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Meaning and Uses of Hemimorphite Gemstone

Hemimorphite is a green-colored rare stone endowed with mysterious beauty and a peculiar shape along with a striking banded pattern. The gemstone-quality Hemimorphite is very rare and mainly found in Vieille Montagne, Belgium, and Aachen, Germany. The stone is said to possess a wide array of metaphysical properties like enhancing motor skills, mitigating fear and timidness, and making a person more aligned with their spiritual tendencies.


Hemimorphite displays blue and white colored translucent bands generally blended with dark matrix. It appears as a colorless stone. Other colors are Pale teal or light brown. Another beautiful but rarely found hue is pink. As opposed to the almost blunt shape of its one end, the other end of the stone is pyramidal and sharply pointed. This peculiarity adds to its looks and value.


This beautiful stone is also associated with several physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits. Let us now learn about specific benefits of the stone :

  • Physical benefits: Hemimorphite soothes hormonal imbalances, headaches, and physical pains. The stone also helps in reducing weight.
  • Emotional benefits: Hemimorphite reduces fear and helps the wearer to overcome phobias. It also enhances communication power and enables wearers to fully express their thoughts.
  • Spiritual benefits: Hemimorphite promotes compassion and empathy. The Hemimorphite gemstone benefits spiritual practitioners by enabling them to let go of their ego and develop virtuous tendencies.


The gemstone-quality specimens of hemimorphite are mainly found in Belgium, Vieille Montagne, and Aachen, Germany. Some quantities may also be found in selected locations within the United States. Natural hemimorphite is generally polished and cut to reveal its beauty in the best.

As for the hemimorphite rough that allows faceting, such rough is only found in Chihuahua and Durango. It is mainly found in smaller sizes.

Care and Cleaning

As a stone with peculiar characteristics, the Hermaphrodite needs special care while cleaning and storing. Here are a few tips to clean and store the store to keep its original characteristics and looks intact and increase its durability:

  • Use tepid water to clean the stone. When using chemicals make sure it is mild and doesn’t contain any types of hard chemicals.
  • Put hematite stone in a soft bag.
  • Keep it away from the places of impact to save it from being damaged
  • ultrasonic cleaners or steam cleaning should be avoided at all costs
  • Perfumes, hairsprays, cleaning materials, and other harsh chemicals can damage the stone. So it is away from such materials.
  • Sweat, long exposure to the sun, or fluctuations in temperatures can also harm this stone. So remove the hemimorphite jewelry before engaging in outdoor activities like heavy exercising, swimming, playing, or domestic chores.


You are more likely to find hemimorphite stones as crystals in gemstone collectors of passionate collectors rather than as daily wear jewelry. Especially the blue hemimorphite crystal is famous among passionate collectors due to its unique beauty appeal. The stone sports blue-green and creamy blue shades make it the right choice for a wide range of styles. There are different ways to beautifully highlight the stone’s blue colors. You may either use sunstone to accentuate the contrast or offer it a harmonious symphony of the blue by pairing the stone with amazonite, apatite, blue lace agate, and similar stones. Along with jewelry making hemimorphite crystal usage is quite popular among healers and energy workers who use ti heal their patients by placing hemimorphite stones on affected parts of the body. Along with other hues, you can also find blue hemimorphite for sale in the market.

Hemimorphite is mainly suitable for crafting pendants, earrings, brooches, or pins- ideally with its cabochon variety carefully set into secured mountings.

Gemstone quality stone is very rare. You are more likely to find it in Druzy and Micro.

Real vs fake

Many vendors may try to sell you fake stones at the price of real ones. It risks your gemstone retail business especially if you are dealing with wholesale hemimorphite cabochon suppliers. However, with the below-mentioned tips it becomes easier for you to spot the difference between the two.

  • Hemimorphite sports transparent white and blue bands generally blended with a dark matrix. Fake specimens may have artificial-looking consistency.
  • Hemimorphites are famous for differently shaped ends. If you see a store with similar ends on each side then it is possibly a fake stone
  • Hemimorphite is a soft stone measuring * on the Mohs scale. If the stone feels heavier on hand then it might be the fake version
  • Try scratching a hard surface with hemimorphite. If it doesn’t scratch then it is possibly a fake stone.
  • If the stone has very bright, artificially looking brighter shades then it may be a fake stone.


Hemimorphite gemstone is a rare and beautiful stone with distinguished aesthetics and an intriguing shape that seems to have two differently shaped ends. The stone is also said to possess powerful healing properties to ensure overall well being of body, mind and spirit. Its beauty, benefits and versatility makes Hemimorphite an ideal stone for crafting unique jewelry pieces.