Ruby Gemstone Buying Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Gem
Posted On : 05 Aug


The name Ruby has its roots in the Latin word ruber, which means crimson. The stone’s name itself highlights the most special thing about it. It's a rich red color. The stone is pretty durable, as it is a 9 on the Mohs hardness scale. Ruby comes in the list of the four "most precious stones.". Ruby, emerald, diamond, and sapphire are the stones. Ruby is the birthstone of July month.

It’s not only a stone of beauty but also one of benefit. The stone serves you with its beauty and healing powers. It benefits our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Origin of Ruby

Benefits Of Wearing Ruby

Ruby was found way back. Around 200 B.C., the North Silk Road in China was used for trading rubies. Today, there are many sources and locations from which you can get your hands on some of the finest rubies. Locations like Sri Lanka, Thailand, Africa, Russia, Afghanistan, Australia, and the United States are known to have ruby deposits. The best-quality rubies are known to come from Myanmar (Burma).

Points to Keep in Mind While Buying Rubies

To get your hands on a precious stone sounds easy, and it is actually easy. To get your hands on an excellent-quality real ruby at the right price sounds easy but is tough. So, let us make this process a lot easier for you by sharing some tips and guides that you can look up to when going to buy rubies.

If you are a gemstone enthusiast or someone who knows a little about gemstones, then you must know about the famous 4 C’s. carat, color, cut, and clarity. For those who don’t know, the 4 C’s are the points that one has to keep in mind when looking at any stone.When all four checkboxes get a tick, you get a decent-quality gem.

So, let's look at the 4 C’s and some other points about ruby that we have to keep in mind and consider.

1. Colour

As per the stone's name, you know that the real color of the stone is rich and deep red. When looking to buy ruby, make sure to go for the stone that has a pigeon blood red color. A rich, deep red ruby is highly desired and valued. So, always go for the most intense, rich red color of ruby.

2. Inclusions

Make sure that the stone has no inclusions. The perfect natural gem-quality gemstone is free of all inclusions and is eye-clean. Here, you have to carefully check for inclusions. Many sellers might tell you that there are none, but make sure to check for yourself before buying.

When looking for inclusions, you are not only looking at any particle inside the stone but also looking for cracks and scratches on the stone.

3. Carat

By carat, we are referring to the weight of the stone. A ruby stone above one carat is highly rare. Ruby is the stone that is preferred when in small stones. Larger ruby pieces are hard to place in jewelry settings and are heavy. People prefer something that is easy to maintain and carry. Jewelers prefer something that is easy to place and use in jewelry. Some statement neck pieces might need a large, over-carat ruby piece, which is very rare and highly valued.

4. Cut

Cut is a point that might be a little more important to jewelers and suppliers. They have to buy according to the trendy cuts. There are many ways to find a ruby. Some of the famous cuts are emerald, pear, trillion, oval, cushion, marquise, heart, and round. So you can go for any of the above cuts.

5. Clarity

Clarity and inclusions are almost the same thing. In inclusions, you will focus on the inside of the stone, but in clarity, you have to overall inspect the stone and make sure that there are no loose ends. When talking about claret, you have to make sure about its color saturation. You have to check for scratches and cracks. You have to make sure everything in the stone is fine and speaks ‘gem-quality’.

6. Origin

Another factor that determines the price and quality of the stone is its origin. Origin is the place from where we naturally source the stone in the first place. In the case of rubies, Burmese rubies are of brilliant gem quality. The finest ruby comes from Myanmar (Burma). So, when buying the stone, always ask about its origin and always go for a Burmese ruby piece.

7. A verified seller

The above points were about the stone, but this specific one is about the buyer. As much as the above points are important, they are only important when you get this one right. When deciding to buy such precious stones, you need to go absolutely right with the seller. Make sure the seller is trusted and verified. There are many scammers on the market, and getting scammed is the last thing that you want.

Always, when you purchase the stone, ask for the lab certificate. That lab test contains all the details about the stone and even tells you if it’s real or not. So, it is always safe to get a certificate for the stone that you buy.

These days, it's much more convenient to buy rubies online. Some people might feel that it is not entirely the best place to buy ruby gemstones, but you can trust us here. It is. There are so many verified sellers online that have good and real deals to offer you. So, if you are unable to shop offline, go online. Just a few easy clicks, and you have a new addition to your collection.


This is everything that you mainly need to keep in mind while buying a natural ruby stone. You can shop online from any wholesale gemstone manufacturer or supplier. They will give you the best quality for a reasonable price. In order to get the perfect dreamy stone, do not miss any of the above-mentioned steps. Follow all of them, and you’re golden! Happy shopping!