June Birthstones: Meaning and Colors of Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone 08Jun

If you are a June baby wondering what to buy for yourself or looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones born during the same month, then you may find this post interesting. Here, we are going to mention three popular June birthstones that will not only enhance your beauty but will also help you flourish in your personal and professional lives. But before starting, let's know what the birthstone is for June.

What are the Best Birthstones for June?

Three popular June birthstones are pearl, moonstone, and alexandrite. Associated closely with calmness, grace, and inner strength, these stones make a perfect gift for people who prefer living a fulfilling life while following the right path.

Everyone is aware of the popular colors of these June birthstones, which are easily available at any crystal shop or wholesale gemstone manufacturers and suppliers. However, it would be great to learn about different shades of these stones that are less known but equally beautiful and beneficial. So, we have compiled a list of different colors of moonstones, pearls and alexandrite and their respective spiritual meanings and properties.

Pearls: A June Birthstone to Bring Peace and Prosperity

Originating from the depths of water, the pearl signifies peace, purity, and prosperity. The stone’s beauty and elegance make it a fine addition to any woman's wardrobe. Different cultures attribute different meanings to the pearls; while the ancient Chinese associated pearls with dragon brains, the people of the Middle East thought them to be teardrops from heaven due to their shape.


The Meaning of Pearl in Different Cultures

Due to June's birthstone's deep and positive meaning, pearl necklaces, rings, or even natural pearls were and still are the preferred wedding gifts.

Along with their beauty, the pearls also have spiritual meanings. Ancient Arabs regarded pearls as a powerful June birthstone to mitigate chronic worry, relax the mind, and alleviate nervous tremors. Ancient Asian traditional medicine texts still have accounts appreciating Pearl’s qualities, such as relieving hemorrhages and regulating digestion.

  • White Pearls for Innocence and Purity

The white June birthstone Pearl’s meaning, just like its color, is purity and innocence. It is believed to make a person’s mind pure and prepare it to accept a new beginning. Pearls also make a person sincere and enhance both external and internal beauty. That is why, in many cultures, pearl bridal jewelry is an inseparable part of traditional wedding attire or gifts.

  • Black Pearls for Prosperity and Mystical Powers

It might be a revelation to some readers that pearls also occur in black! The sheer shade of black adds an element of enigma to their beauty, making them all the more attractive. In spiritual terms, the black pearl’s meaning is opulence, power, and prosperity. Many cultures also believe that the black pearl benefits its wearer by blessing them with mysterious powers.

  • Pink Pearls for Love and Romance

Displaying feminine beauty at its best, the pink pearls are primarily associated with love and romance. It is also said to improve relations between lovers and life partners. Exuding a subtle luxury, these stones are counted among the best wedding gifts for your friends and family.

  • Purple Pearls for Power and Progress

Purple is the color associated with royalty and power. Just like their hue, the purple pearls benefit the wearer by increasing their power and upgrading their social status. Purple pearls also help a person develop their mental strength and reasoning, making them an ideal stone for academics, students, teachers, and scientists.

  • Blue Pearls for Peace and Composure

Blue pearls are associated with qualities that represent depth, like bravery, deep-seated peace, tranquility, deep faith, and an affinity for truth. So, it makes blue pearl jewelry a valuable present for your friends or family going through a rough patch in their lives or relationships.

  • Green Pearls for Uninterrupted Development

Just like their verdant shade, the green pearl’s meaning is abundance, hope, and constant development. So, if you wish your friend to constantly grow in their business or studies, then it would be great to present them with green pearls, and don’t forget to explain the meaning to them.

  • Yellow Pearls for Charm and Youthful Spirit

Yellow pearls are considered to make a person charming and brilliant, just like their bright color. It fills a person with a positive outlook towards life by lifting their spirits. If you or your loved one seems to have lost his or her charm, perhaps due to professional or personal issues, then adding yellow pearl jewelry to their wardrobe can easily bring the radiance back to life.

  • Gold pearls for wealth

Needless to say, gold pearls are known to make a person prosperous—not only in monetary terms but also in their prestige, virtues, and character. The stone’s color also makes it a great stone for urbane jewelry with a unique statement. The stone effortlessly grabs attention during nighttime parties due to its shimmering appeal.

Moonstone: A Subtly Beautiful Birthstone of June Wrapped in Mysterious Soft Shine

A member of the feldspar family, the June birthstone moonstone is globally famous for a soft glowing radiance wrapping its body—a visual phenomenon called adularescence.

When seen against a clear surface, the stone shows a blue shine, which indicates the quality of the stone and directly affects its value.

Roman and Greek cultures associated the stone with their respective lunar deities due to its looks and colors. Moonstone’s meaning in a spiritual sense is passion, admiration, and maternal powers. The stone is also considered a harbinger of good luck.

What is the Meaning of Moonstone?

Just as its name indicates, the moonstone’s meaning in several cultures is believed to be the crystallized format of the moon. Characterized by their looks and almost see-through clarity, these stones are thought to nurture the health and personality of the wearer while also assisting in their growth as a person.

The clarity and color of stones make them a preferred stone for spiritual healers who use them to help their patients enjoy deep sleep and increase fertility.

Just like sunstones, moonstones belong to the feldspar mineral family. Moonstone benefits the wearer by improving their problem-solving capabilities, sharpening their intellect, and having a keen desire to learn and grow consistently.
Feng shui considers the moonstone a powerful absorber of the moon's feminine energies.

While the stone is available in many countries, the top producers of moonstones are Australia, Mexico, Switzerland, and Norway.

Different Colors of Moonstones and Their Meanings

While white is the typical color people associate with moonstones, they come in several other colors as well. When seen in specific light conditions, you can see these humble stones assume a mysterious appeal by softly exuding a creamy glow around their surface, just like an aura.

  • Blue Moonstone for Developing Deeper Insights

Exuding a royal look The blue moonstone can be called a perfect combination of power and beauty. This stone with feminine looks helps the wearer recuperate faster and improves their concentration. It also allows them to develop deeper insights and enjoy wide recognition in society. The stone is also said to help one develop a noble mindset.

Let us talk about other colors of moonstone and how they help their wearers:

  • Green Moonstone for Healing the Heart Chakra

Chakra healers regard green moonstones as symbols of and strengthening of the heart chakra. It is said to possess calming powers. The stone is used to heal people with weak heart chakras.

  • Peach Moonstone for Cheerfulness

Peach moonstone is associated with positive powers. It makes the wearer cheerful while also allowing them to stay peaceful during struggles. The stone also gives them the strength to overcome challenges and makes them intelligent enough to take themselves out of any problem, be it in their personal or professional lives. The stone also makes them assume a more justified outlook towards life.

  • Rainbow Moonstone for Multifaceted Development

Rainbow Moonstone makes a person thrive in their personal and professional lives and makes them feel good about themselves. The stone also makes a person grow into a brilliant and multi-faceted personality, just like the different colors of the rainbow. Due to its multiple colors, the stone can easily compliment any outfit.

  • Silver Moonstone for Improving Relations

Silver moonstone increases confidence and tranquility. It helps a person stay calm and also develops conflict-solving skills. Due to these qualities, it is regarded as the preferred stone to be gifted to young or newly married couples. You can also consider wearing or gifting this stone to resolve any conflicts affecting relationships.

  • White Moonstone for Psychic Powers

Believed to be energized directly by the new moon, the white moonstones benefit the wearer by improving psychic powers and helping in overall spiritual growth. The stone is also said to make the person more receptive to new changes in their life. It allows them to enjoy constant growth and evolve with time.

Alexandrite: A Beautiful Stone With Versatile Benefits for Wearers

A rare chrysoberyl variety, the Alexandrite birthstone has the unique characteristic of exuding different colors under different lighting, which gives it a majestic appeal. The stones of superior quality produce vivid green to bluish-green shades when seen in daylight and intense red to purplish red when seen in incandescent light.

The first discovery of Alexandrite

A huge volume of alexandrite was first discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia during the 1830s. The powerful combination of red and blue colors not only gives a majestic appeal to the stone but surprisingly matches the standard colors of the Russian military during the imperial era.

While the stone was first found in the Ural Mountains of Russia, the mine was almost fully extracted. Today, the best-quality Alexandrite is produced in Sri Lanka, East Africa, and Brazil. The new batch of deposits is highly characterized by lackluster shades and a cloudy appeal when compared to the erstwhile Russian alexandrites. The stone’s scarcity and beauty place it among some of the most expensive stones.

Meaning and benefits of different varieties of Alexandrites

Now let us learn about different varieties of Alexandrite and their respective benefits for the wearer:

  • Zimbabwe Alexandrite for Increasing Decision Power

These stones have more intense colors and generally display weak color-changing properties. They are generally found in purple shades. Zimbabwe Alexandrite benefits wearers by making them more determined and helping them overcome their indecisiveness. The stone is primarily recommended for people with weak willpower.

  • Tanzanian Alexandrite for Positivity

These typically light-coloured stones have quite good pleochroism—the ability to change colors in different lighting. These stones help the wearer to assume an easygoing attitude towards life without taking everything too seriously. The stone makes a person more hopeful and helps them find positivity in every situation. It is also said to help wearers develop their problem-solving skills.

  • Brazilian Alexandrite for tacking tough situations

These stones show high saturation and generally display an appreciable pleochroism with a blue-to-purplish change in their color tones. True to its visual properties The stone helps the wearer effortlessly adjust to changing situations and respond accordingly. It helps them properly analyze any situation instead of making hasty decisions. Due to these benefits, the Brazilian Alexandrite is generally recommended for decision-makers and people in power.

  • Sri Lankan Alexandrite for Developing an Action-Oriented Approach

These stones generally display a color change ranging from khaki to brown. The stone helps a person be more realistic, which makes it an ideal remedy for people who tend to romanticize many ideas without acting sincerely on any of them. The stone is also recommended for people who have attention disorders, as the stone helps them stay in reality and pay proper attention to the tasks at hand.

  • How to Buy the Best Quality Alexandrite

Already impressed with Alexandrite and want to invest in it? Wait! Whenever buying a gemstone, it is important to make sure that you are investing in the right piece that justifies its price. So we have compiled a list of tips to help you buy June's birthstone, Alexandrite, of superior quality.

Instead of just assessing the stones based on their original colors, it is also important to observe how they respond to the changing lights. The stones of superior quality assume bluish-green shades during the daylight, and when seen under incandescent light, they display red to purplish hues. The strength of color saturation is the key factor that determines the stone’s real impact and value.

Along with solid hues and strong color-changing effects, clarity is the third major factor that directly affects the stone’s quality and justifies its price. While it is natural for any alexandrite stone to have inclusions, they should not interfere significantly with the stone’s clarity. Eye-clean alexandrite gemstones look awesome and tend to attract a very good price. The parallel arrangement of those needle-like inclusions causes chatoyancy, or the cat's eye effect—a beautiful phenomenon not very common in alexandrite that can shoot up its value.

Mixed cuts are the most popular cuts in alexandrites. Due to its pleochroism, the cutters carefully orient the color in such a way that the most dominant color gains the best visibility in the crown.


It is believed that different stones are associated with different months, and wearing your birthstones helps improve your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being while mitigating issues and offering you the strength to overcome any challenges in life or work. As June has already started, we compiled and presented you with this list of the meanings and colors of the June birthstones: pearls, moonstones and alexandrites. While the typical colors of pearls and moonstones are available at any retail or wholesale gemstone manufacturers and suppliers, you may need to find specialty stores to buy the less common colors of these stones. Likewise, you also need to find specialized dealers and wholesalers to buy less common varieties of another June birthstone, Alexandrite, like Zimbabwe Alexandrite. We wish all our June-born readers and/or their friends a very happy birthday.

As you have reached the end of this article, we assume that you now have a clear idea of the best gemstone to gift yourself or your loved ones on their birthday in June. So, which one is your favorite—pearl, moonstone or alexandrite—and why? We hope to see your answers soon.