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Gemstone Agate

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Agate stone - Paradigm of inner beauty

Excited enough to learn about an oddly satisfying stone to look at and a fascinating stone? Allow us to introduce you to the agate gemstone. The stone is named after a river in Sicily, the Ache. The stone was found alongside this river itself. Hence, it was named after this river. This stone is the one to literally introduce us to the word ‘inner beauty," because that's what it's all about.

The stone has been popular since ancient times. It is believed that people used to place this stone under their pillows to avoid any kind of bad dreams or negativity.


The stone has a very interesting and eye-catching appearance. Available in a diverse color range of brown, lilac, yellow, pink, and every other color in between Only a well-polished agate

A stone can display its best color and pattern. These translucent stones display a ton of patterns, which make each one of them different from the others. There are many types of agate stones available, like crazy lace agate, tree agate, banded agate, fire agate, fossil fish eye agate, and synthetic agate.


Agate crystals can be used for balancing your body, spirit, workplace, and home. You can try wearing agate stone jewelry to see its benefits for your body and spirit. You can also try moving the stone around your home office to see if it makes a difference.


Agate is available all around the globe. The major places in which it can be found are Portugal, Iceland, Greece, Brazil, Austria, Iraq, Chile, Argentina, Japan, Turkey, Thailand, and Zimbabwe. There are many more countries that can be added to this list. Speaking of availability, CabochonsforSale is always ready to serve you with your favorite stone.


Agate is a brilliant ornamental stone. One can easily spot carvings, jewelry, and decor made out of these agate stones. Not only is it ornamental, but it is a lucky stone too. It is believed to attract abundance, good fortune, and good health. Let's discuss some of the benefits of wearing agate in detail for the physical, spiritual, and emotional bodies.

The healing properties of stone are quite unique. Yes, some properties are the same, but its other unique properties make it stand out from the rest. Another similar stone that might fascinate you with its healing properties is the garnet stone. We’ll discuss that sometime later.

Physical healing properties

The therapeutic effects of this stone will help you improve your immunity, digestion system, and any other kinds of stomach ailments. It is a great stone for people with blood pressure issues. It strengthens your immune system by improving and boosting the body’s regenerative abilities.

Emotional healing properties

If you are experiencing any kind of emotional blockage, this is the stone that you need to get your hands on. This stone helps you stay realistic and grounded. The stone holds an immense amount of positivity.


The care guide for this stone is pretty much the same as for other gemstones.

The dyed stones shouldn’t be exposed to any kind of heat or cleaned with any kind of harsh cleaner. Using harsh cleaners can hamper the stone's appearance and quality. Always use a damp cloth or mild soap to clean your stone.


Tempted enough to get your hands on this stone? Well, how can someone not be after reading about its beauty and it's amazing healing properties? Get the best quality wholesale gemstones from your favorite wholesale gemstone supplier, CabochonsforSale. With us, you’ll find the best quality stones at the most amazingly affordable prices. Wait no more; shop right away!


1. Can agate stones be used for meditation?

Yes, you can use agate for meditation purposes. Since there are many types of agate stones, all of them can be used for mediation. But, specifically, fire agate can be used to put your mind in one place and focus on a deeper level of meditation.

2. What is a blue lace agate?

Blue lace agate is a type of agate gemstone that is sourced from Kenya and the Republic of Namibia. The stone’s name perfectly describes its appearance. It's a powdery blue stone with white-colored waves.

3. What are all the colors that agate is available in?

This eye-pleasing gemstone is available in numerous colors. It is available in the shades of white, pink, brown, black, orange, yellow, red, gray, and green.

4. Can agate stones be used to unblock chakras?

Yes, agate stones can be used to unblock your chakras. All you need to do is pick the right colored stone in order to see the maximum impact and result of the stone.

5. Is agate a birthstone?

No, agate is not typically a birthstone. It is considered a mystical September birthstone. It is considered a stone for the 12th and 14th wedding anniversaries.

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