Everything About the Alexandrite Gemstone: Meaning, History, and Properties 17Jun


June-borns are lucky enough to have a stone that plays two roles at once as their birthstone. Yes, alexandrite, or we may say "emerald by day, ruby by night," is a sharp-coloured rare variety of the chrysoberyl mineral. Due to this color-changing ability of the stone, it is also known as the "Chameleon Stone". Alexandrite is not only the traditional birthstone for June but is also a rare and valuable find. Since it was discovered in the 1830s, the love and demand for this stone have only grown with time. After all, it is very hard to take your eyes off a gemstone that keeps changing its color under different lights.

Allow us to move forward and fascinate you with all the information that we hold about this alexandrite gemstone.

What is Alexandrite?

As you know, alexandrite is a gemstone that is "emerald by day, ruby by night". But let’s dive a little deeper and know why they call the stone so. When placed in sunlight, the stone displays a green color, almost similar to that of an emerald. When placed under an incandescent light, the stone displays a red color. Hence, playing two roles at once

The chrysoberyl family has two amazing members: cat’s eye and alexandrite. You can understand chrysoberyl as beryllium aluminum oxide. Alexandrite is a special member of the family.

History of Alexandrite Gemstones

Apparently, the history of this stone is not as interesting as the stone itself because the stone is not that old. If you are thinking that alexandrite was found in alexandrite mines, then no, you are mistaken. You’ll be surprised to know that alexandrite was found in the emerald mines of the Tokovaya River in Russia. The stone was found on the day of Prince Alexander II’s birthday. Hence, the stone was named after the prince.

We know what you are wondering about. How did people come to know about the ability of alexandrite to be a chameleon stone?

Here's how Alexandrite’s color-changing properties came into notice: After collecting emeralds, miners started going back to the campsite. When one miner noticed after keeping the stones near the campfire that the gem had turned red, Firstly, nobody would believe what they were seeing. So they waited until morning. In the morning, they see the same emerald color again. This surprised them, and that's how the stone's color-changing abilities were identified.

Alexandrite Meaning

You can refer to Alexandrite as the stone of transformation as well. The color-changing ability of the stone makes us realize how, in different situations, we can change for the better and fit into the situation. The stone tells us that not all transformations are bad. Some transformations are good for you.

We also refer to the stone as the "Chameleon Stone," and the name of the stone is itself sufficient to describe its meaning. It teaches us how to make every situation work when you learn to blend in like a chameleon.
In different cultures, the stone has different meanings. Like in Russian culture, the stone is used as a talisman. In Chinese culture, they believe that the stone links with the blood and, hence, can make the circulatory system work better.


Alexandrite Gemstone Properties

You can expect the stone to be translucent, displaying greenish to purplish-red colors when put under different lighting conditions. On a Mohs hardness scale, the stone lies around 8.5, which tells us that alexandrite is a pretty durable stone. It is this durability that makes it suitable to wear as any kind of jewelry. Alexandrite earrings, pendants, rings, and bracelets can make you shine differently.

Origin of the Alexandrite Stone

One can find the best alexandrite stones in locations like Madagascar, India, Sri Lanka, Russia, Tanzania, and Brazil. You can also identify the origin of the stone on the basis of its color. For example, if the stone is more towards a darker, browner shade, then it comes from African countries like Madagascar. So in determining the origin of an alexandrite, its color can be a great help.

Even though it's available in various locations, the stone is rare. It is rare because of its composition. The stone has a higher cost than diamonds, rubies, emeralds, or sapphires.

Benefits of Alexandrite Stone

Let's discuss some alexandrite gemstone facts that we think you can find fact-sinating! The stone doesn't only hold the ability to switch colors; it also holds the ability to heal our physical, spiritual, and emotional bodies. Let's take a small leap towards the healing properties of this stone.


Alexandrite's healing properties can ease the following physical troubles:

  • Helps you recover from chronic or long-term illness.
  • Helps your body restore its power.
  • ensures healthy blood circulation
  • Proven to be beneficial for the pancreas and spleen


Alexandrite's healing properties can help you deal with the following emotional troubles:

  • Helps you build your self-esteem and welcome joy into your life.
  • helps you get more emotionally mature
  • Teaches you how to process your feelings in a healthy manner.
  • Teaches us to create a healthy emotional balance.
  • Helps you find the right path for us and then makes sure that we keep walking on it.


Alexandrite's healing properties can help you deal with the following spiritual troubles:

  • Keep your heart chakra balanced.
  • Helps in untangling past knots that hold you back.
  • Allows you to achieve higher spiritual levels.
  • Keeps you surrounded by positive energies.
  • Care Guide for an Alexandrite Stone

Such a precious stone deserves some care. In order for this stone to remain the ‘precious’ stone that it is, it needs some cleaning and charging from time to time.

Since the stone is 8.5 on a Mohs hardness scale, you need nothing but a mild soap and some lukewarm water to clean it. Avoid harsh and aggressive rubbing and the use of chemicals, as they might damage the stone.

In order to enjoy the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of an alexandrite, you need to charge it. There are various ways to do so. You can run the stone under some tap water. Another way is to smudge the stone with a sage stick or any other incense stick. You can also leave the stone in the sunlight.


If you are someone who has led a boring life and would like a little change, then this is the right stone for you. This stone of transformation will be no less than your best friend on your new journey. The stone might be rare, but you can find it easily with wholesale gemstone sellers. You can wear the stone and enjoy its healing properties. Since it's the June birthstone, you can give our loved ones who are born in this month this stone as a gift too!