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Marcasite - A Jaunty Fire Stone

The name Marcasite is derived from the Arabic for the highly sparkling mineral Pyrite. This stone is named after the medieval Latin term "marcasita," which means "fire stone". The marcasite gemstone is mainly made from iron sulfides and many other sorts of mixed minerals.


The stone is much lighter and more fragile than a pyrite stone. As compared to pyrite, it is much paler, available in a yellowish color, and gives off a brassy feel. The stone is opaque and has a very appealing glittery metallic luster.


Marcasite cabochons can be easily found in Mexico, Missouri, Kansas, Switzerland, Guanajuato, England, Russia, China, France, Romania, and Peru. You can always find the best quality marcasite gemstone with your favorite gemstone wholesaler, CabochonsforSale.


It is known that in Victorian times, marcasite was very popularly used for making jewelry. The stone was widely used in bracelets, pendants, rings, and necklaces. The stone is beautifully versatile and can be used for jewelry, meditation, healing purposes, and decoration.


The stone is known to hold great healing powers that are beneficial for our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Let's take a look at the healing properties of marcasite stone.

physical healing properties

  • Known to strengthen the organs of our body,
  • Detoxifies our body and eliminates all the toxins
  • improve our memory and brain functioning
  • gives a good energy boost and removes tiredness.
  • helps in faster recovery from fungal and bacterial infections.
  • helps in better weight management

Emotional healing properties

  • allows one to think more clearly.
  • Removes all kinds of mental clutter.
  • It teaches you more self-acceptance.
  • gives off a powerful energy that sparks your interest and curiosity.
  • helps you establish clear, strong, and healthy boundaries.
  • allows the wearer to have courage to overcome obstacles and fears.

Metaphysical healing properties

  • It acts like a psychic shield and protects your vibrational energy.
  • keeps your energy balanced and grounded.
  • Creates a better and deeper understanding of the spiritual and physical world
  • Purifies and protects your aura
  • Another such beautiful stone with such amazing healing properties would be the Mary Ellen Jasper cabochon.


  • When these stones take such good care of you, it would be unfair to not do the same for them. Timely charging and cleansing your stone is an important part of owning such stones. To clean the stone, you can simply use some lukewarm water and a mild soap. Any use of harsh chemical cleaners and hard scrubbing brushes is not advised.
  • To cleanse the stone, you can try putting it under the moonlight and the sunlight as well. Remember to pick your stone before the sun gets too high.
  • Another way is to keep your stone in a bowl of sea salt and leave it there for a few hours. All the negativity of the stone will be absorbed by the salt.


This marvelous stone is no less than a shield for you. We hope that the healing properties of marcasite stone were convincing enough for you to get your hands on this stone. Find the best-quality marcasite stone for sale at CabochonsforSale.


1. What does the marcasite stone signify?

The stone is believed to symbolize knowledge, boldness, and equality. It is a very energetic stone and will cheer you up whenever you are feeling low.

2. How to spot a real marcasite stone

A real marcasite stone will have a hint of silver on the edges. There will be many ‘blobs’ of silver.

3. Is marcasite a rare stone?

No, marcasite is a fairly common stone that is available all over the world. Its appearance might make it look like a rare stone, but it isn't.

4. Is it safe to get Marcasite wet?

It is advised to not soak or dunk your marcasite stone in water for long durations of time; it is a very delicate stone and hence must be handled with care.

5. What stone bears a resemblance to marcasite?

Marcasite stone is mostly confused with pyrite stone. They not only have the same physical composition but also have the same chemical composition. They differ when it comes to crystal structure.