All About August Birthstones: Peridot, Sardonyx, and Spinel Insights
Posted On : 15 Aug


August babies are pretty lucky because they have three birthstones in their basket - Sardonyx, Peridot, and Spinel. These birthstones for August have everything from healing to cleansing for the August borns.

If you are born in August and are not sure about the benefits and properties of the birthstones, then read on and discover!

Peridot: Everything You Need To Know

Peridot birthstone, also known as ‘Olivine’, is a detoxifying stone adorned for its antique and aesthetic look. In respect to size, the stone has multiple layers of nuances to enhance the creativity. Used in a lot of eras and cultures, the stone holds a deep symbolism throughout history. Different countries are known to see different spirits of Peridot.


Peridot is known for its beautiful shades of olive green, deep red-honey, green-yellowish, and sometimes even a brownish hue. Usually, the stone has smaller dimensions and sizes, but has been pretty desirable for its distinct appearances and vibrant hues. For its yellow and green varieties that come from volcanic stones, it is called chrysolite - from Greek, golden stone. When the stone is referred to as olivine, it is for its stunning and enchanting green hue that comes from mineral olivine.


Today, the August birthstone, Peridot can be found all around the world, with major deposits in the United States, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Tanzania, and Pakistan. Additionally, the Peridot beach of Hawaii is famous for its green glow on the beach sand. This happened because of the lava that got deposited on the gemstone sand after eruptions.


There are many ways to use this August birthstone. Many people like to embed them in their jewelry collection, ornaments, or even furniture and showpieces for that matter. Peridot is also equipped with numerous healing properties that makes it a good luck charm for August borns. The stone is being abundantly used to protect against evil and negative energies.

Peridot Benefits

Peridot has an amalgamation of various physical, emotional, metaphysical benefits.

  • Peridot is called the "stone for transformation" because of its power to ward off addictions.
  • When the stone is used by healers, it helps enhance energy and break away from emotional disorders.
  • The stone also helps in improving the overall appearance, health, and strength.
  • It can be termed as the masterpiece stone for mood swings and mental health issues.
  • The stone majorly benefits pancreas, liver, and gallbladder.


While Peridots are pretty durable in nature, you still need to take care of the stone on a regular basis. The easiest and the best way for peridot care and cleaning is to dip it in a solution of mild soap water. After that, just place your stone under running water. You can use a cotton cloth then to dab it and leave it to dry.

It is advisable not to use an ultrasonic cleaner because the high vibrations of the cleaner can be harmful and lead to damage.

Peridot is known as the stone of the Sun and therefore can be charged when kept for a few hours under natural sunlight. But if you want additional recharge, you can also keep the stone under moonlight.

Sardonyx: Everything You Need To Know

Sardonyx birthstone is one of the most holy birthstones in history depicting a layer of varied colored bands like white, blue, black, and red. Sardonyx has been used since ages to make all kinds of jewelry like necklaces, rings, bands, pendants, and more.


Sardonyx can be found in a varied range of colors from white, orange, red to black. The stone comes from a family of crystals, and is formed via layering of onyx and sard, thus the name of Sardonyx.

The stone also consists of miniature six-sided crystals that can only be seen via a microscope. The stone is famous for its glass-like luster. One of the rarest sardonyx is the one with right and white bands and is pretty valuable and sought after.


At present, the top-notch quality of Sardonyx birthstone is found in India, where the stone has contrasting distinctive colors and layers of bands. Other places where the stone can be found include Madagascar, Germany, Brazil, and Uruguay.


Sardonyx stone has been used widely for making jewelry like rings, necklaces, pendants, bands, and more. It has also been used for decorative and ornamental purposes. Sardonyx can be also used to improve metabolism by helping the body to absorb nutrients and vitamins in a more effective way. One can also use stone during mediation as it has a calming energy.

Sardonyx Benefits

Sardonyx has a lot of emotional, physical, and even metaphysical properties.

  • When it comes to physical benefits, Sardonyx can help in detoxification by purifying the body and removing toxins.
  • It also helps in recovering from problems related to reproduction.
  • For emotional benefits, the stone is known for inducing joy and elation.
  • It also gives the carrier immense power and courage.
  • When it comes to metaphysical benefits, sardonyx helps one gain mental clarity, promote creativity and wards off negative and evil energy.


There are some ways in which you can take care and recharge your sardonyx stone. The rightful way of sardonyx cleaning is to soak the stone in salt for 24 hours, placing the stone in freshwater. One of the most useful ways to physically clean the stone is to use mild soap water. There is no need to use any chemicals as it might be harmful. To recharge your stone, you can use a crystal cluster and then place the stone onto it. The sardonyx stone can then absorb the crystal's energy to recharge.

Spinel: Everything You Need To Know

Spinel birthstone has a lot of history attached to it and has been time and again appreciated by connoisseurs for its enchanting beauty. Found in a variety of colors, the stone has an immense connection to devotion and passion.


Spinel stone of August is found in a wide range of colors, like violet, blue, red, deep green, brown, black, and more. Often transparent, the spinel stones have no cleavage. Many times, the deep red spinel is mistaken for ruby, as they are pretty indistinguishable. That is the reason many historical jewels and crowns have spinels embedded in them.


Many times, spinel is found amid gravel deposits, and majorly contains aluminum and magnesium. Spinel can be found in many places, including Brazil, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Kenya and Sri Lanka.


Spinel has been used in making exquisite jewelry for a long time and has found its place in many royal and historical jewels and ornaments. Synthetic spinel, due to its durability in pressure, has found its usage in commercial industry and military.

Spinel Benefits

Many Benefits are attributed to this August birthstone.

  • Spinel gemstone has a connection with the root chakra, which makes it an efficient and effective tool for enhancing stamina and energy.
  • It also helps in increasing memory capabilities and giving a boost to the intellectual area for the carrier.
  • The stone is known to render a calming sense to the wearer's soul and body.
  • If you have elongated and exhausting working hours, this stone can be a safe space for utter relaxation for you.


The best way for spinel cleaning is to give the jewelry or stone a warm bath and then dab it with a microfiber cloth. To avoid the fading, you should avoid the exposure of stone to extreme heat. To lessen the wear and tear, it is also advisable to keep each piece of jewelry separately in a padded box.


This was the complete guide for the beautiful and mesmerizing birthstones for August. Now that you have basked into the glory of these stones, why the delay? Get your August birthstone and experience tremendous benefits that come with it!