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The terms “our”, “us”, or “we” used throughout the website content refer to Cabochonsforsale. The privacy of our valuable customers is very important to us. We are making continuous efforts to make your experience an unforgettable one and wish to serve you multiple times. We also ensure that your shopping experience with us is a fantastic and amazing one. We make sure that the privacy of the personal information provided by you is highly respected and protected from our end. We would like to keep you updated about all the information of the customers we collect, the reason for collecting, and how that collected information is used. 

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Collection of information and its use

While browsing our website as a guest, you can have a look at it without getting registered. Your personal information won't be collected and stored by us. On registering yourself as a customer on our website, all the details entered/shared by you are collected by us and maintained in our database. Here, personal information refers to the name, contact number, billing address, email address, and so on. 

The collected information is used for the following reasons:

  • Facilitate and smoothen your purchasing experience
  • Confirm your order and track it until it reaches out to you
  • Share the new arrivals, promotional offers, discounts, etc with you and enhance your experience with us. 
  • Analyze information regarding your preferences in terms of our products and services
  • Detect fraud at the initial level and save the interest of the customers.
  • Use information related to customer preferences, demographics, and interests for improving our offerings to the customers.
  • Your location from where you have logged in is collected, so that services delivered to you are customized and enhanced by us. 
  • We use weblogs and cookies which help in tracking the activities of visitors like pages visited and time spent on our website, to improve the customer experience. 

Information that may be shared with others by us:

In some situations, some of your personal information is shared by us with trusted partners.

  • There are certain services like processing the payment, shipping, data management, marketing and emailing, etc which are provided by a trusted third party. The information is used by these third-party service providers only when there is a specific purpose or a specific task has to be performed. They have no authority to use your personal information other than for the purpose set by Cabochonsforsale.
  • If a special event like a contest or promotion is conducted, the required information will be shared with the trusted party organizing the event. For promotion purposes, information about the products that may be of your interest will be sent to you.
  • To comply with the law and protection from fraudulent activities, the information will be used. We may use the personal information for investigating or taking actions on illegal activities, any kind of threat or harm to any person, or as per the requirement of the law. It can also be used for protection against credit fraud and reducing risk at any level. 
  • Your comments, feedback, and testimonials are quite valuable for us, as we are able to improvise in the areas we are lacking. Submitting your comments may also enable us to collect your information.