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Buy Sunstone Online at CabochonsForSale

Sunstone is one versatile and captivating gemstone known for its radiant appearance and powerful healing properties. The stone has been cherished for ages for its optical phenomenon of ‘aventurescence’. The stone comes in a wide range of colors but the most rare and sought-after is the one with peachy and orange hues. Today, the stone is highly prized and is used in jewelry and ornaments a lot. Let us bask in the glory of this beautiful gemstone and see what all it has to offer! 

What is the Meaning of Sunstone? 

The word 'Sunstone' for the gemstone comes from its beautiful appearance. The name is a result of the shimmery and sparky surface displayed by the stone - resembling the rays of sun playing with water or any other surface.

Sunstone is  associated with a variety of meanings and metaphysical properties, and is often associated with joy and optimism. 

What Does a Sunstone Look Like?  

Sunstone gemstone is a unique combination of stunning characteristics and colors. 

  • Color: Sunstone exhibits a range of colors, but the common ones range from reddish brown to golden. Due to the warmness and inviting nature, this distinct shade of the stone is called peach or honey. Other colors of the sunstone are blue, green, and rare variations of red and pink.such colors are often a result of metallic inclusions. 
  • Aventurescence: One of the defining features of the sunstone gemstone is its aventurescence; a phenomenon which leads to a shimmering and sparkling effect on the surface of the stone. The effect is a result of the tiny inclusions made of minerals like goethite or hematite. 
  • Cut: Sunstone gemstone is cut into varied shapes like faceted cuts or cabochons. The carried cuts can help in enhancing the aventurescence effect displayed by the stone. 
  • Transparency: Most of the time, sunstones are translucent in nature, which means they allow some light to pass through but aren't as transparent as glass. 
  • Clarity: Just like all other gemstones, sunstone contains natural imperfections and inclusions, and can vary in shapes and sizes. 

Where Are High-Quality Sunstones Found?

High quality sunstone gemstones are found in many places and locations across the world. Oregon in the USA is known for producing top quality sunstones and are known for their shiller and copper effect. Norway is an historical landmarked source of the gemstone. These Norwegian sunstones are often referred to as 'Heliolite'. India is another rich source of this magnificent stone, exhibiting colors of green, peach, and red. Other locations include Tanzania, Canada, Australia, and Madagascar. 

What Are Some Types of Sunstone?

Sunstone gemstone is majorly classified on the abscess of colors it exhibits and the locations. 

  • Classic Sunstone: This type of sunstone exhibits the typical colors the stone is known  for its reddish brown and golden. Often, these sunstones are found in Oregon, USA. 
  • Green Sunstone: This variety of gemstone, as the name suggests, has a greenish hue to it. It can be found in many locations and is prized for its rare colors. 
  • Blue Sunstone: These are relatively rare to find and are very much sought-after for their captivating blues with shimmering effect. 
  • Peach or Orange Sunstone: These sunstones are famous for their warm and soft peachy and orange hues. They are widely used in jewelry and ornaments. 

How do I Use a Sunstone?

There are a variety of uses and purposes that the sunstone has been put to since decades. One of the most common uses of the stone can be seen in jewelry and ornaments. Sunstone jewelry - Sunstone necklace, Sunstone rings, Sunstone earrings or Sunstone pendants are highly sought after and cherished. Well, the best stone to pair up a sunstone in terms of jewelry as well as metaphysical benefits would be a moonstone. But the stones belong to the feldspar mineral family and balance each other's powers. Due to the calming and peaceful vibration of the stone, it is also used widely by people for meditation, breath and energy work. 

The stone is also used by artists and creative people to ignite their creativity and imagination. Sunstone has also been used for a long time in decorative and interior items because of the elegance it adds. 

What is the History of Sunstone?

The mythology and customs of various cultures have played a significant role in the history of sunstone gemstones. Viking sailors during the Viking Age are thought to have used a translucent crystal, likely calcite or Iceland spar, as a sunstone for navigating in cloudy skies, which is one of its most prominent historical uses. They may improve their navigation by determining the direction of the hidden sun by studying how this crystal polarized light behaved. Sunstone has also been used historically in jewelry in many civilizations, and it is frequently connected to luck, wealth, and positive energy. With the discovery of high-quality deposits in Oregon, USA, recognised for their brilliant colors and aventurescent properties, which make them desirable gemstones in the jewelry industry and metaphysical practices, sunstone has recently attracted new interest.

What are the Healing Benefits of Sunstone?

Sunstone exhibits a lot of healing benefits that are entailed in metaphysical, physical, and emotional properties.  

Physical Healing Properties

  • The stone is known to boost the energy levels which help in keeping fatigue and dullness at bay. 
  • Many times, the stone is also believed to improve the overall digestive health and aids in treating discomfort related to stomach and gut. 
  • Sunstone is also known for its pain relieving properties and can ease pain caused by diseases such as muscle tension, arthritis, or other chronic pains. 
  • The stone also benefits in improving blood circulation, blood flow, and immune system. 
  • It also helps in regulating the menstrual cycle and balancing hormones. 

Emotional Healing Properties

  • Sunstone is seen as a gemstone that promoted optimism, joy, and happiness. It helps in boosting mood and counteract depression and feelings of sadness. 
  • Many people use sunstone as a tool to relieve stress. 
  • The stone is also known to instill empowerment and encouragement, enabling one to take control of life. 
  • The stone is also used in enhancing creativity and instilling inspiration for new and fresh ideas. 

Metaphysical Healing Properties

  • Many traditions consider that the sunstone is able to render protection against negative and evil energies.
  • The stone also aids in enhancing the awareness spiritually and stimulating growth and insight. 
  • The stone is connected to the sacral chakra, which is located in the lower abdomen, and solar plexus chakra, which is located in the upper abdomen. The stone helps in aligning these chakra and enhances creativity and empowerment. 
  • Sunstone is also known for balancing feminine and masculine energies within an individual, helping in restoring harmony. 

How to Take Care of Your Sunstone

Mild cleaning methods can be used for cleaning sunstone gemstones to maintain the beauty and durability of the stone for a long period of time. A damp and soft cloth can be used with mild soapy water to do so. Gently wiping the stone to remove any dirt or residue. It is advised to avoid abrasive cleaners, harsh chemicals like bleach and chlorine. 

For recharging the sunstone, expose your sunstone jewelry or gemstone to the full moon's illumination outside to cleanse and re-energize its energies. 

Where to Buy Sunstone Online?

Sunstones are powerful healing stones and are known to curate masterful and stunning jewelry pieces. That said, it is important to go with stones that are authentic and of good quality. If you are wondering where to get authentic sunstones, we have got you covered! At CabochonsForSale, find your perfect sunstone gemstone at wholesale price with great quality specifications! Do not wait more and let the stone enlighten your life now!