Sapphire Gemstone Buying Guide 2023: How to Choose the Perfect Stone
Posted On : 20 Sep

Buying a sapphire is a big deal. The stone is the epitome of beauty with an enchantment one could never forget. Adorning yourself with one of the moist precious gemstones takes some real decision-making. After all, you do not want to take any chances, do you? Whether you are punching the stone as a birthday or anniversary gift or for engagements, you want to find the one that is perfect for you.

There are a lot of specifications, factors one must know about. In this Sapphire gemstone buying guide for beginners, we are going to cover everything you need to know for buying these beauties!

What are Sapphires?

When selecting exquisite jewelry, sapphires are a fantastic gemstone option and can rival diamonds in quality, value, and durability. Being the birthstone of September month, They have always been sought after, and have been incorporated into collections of royal jewelry all across the world. Sapphires are frequently found in various parts of the world like Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Thailand, and China.These minerals belong to the corundum gemstone subclass.

Due to their rarity, durability, and breathtaking beauty, gem-quality corundum stones can have value that is equivalent to or greater than that of diamonds. These distinctive stones are available in every shade and color imaginable. They become truly unique once they have been cut and polished.

Sapphire Gemstone Quality Factors and Grading

There are a number of quality elements to take into account when purchasing sapphires to make sure you acquire a top quality and attractive gemstone. The following are crucial factors to keep in mind:

  • Color:- One of the most important criteria in assessing a sapphire's value is color. The blue color of the most valuable sapphires is brilliant and strong. Lindy Star Sapphire is a rich blue variety of gemstone that is highly desirable among jewelry enthusiasts. Seek select stones with deep, even color that don't have any obvious color banding or zoning. Many think that these stones come only in color blue but in reality, these are available in many colors. One kind of sapphire based on colors is the bi-color sapphire; which has two colors due to the result of color zoning. These are incredibly prized and rare.

  • Clarity:-Clarity is the presence of inclusions, which are faults that can be either internal or exterior. The sapphire is more valuable the less inclusions there are. However, certain inclusions are common in natural gemstones, so finding a balance is crucial. Saying that, sapphire gemstones all have inclusions, even if they are not visible to the naked eye. Some inclusions can also lead to good effects to the stone, giving it some unique patterns and visuality.

  • Cut:- A properly-cut sapphire will dazzle and shine. Cut is crucial because it allows all the beauty and brilliance of the stone to come out beautifully. The stone's inherent color and clarity should not be diminished by the cut. Look for cuts with proper proportions and symmetry. A stone, if cut asymmetrically, might not reflect the light as well in the stone. Some famous cuts of the sapphire include Marquise Cut, Round Brilliant Cut, Cushion Cut , and Asscher Cut.

  • Carat Weight:- Although larger sapphires are typically more valuable, the cost per carat can rise dramatically for especially large or exceptionally high-quality stones. As with other gemstones, the heavier the stone, the more it will cost per carat, and when all other conditions are equal, stones weighing more than 1ct will command a premium over stones weighing less than a carat.

  • Origin:- Historically, sapphires from specific areas have been prized for their excellent quality, including Kashmir, Burma (Myanmar), and Ceylon (Sri Lanka). The value of the stone may be impacted by these origin considerations.

  • Treatment:- To improve the color and clarity of sapphires, many of them go through a heating process. Although this is a standard business practice, it is crucial to be aware of whatever treatments the gemstone has received. Prices for untreated, natural sapphires are greater.

  • Transparency:- A sapphire of good quality ought to be transparent. Check the stone for any haziness, cloudiness, or lack of clarity by holding it up to the light.

  • Form and Cut Style:- The sapphire's form and cut style can affect both how it looks overall and how well it fits into jewelry settings. Round, oval, cushion, emerald, and pear are a few common shapes.

Scale for Grading Sapphires

Gemstones like sapphires can be classed using the preferred grading scheme for all gemstones, which is: Natural A, B, AA, and AAA:

  • Natural AAA: Only 2% of all natural gemstones are graded as natural AAA.
  • Natural AA: 10% of all gemstones on the market today are of this grade.
  • Natural A: The top 20% of all natural gemstones fall under this grade.
  • Natural B: Over 50% of gemstones classified as natural fall into the Natural B category.

The color grade of a sapphire is consistently the most crucial factor to take into account when figuring out its pricing. A velvety, deep royal blue is the ideal hue for a natural blue sapphire. Sapphires in this shade are thought to be of AAA quality, the rarest, and most expensive. An AA quality medium rich blue is the second-best color. Any blue sapphires with a faint gray undertone fall under the A classification. Last but not least, sapphires with a very deep and opaque blue color are categorized as B quality grade.

Clarity enhancing treatments for sapphire

Treatments for sapphires that increase visual clarity by hiding internal or surface imperfections are known as clarity-enhancing techniques. The overall beauty and market value of the sapphire can be considerably increased by these procedures. The most typical sapphire clarity-improving procedures include:

  • Heat Treatment: The most well-liked and frequently applied method of treating sapphires is this one. High temperatures are applied during heat treatment, which can dissolve or change some inclusions and lessen their visibility to the human eye. Clarity and color can both be enhanced with this approach.

  • Surface Coating: This procedure includes coating the sapphire's surface with a thin layer of a substance, such as oil or resin. This may assist to smooth out surface-level fractures or improve the stone's shine. It is crucial to remember that surface coatings could disappear over time.

  • Fracture Filling: In order to treat surface-reaching cracks or voids in the sapphire, a substance, such as glass or a polymer, is injected into the affected area. This can enhance the clarity and overall look of the stone.

  • Laser Drilling: In this process, a laser is used to cut a tiny tunnel from the sapphire's surface to an interior inclusion. This may make it possible to bleach the material or remove any dark impurities.

Sapphire gemstone Care and Maintenance

Sapphires are a prized addition to any jewelry collection because of their timeless beauty and extraordinary toughness. Proper care and maintenance are necessary to guarantee that these priceless diamonds maintain their brightness for decades.To clean sapphires, use warm water with a small bit of dish soap. Use a gentle toothbrush to gently scrape away debris and residue. Thoroughly rinse, then pat dry with a soft, clean cloth.

The gemstone might be stressed by abrupt temperature changes. Protect sapphires against rapid cooling, which can happen in cold water, and stay away from high heat, such as those found in saunas or when using a blow dryer.

Periodically check your sapphire jewelry for loose stones, cracked prongs, or other wear indicators. To stop additional harm, treat any issues right away with a seasoned jeweler.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, sapphire gemstones are an alluring and reliable option for people looking for beauty, value, and durability in their jewelry. These priceless gems are highly sought-after for their deep blue colors, outstanding toughness, and classic appeal.Buying sapphire online can be a convenient and rewarding experience, but it's important to approach it with caution and due diligence. OIf you are looking to buy authentic sapphire gemstone online, then look no further than Cabochons For Sale. High Quality gemstones like sapphire and more are available in varied colors and cuts. Shop now!