July Birthstone Spotlight: All You Need to Know About the Ruby Gemstone

July Birthstone Spotlight: All You Need to Know About the Ruby Gemstone
Posted On : 18 Jul


Attention, July babies! You must be aware of the fact that you've been blessed with a ravishing red ruby as your July birthstone. How does it feel to be God’s favorite and receive a stone that is very famous for its rich, deep, unique red color? Ruby gives off a very elegant vibe and is a delight to look at. This July birthstone serves a dual purpose. It's a healing stone as well as a designer jewelry stone.

Rubies are so precious and rare that they also carry the tag of being ‘the king of precious stones’. To learn what this stone can do apart from making everyone’s jaws drop from its beauty, read further.

Where are Rubies Found?

Everybody wants to find this ravishing red stone in their cupboard. You don't realize that before finding it in your cupboard, you need to find out where it can come from. Locations like China, Australia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Madagascar, Malawi, Thailand, and southern and eastern Africa have ruby deposits. The best ruby comes from Burma, Myanmar. The location plays an important role in deciding the quality of a ruby. Make sure you wisely choose the origin.

Ruby Birthstone Meaning and History

Rubeus, a Latin word meaning ‘red, gave its origin to Ruby. The name itself describes the stunningly rich, deep red color of the stone. The color of the stone is one of the reasons why it is so loved. The stone was first discovered in Asia. Burma, to be specific. Since then, the finest rubies have been sourced from there. The stone has the title of being the king of precious stones.

Ruby, because of its rich red color, is believed to represent the heart chakra. Ruby is a stone of love and devotion. After all, red is the color of love. Every time you think of love, everything red pops into your head. Roses, red velvet cake, red wine, and red rubies

Ruby is the stone you need when you are looking for integrity, happiness, courage, love, power, passion, and protection.


Ruby's Birthstone Healing Properties

Ruby is an all-around stone. It's beautiful and beneficial. Ruby holds healing properties that can benefit you physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Physical Healing Properties of Ruby

  • It focuses on strengthening your muscles and heart.
  • Helps you deal with menstrual pain.
  • It helps you detoxify your body and keep your kidneys healthy.
  • Helps you deal with the symptoms of menopause.

Emotional Healing Properties of Ruby

  • It helps you find emotional balance.
  • Helps you regain trust in people.
  • Guides you and allows you to take safe risks.
  • Brings you good luck and fortune.
  • Makes you feel worthy and valued.
  • Pulls us out of the dark space and shows us the light.

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Ruby

  • energizes and protects the heart chakra
  • Promotes compassion, loyalty, and creativity
  • Enhances your spiritual wisdom
  • Allows you to stay grounded and connected to your roots.
  • Bring out your authentic self.

July Birthstone Characteristics

Ruby is no less than a delight to look at. This July birthstone will catch your eyes and heart on the first go. It does not need a second chance. The stone is way too famous for its pinkish-red color. The stone is a mix of chromium, iron, oxygen, and aluminum. It is because of these minerals that the stone has this beautiful color. The deeper and more intense the stone’s color, the more value it has. Ruby’s primary color is red, but there are many other secondary colors like purple, brown, pink, and orange in which the stone can be found too. A proper gem-quality ruby is supposed to have a red color that resembles pigeon's blood. The stone is excellent for jewelry purposes because of its hardness and durability. It is not a soft stone. The stone has a rank of 9 on a Mohs hardness scale.

Ruby is a rare stone, especially in terms of finding a gem-quality stone. A rare ruby is a Burmese ruby in a size larger than 1 carat.

The stone is durable and pretty, making it a very good option to wear as jewelry. You can go for ruby rings, earrings, pendants, and even bracelets.

How do I Check for a Real Ruby Stone?

Ruby is one of those stones that, when you buy it, you are very easily given a fake one instead of a real one. It is very easy to scam people. We don't want that for you. Here are some simple ways in which you can check for yourself whether the stone is the real deal or not.


1. Always go to a verified seller. When it comes to buying important stones like diamonds, sapphires, and rubies, never go to just a local shop. Never trust the seller completely. Always check the seller’s identity.

2. Always ask for a certificate. When buying from a seller, ask for the stone’s authenticity certificate. This certificate is a lab testing report that tells about the stone’s originality and where it comes from.

3. Try doing a scratch test. Take a nail or a coin and start scratching the stone’s surface. If the stone gets scratched easily, it's fake.

4. Rubies are often faked because of their color. Just to sell it for a higher price, many sellers just treat their ruby stones and apply a fake coating. If it is a real stone, when you scratch it against any surface and it leaves a red streak, it's fake.

Ruby Birthstone Care and Cleaning

Ruby has its place secured on the list of some of the most durable gemstones to exist. On a Mohs hardness scale, this beautiful stone scores a 9. The stone is a beauty that does not need much care or maintenance. To keep it shining and stunning, you can clean it with a mild soap or a cleanser too. The stone would not do any harm when you used a commercial jewelry cleanser. However, you must store your ruby gemstone apart from other softer stones, as it might scratch them. To store your ruby stone, you can use a softly fabricated box.

When wearing the stone in any form of jewelry, you don't have to worry about getting it scratched. Although it would be a good option to consider a protective setting for jewelry.



We are already jealous of all the July borns who have bagged such an elegant and classy stone as their birthstone. You now know what to give your partner when you want to express your love and commitment to them. You don't have a special day to give your partner this stone. Now, you have all the knowledge you need before getting your hands on this heavenly July birthstone. Everyone deserves a pretty red stone in their collection that, when adorned, makes everyone’s head turn.