5-4 at Mohs scale in terms of hardness, making it relatively softer stones. 

Where Are High-Quality Malachite Stones Found?

Malachite is mostly found in the Congo, Gabon, Zambia, Namibia, Australia, and Mexico, among other places. In the Urals region of Russia, they have the greatest deposit or mine. Since it is an ancient decorative vase stone and gemstone, malachite is a good choice for the mineral pigment in green paints.

Russia is without a doubt well-known for its magnificent banded malachite gem material. Russian malachite is regarded as the most beautiful in the world by artisans, interior designers, and museum specialists. It was mined in such large numbers that artisans were able to create stunning malachite items that are today found all over the world.

What Are Some Types of Malachite Stone

Here are some variations of malachite gemstone based on the structure and appearance. Each of the types can be admired for its visual features and is pretty desired by jewelry collectors and makers.

  • Stalactitic Malachite: This type of malachite stone is formed in concentric layers and takes resemblance from the stalactites found in the caves. It might create really stunning band patterns after it has been polished and smoothened. 
  • Crystalline Malachite: This variety forms as crystals (individual). Such individual and large forms of crystals are pretty rare as compared to other forms of malachite. 
  • Velvet Malachite: This kind of malachite is used for carving delicate designs and sculptures due to the soft texture it showcases. 
  • Banded Malachite: This variety of malachite stone exhibits deep green and light green bands, creating a beautiful, striped look. It is mostly used in ornaments and jewelry. 
  • Azurite Malachite: Azurite-malachite is a combination of two distinctive and well-known gems: the banded malachite's variegated green hues and the rich, almost lapis-like blues of azurite.

How do I Use a Malachite Stone?

Here are some amazing ways to use this powerful stone in your everyday life: 

  • Malachite Jewelry: One of the most usual ways to use malachite is to embed this gorgeously beautiful stone in your jewelry piece. Go for malachite pendants, malachite necklaces, malachite rings, or malachite earrings - this tone can slay all of them. One of the best stones to be paired up with malachite is pink quartz gemstone, as they help on balancing the strong energy of the green gem. 
  • Dreamwork: One way to use this stone is to put its usage into dreamwork or interpretation. Just put the stone under your pillowcase or at your nightstand. 
  • Office Work: You can use malachite gemstone to support you in your work and make your concentration and focus levels better. For guidance, place the stone in your office space and reap great benefits of its healing powers.
  • Meditation and Breathwork: Another use of the stone comes in the form of meditation when you can just hold onto the stone while meditating and focusing on your breathing. It gives out calming and peaceful vibrations. 

What is the History of Malachite Stone?

Malachite gemstone has a vast and enriching history attached to it. Long before the stone was dearly sought-after by Europeans, the stone was used majorly as an important tool in Egyptian rituals. There are many symbolisms related to malachite (signifying its green), representing fertility, vegetation, cycle of life, and more. It was said that when humans would enter paradise after their deaths, they would enter a realm of ‘paradise’.  

Malachite gemstone was also highly valued for its healing benefits, especially related to eye diseases. The color of the stone was used for eye make up, referring to Cleopatra, the queen of shades. Historians have also found out that the malachite gem was highly valued among cultures of Aztec and ancient China. After the Egypt empire witnessed a downfall, malachite was used as a pigment for creating green paint in the 19th century. In the early 1900s the stone also found admiration in the courts of Russia. Many princesses had their whole galls and courts adorned with this beautiful gem.  

The stone has been able to build a mystique and grandeur for centuries and continues to do so. 

What are the Healing Benefits of Malachite?

Physical Healing Properties

  • The stone is said to have a calming and soothing effect on the body and aids in lessening the discomfort in conditions of muscle aches, joint pains, and arthritis. 
  • The stone is also said to have anti-inflammatory properties and helps in reduction of swelling in the body. 
  • It helps in boosting the immune system, thus making the body more stronger in fighting illnesses and infections. 

Emotional Healing Properties

  • The green malachite stone is said to have a calming and soothing effect on emotions, helping in balancing and stabilizing them. 
  • The stone can help in reducing anxiety, stress, and overthinking. 
  • The stone also helps in reducing emotional trauma and renders personal growth. 
  • It helps in improving inner expression and improving the positive transformation of self. 

Metaphysical Healing Properties

  • Malachite stone is said to be a powerful support system in spiritual growth. 
  • The stone is of good help in innerwork by improving intuition and clarity of consciousness. 
  • The stone gives way to greater sense of harmony and inner peace.
  • The stone acts as a sheer protection for evil and negative energies. 

How to Take Care of Your Malachite Stone

One of the best ways to clean your malachite stone is wipe the tone with soft cloth in a gentle manner or rinse it with lukewarm water. Just like any other stones, it is devised to clean this green gem on a regular basis to avoid wear and tear and improve its longevity. Avoid usage of harsh chemicals and cleaners as they can tarnish the stone.

As far as charging is concerned, one can place the malachite in  moonlight or sunlight for some hours. This helps in getting rid of all the negative energy that is being absorbed by the stone. After that, the stone can be used directly. 

Where to Buy Malachite Stone Online?

If you are looking to bask in the glory of this magical stone, but are not sure where to buy malachite gemstone, no worries, we have got you covered. With CabochonForSale, but the top-notch quality moonstone gemstone at wholesale prices. We have a wide range of colors and styles of malachite available. Choose your favorite and reap the benefits!