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Wagul Jasper - An Aesthetic Balancing Stone

Wagul Jasper stone is a majestic stone with a distinct natural beauty and captivating colors and patterns.Wagul Jasper displays intricate and detailed patterns in lively colors and magnificent swirls. The stone creates an excellent display with its mesmerizing looks. The stone also has a solid metaphysical profile. Wagul Jasper balances the mind and emotions to stop overthinking and helps in enhancing relations. It also nurtures the soul and helps spiritual seekers to achieve their goals.


Wagul Jasper Gemstone is draped into rich hues of vibrant red, organic brown, and vibrant orange shades. These hues beautifully interplay with each other to produce eye-pleasing bands and swirls. The dynamic beauty of the stone along with its soothing texture and vivid appeal offer it a luxurious look. The stone measures 6.5 - 7.0 on the Mohs scale.


The stone’s dynamic aesthetic makes it ideal for crafting statement pieces like earrings, bracelets, and pendants. The harmonious mix of vibrant and organic colors makes it suitable for seamlessly integrating elaborate as well as minimalist outfit themes. While the stone attracts jewelry lovers with its beauty, its metaphysical profile attracts the attention of spiritual healers who employ Wagul Jasper crystals to help people regain their vitality, confidence, and peace. As a meditation stone, it helps practitioners in calming their minds and have better control over their thoughts and passion which deepens their meditation.


Wagul Jasper packs a variety of metaphysical properties to help in the physical, emotional, and spiritual growth of a person. Here are a few major benefits of the Wagul Jasper stone:

Physical Benefits: The stone is said to aid in detoxification and energize the body. It also helps the wearer to recuperate faster. The stone facilitates regulated functioning of different body organs for overall physical well-being.

Emotional Benefits: Wagul Jasper gemstone helps in calming emotions and alleviating anxiety and stress. It also brings a sense of balance by fostering equality in life. It also helps the wearer to regain confidence.

Spiritual Benefits: The meaning of Wagul Jasper stone in terms of spiritual benefits is tranquility and perseverance. As a grounding stone, the stone helps the person to leverage the qualities of the earth and feel more stabilized. It helps spiritual seekers to remain calm in the face of worldly issues and overcome barriers by keeping perseverance.

Real vs Fake

If you want to buy Wagul Jasper stone but are concerned about being cheated by unethical vendors, then here are a few tips to differentiate between real and fake stone:

  • Real stone is primarily found in Western Australia. So if the seller represents the stone as being sourced from any other location then it is probably a fake stone
  • The prices of real Wagul Jasper are quite high while the fake stone might be available at unjustifiably low prices.
  • As opposed to the distinctive, intricate patterns, the fake stone may show uniform or unnaturally perfect patterns.
  • Touch the stones' surface with your finger’s tip. If the texture feels rough or unnatural then it may be a fake stone
  • If you are unable to ascertain the stone’s genuineness with these techniques then it is best to consult a qualified gemologist or get the stone assessed by a certified stone assessment agency.

Care and cleaning

You need to take good care of your jasper. Don’t use harsh chemicals as they can cause discoloration. Likewise, excessive heat can also damage the stone so protect it from sunlight. Use a soft cloth and non-abrasive detergent to clean the stone. Keep it separate from other jewelry pieces to avoid abrasion or scratches. The stone should be stored in a place that is free from humidity and direct sunlight.


Wagul Jasper is found in different locations of the world. However, some locations have the ideal geographical conditions to produce the best Wagul Jasper stones of gemstone quality. Such places include Brazil, Venezuela, Egypt, and selected states of the US.


Wagul Jasper holds a unique position in the area of versatile gemstones due to its appreciable beauty features as well as impressive metaphysical properties. This enchanting stone is a perfect fit for elaborate as well as minimalist outfits due to its mix of bright and organic colors. The rich repository of aesthetic and metaphysical properties makes it an ideal stone for jewelry lovers, collectors, retailers, crystal shops, manufacturers and wholesalers of gemstones across the world.


1. Is Wagul Jasper a birthstone?

Yes, Wagul Jasper is the birthstone for March which means that the people born in March can expect special benefits by wearing the stone.

2. Which country are the top producers of Wagul Jasper?

Some countries that claim the position of best producers of gemstone quality jasper include Egypt, Brazil, Indonesia, Madagascar, Venezuela, Russia, and India. A few regions in the United States also produce high-quality stones like the states of Arizona, and Texas.

3. To which zodiac sign Wagul jasper is associated?

Wagul Jasper is believed to be associated with the Aries Zodiac sign.

4. What is the best crystal combination for Wagul Jasper?

Wagul Jasper is said to gain more power when used paired with Wild Horse Jasper and Amethyst.

5. Who should wear the Wagul Jasper gemstone?

The dynamic beauty and versatile metaphysical properties of Wagul Jasper make it suitable for anyone but it is especially beneficial for March-born people and those with Aries as their zodiac sign. The stone is also good for people going through a tense relationship, or who want to have better control over their thoughts or worries.