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Hackmanite Gemstone For Sale at CabochonsForSale

View our extensive selection of gemstones for sale that are hackmanite. We have a variety of forms to fit your tastes, from traditional round cuts to unusual pear shapes. We provide variable quantities to meet your needs, whether you're searching for singles, pairs, or bigger lots. Our assortment of sizes for Hackmanite gemstone makes them ideal for any type of jewelry creation. In addition to serving jewelers with our calibrated stones, we also have strange shapes and crystal specimens available for designers at a variety of price points. Buy Hackmanite Gemstone online at CabochonsForSale.

Hackmanite Gemstone

Hackmanite: A Stone of Enigmatical Change

Gemstones' seductive beauty and ethereal qualities have always enthralled people. Hackmanite is one such gemstone that sticks out due to its distinctive qualities. Apart from its striking beauty, Hackmanite is unique in the gemological field because of a fascinating property called tenebrescence. The mineral was initially reported in 1896 by the Finnish mineralogist Victor Axel Hackman, whose name is where Hackmanite meaning comes from. 

Hackmanite Properties

With a Mohs hardness of 5.5 to 6, hackmanite is classified as a somewhat soft material. It can be translucent to opaque and usually has a vitreous to oily gloss. It is notable for having tenebrescence, an intriguing and unique characteristic that causes it to momentarily change color when exposed to light.

Hackmanite Colors 

In natural light, hackmanite usually has hues ranging from light violet-blue to deep violet-blue. But what makes it most amazing is that when it comes to UV light, it can go through a process called tenebrescence, which turns it pink or purple.

Hackmanite vs. Tanzanite

Even though they have the same suffix, hackmanite and Tanzanite are two different gemstones. One sodalite variation that is well-known for tenebrescence—color changes brought on by electron transfer—is hackmanite. Its hues span from violet to pink. Tanzanite, a blue-violet zoisite, on the other hand, is highly valued for its vivid blue tones with overtones of purple. 

Hackmanite metaphysical properties

  • Linked to developing intuition and spiritual awareness
  • Encourages emotional healing and inner calm.
  • Supports the practice of meditation and raise awareness
  • Seen as a cornerstone of change and personal development 

Hackmanite Jewelry

Hackmanite jewelry's captivating color-changing qualities exude an air of ethereal beauty. When fashioned into exquisite accessories like Hackmanite ring, Hackmanite pendant, Hackmanite earrings, Hackmanite bracelet, its distinct tenebrescence captures admirers' attention and lends a mysterious element to any ensemble.

Hackmanite Carat Weight 

The Hackmanite price can vary widely based on factors such as size, quality, and color-changing intensity. Generally, smaller specimens may start from a few dollars per carat, while larger or high-quality stones with intense tenebrescence can command higher prices, ranging from $20 to $200 per carat or more. For specific pricing, it's advisable to consult with gemstone dealers or specialists.