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Gemstone Jaspers

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Jasper Gemstone - Meaning Properties & Facts

It will be fun to learn about a type of quartz that has been used since ancient times to create decorative pieces, sculptures, jewelry, and more. The stone is quite common and is also widely used. Further, you’ll read everything from jasper quartz's meaning to its healing properties.


This variety of chalcedony is commonly found in brown. Some other colors in which you can also find jasper are yellow, white, blue, gray, purple, pink, red, and orange. There are many other alluring varieties available as chalcedony, like the Java chalcedony gemstones.

The stone is sometimes spotted and contains coins of ash or minerals included within the structure of the crystal. A polished jasper stone looks stunning with its speckles shining through it.

There are many types of jasper stones available. Some of the most popular jasper stones are biggs jasper, heliotrope, brecciated jasper, dalmatian jasper, green jasper, imperial jasper, kambaba jasper, mookaite jasper, morrisonite, ocean jasper, picture jasper, and zebra jasper.

There are many more varieties of jasper, but the ones above are the most popular.


The availability of jasper is not so rare. One can easily find jasper in Russia, Egypt, India, Madagascar, Australia, and North and South America.


The stone is extremely versatile and can be used however you want to. The stone can be used as jewelry or carried around in your pocket in order to avail the maximum healing benefits of this stone. Jasper crystal usage is so versatile that it will make you want it more.


There are many benefits to this versatile stone. The stone is known to benefit us with its healing powers for our physical, mental, and emotional bodies. Let's have a look at jasper's healing properties.

Physical healing properties

  • Treats kidney disorders of the kidney, bladder, liver, and stomach.
  • Helps in maintaining the mineral balance
  • Regulates the supply of manganese, sulfur, and iron in our body.
  • Believed to help treat the loss of smell

Emotional healing properties

  • Strengthens your emotional body.
  • Reduces stress and promotes more stability.
  • Increases feelings like compassion, patience, and generosity.
  • Teach one to be honest with oneself and get rid of insecurities.

Metaphysical healing properties

  • Believed to give you a sense of well-being.
  • used for protection
  • Creates a healthy balance between dynamic and aggressive energy
  • Teach you gratitude and keep your energies rooted in the earth.
  • Gives you more mental clarity and eliminates negativity.


The care guide for this stone is pretty simple. This stone is easy to maintain and clean. You can do it with very mild soap and water. Gently clean the stone. Avoid any use of harsh chemical cleaners and hard scrubbing brushes. This can hamper your stone's appearance and cause scratches. It is ranked between 6.5 and 7 on the Mohs hardness scale.


This was everything that you needed to know about this oh-so-versatile jasper stone. Jasper’s energy is powerful and very versatile. Your favorite wholesale gemstone seller, CabochonsforSale, is now here with the best-quality gemstones at the best available prices. Don't wait any longer. Shop now!


1. What is jasper known to be good for?

The stone is known to work best when you feel like releasing your anxiety and stress. It helps promote more mental clarity and helps with physical healing.

2. Which jasper type is rare?

The green jasper, or imperial jasper, is considered the most rare jasper stone. Imperial jasper stone is not only rare but also a little expensive. Its tempting blue and green color make it a very desirable stone.

3. What is the classic color of a jasper stone?

The most common colors in which this semiprecious chalcedony can be found are brown, red, or green.

4. How durable is the jasper stone?

The stone is graded between 6.5 and 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. The stone is pretty durable and sturdy enough to be used for decorative pieces and jewelry.

5. What chakra is controlled by the jasper stone?

The chakra that is controlled by the jasper stone is the root chakra.

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