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Enjoy The Calm Beauty of Zebra Jasper With Its Sober Appeal

Zebra Jasper is an aptly named stone sporting zebra-like stripes that effortlessly attract the eyes. The stone boasts of an elite community of admirers and crystal healers who have the discerning eye to observe aesthetic details and metaphysical properties. Along with its signature black and white stripes, the stone is also available in red and beige/brown stripes.


Zebra Jasper, variably called Zebra rock, zebra marble, or zebra agate, consists of Silicon dioxide and calcium carbonate with a marble-like appearance. The stone’s 600 million (that’s more than half a billion!) years of formation offer a beautifully mature look to this metamorphic stone. It has a smooth texture and measures between 6.5 and 7.0 on the Mohs scale making it a relatively hard stone.


It was in the Kununurra region of Western Australia that the stone was first discovered and recognized. Along with its native place the stone is now found in a good volume in Russia, Africa, and India.


This smooth, elegant stone also benefits wearers in different ways. Here are a few major benefits of the stone:

Emotional Benefits: If we can use three words to describe Zebra Jasper’s meaning they would be, equilibrium, enthusiasm, and accomplishment. Zebra stone induces a sense of emotional balance and harmonizes the ordeals of daily life which earns it the name of the stone of balance. The stone makes one egoless and develops a harmonious impartial viewpoint about others. It transforms thinkers and doers by warding away procrastination.

Spiritual Benefits: Zebra Jasper benefits spiritual seekers by balancing their yin and yang or male and female energies that enable them to develop compassion and love while at the same time developing the masculine qualities required for overcoming obstacles, like strong determination and perseverance.

Physical Benefits: On a physical level the stone helps in significantly reducing the body pains and regulates the functions. It is thus used by patients who are recuperating or looking for reliable metaphysical options to heal their body pains.


Feng Shui is one of the most popular metaphysical areas where Zebra Jasper is used due to its balancing and harmonizing properties. Homeowners prefer to make zebra jasper a part of their houses. Jewelry lovers buy zebra jasper bracelets, necklaces, or rings to add a sober beauty to their looks, The Crystal healers use zebra jasper to bring balance, harmony, and good health to the life of their patients. Wholesale gemstone providers stock Zebra beads, rough, and cabochons for sale that can be used for lapidary work. Along with that, jewelry designers use pieces like Zebra Jasper Eagle Carving to craft various types of statement jewelry.

Real vs Fake

As an affordably priced stone, the possibility of faking Zebra Jasper is low. However, it is always advisable to carefully confirm the stone’s authenticity before purchasing.

  • The natural Zebra Jasper stone sports distinctive patterns of black-white stripes with natural variations which give each stripe a unique appearance. Keep in mind that some specimens may have different colors as well.
  • If your stone has nearly perfect symmetry with a glass texture then it might be a fake stone.
  • Genuine Zebra Jasper should have a smooth texture when touched. It should feel solid and cool to the touch. Be wary of any stones that have a plastic-like or glassy texture, as these could be imitations.
  • Touch the stone for a few moments with your finger and feel its temperature. If it is cool with smooth texture then it is a real stone.
  • The real zebra jasper stone is a quite weighty and dense material. If the stone feels light in hand then it might be a fake stone
  • The stone is widely available which means you can buy zebra jasper stone at fairly reasonable prices. If your seller presents it as a highly rare stone or asks for an unjustifiable amount then it might be a fake stone.
  • Some of the surest ways to confirm a stone's authenticity include spectroscopic analysis or microscopic examination. However, instead of doing it yourself, it should ideally be conducted by reputed gemstone assessment agencies who are better qualified for a professional assessment.

Care and Cleaning

Though a relatively hard stone, Zebra Jasper still demands special care while cleaning and storing it:

  • Avoid exposing the stone to sharp surfaces, or impacts as it can cause chipping or scratches.
  • Using harsh chemicals can cause discoloration, and thus affect the stone's beauty. So make sure you use only mild soaps to clean the stone.
  • It is recommended to use a branded gemstone cleaner to clean the stone. Just add some drops of this cleaner in the water and dip a microfiber cloth free of lint. Wipe away any stains or dirt with this cloth.
  • Brisk or vigorous movements while cleaning can damage the stone. So always be gentle while cleaning the stone.
  • It is recommended to clean the stone periodically after a few uses to avoid the formation of dust particles or stubborn stains
  • Moisture, if left out on its surface may cause bacteria growth in this natural stone. So you need to air dry it or dry it with a soft lint-free cloth before storing it.
  • Zebra jasper should ideally be stored in a dry, moisture-free place without humidity.


Zebra jasper is a sober-looking gemstone with a graceful appearance highlighted by its black and white stripes. True to its appearance, the zebra jasper benefits the wearer by balancing their life, and health while facilitating healthy spiritual growth. As a balancing stone zebra jasper is highly recommended for people who get overwhelmed easily.

The stone is widely available and is thus priced reasonably which makes it affordable for a larger group of people. This minimalist stone with pocket-friendly prices may not be as popular as sapphires or other precious stones but is fast attracting the attention of people, especially the younger generations. It makes the stone a high-potential investment option for retail as well as wholesale gemstone manufacturers & suppliers.