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Moonstone For Sale at CabochonsForSale

Moonstones are the mily-colores, soft stones of the feldspar minerals. The light and color that is present in the stone makes it fluid in nature, rendering it a glowy finish that is called ‘adularescence effect’. Some specimens in the moonstone are prized and are very much sought-after for their shimmer and high quality. The moonstone is for the Zodiac signs of Scorpio, Cancer, and Libra. The moonstone is known for its healing energy, aiding in balancing the feminine energy and bringing peace and tranquility to the wearer. 

What is Adularescence Effect?

The moonstone is equipped with a magical glow which is known as ‘Adularescence Effect’. The glow is a result of the inner structure of the stone which scatters light. As the light travels across the layers of the feldspar, it scatters and then gets reflected in the form of the glow. 

What is the Meaning of Moonstone?

The stone has been given the name moonstone because of the visual effect it creates, rendering a blue glow to the stone, thus the name ‘moonstone’. The moonstone symbolizes femininity and is in connection with the subconscious. The meaning of the stone is instilled in its energy. The blue, gold,and purple of the stone is known to render a protective realm and exudes a sense of passion and tranquility. 

What Does a Moonstone Look Like?

The appearance of a moonstone ranges from being colorless and opaque to white and semi-transparent. The surface colors of the moonstone exhibit a large variety, including gray, black, brown, hues of yellow, pink, green, and more. Most of the time, moonstone colors vary as per the locations they are found at. Mohs scale hardness of the moonstone ranges between 6 and 6.5.

Where are High Quality Moonstones Found?

Moonstone is found in various locations, each having its own distinct characteristics and qualities. India is one of the largest sources of moonstone and is known to produce top-notch quality of June gem, particularly in the state of Rajasthan. The moonstones here are blue or milky white in color. In Sri Lanka, the region of Meetiyagoda for its blue moonstones. Other regions where moonstone can be found include Madagascar, Myanmar, United States, Mexico, Poland, and Australia. 

What Are Some Types of Moonstone?

There are various types of moonstones based on the colors and hues:

  • Yellow or Peach Moonstone: The color is mostly tan brown or has light pinkish hues that have greater visibility in sunlight.
  • White Moonstone: Most well-known of all moonstones with ultimate shine and glimmer 
  • Star Moonstone: This kind of moonstone is particularly fragile and is used profound;y in making delicate and beautiful jewelry pieces
  • Blue Moonstone: This type of moonstone exhibits layers of albite and is rich in aluminum silicate
  • Rainbow Moonstone: It showcases hues of rainbows and other flashy colors
  • Green Moonstone: This stone is known to symbolize love, feminine energy and magical powers 
  • Black Moonstone: This is the fresh variety of moonstone that was recently found in Madagascar. 
  • Pink Moonstone: This type of moonstone has a soft, pinkish shade to it with metallic texture.

How Do I Use a Moonstone?

There are many ways to use moonstone. First and foremost, the stone can be used vicariously in jewelry. Moonstone jewelry exhibit class and can be seen in many varieties like Moonstone rings, Moonstone earrings, Moonstone necklaces, Moonstone pendants, and more. Wearing the moonstone jewelry is one way to keep the stone close to you and reap its magical benefits. Another way can be to use the stone in your home to instill a sense of peace and calm, and spread positive energy. 

You can keep the stone in your bedroom, near your bed, to balance the emotions. The stone is also referred to as ‘dream stone’ in many cultures because it is known to render beautiful and happy dreams. 

One can also use the moonstone in centering exercises and meditation. Holding the stone whilst meditating or keeping it beside you helps in sending positive vibrations and aiding creative insights and ideas. 

What is the History of Moonstone?

The June birthstone has an enriching history attached to it. Since ancient civilizations, moonstone has been used in gorgeous jewelry and also as powerful talismans. Romans used to adore them and believed that it was made from the moonbeam. Even as per the Hindu mythology, the moonstone is said to be made from moonbeams due to its many benefits and internal structure full of glimmer and light. 

As per the legends, moonstone is said to bring the charm of good luck. Many ancient myths suggest that one was able to see the future while holding the stone in mouth during a full moon. The moonstone with the adularescent effect was called ‘adularia’. The name is said to have come from the city called Mt. Adular in Switzerland. The city is said to be one of the first sources of high quality moonstone. 

The gem was used in custom jewelry by great Art Nouveau designers like Louis Comfort Tiffany and René Lalique. In the latter half of the nineteenth century, moonstone was also a favorite among craftspeople who produced handmade silver ornaments.

Moonstone gave its wearers the ideal ethereal appearance during the 1960s "flower child" movement, and designers of the 1990s New Age movement once more drew inspiration from moonstone's natural beauty.

What Are The Healing Benefits of Moonstone?

Moonstone healing properties are powerful in nature and range across physical, emotional and spiritual healing benefits. Moonstone benefits mind, body and soul. Let us look at some core healing benefits of moonstone: 

Physical Healing Properties 

  • Helps in better digestion
  • Aids in better absorption of nutrients 
  • Helps in improving the quality of hair, skin, and eyes 
  • Aids in eliminating the toxins from body
  • Helps in keeping fleshy organs like pancreas and liver healthy 

Emotional Healing Properties

  • Moonstone is known for rendering inner strength and growth to the carrier or wearer 
  • It helps in stabilizing and balancing the emotions, and keeping stress and chaos at bay 
  • The stone helps in promoting inspiration, creativity, and also improves the intuitional power of the embracer
  • The stone is known for rendering luck, fortune, and success

Metaphysical Healing Properties 

  • Helps in activating feminine energy that leads to improvement in intuitive and creative power 
  • Helps one get in tune with the emotions 

How to Take Care of Moonstone?

By taking care of your moonstone on a consistent and regular basis, you can receive the best energies of the stone with ist most nourishing benefits. It is crucial to handle the stone delicately and with care, just like all other gemstones. When we talk about cleaning, one of the best ways to do it is to soak the stone in warm soapy water. Then run it through tap water and dab it with a cotton or microfiber cloth. 

High heat, household chemical cleaners should be avoided as it could tarnish the shine of the stephen. It is also advisable to not wear the moonstone jewelry while doing some strenuous activities.

To recharge the stone, you can put it in the moonlight and start using it the next day. Placing your gems overnight in the light of the moon helps them get rid of the negative energy trapped in them. Another way to ward off negative energies from the stone is to smoke it away using incense sticks or burning sage. 

Where Do I Buy Moonstone Online?

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