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Gemstone Turquoise

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Turquoise - Hold The Sky In Your Hands

Allow us to enlighten you about one of the oldest stones in history. The turquoise gemstone is believed to be a stone that has been known since ancient times. The stone was used as a talisman by shamans and kings. The turquoise birthstone month is associated with the month of December, along with tanzanite and zircon. December babies are lucky enough to have such amazing stones as their birthstone.


The unique tranquil color of this stone differentiates it from the rest quite easily. There are up to 10 or more varieties of turquoise stones. The turquoise stone color appears in different shades of blue, showcasing some different matrix patterns in it too. There are many types of turquoise available on the market, but the rarest kind is the white buffalo turquoise.


Turquoise, the national stone of Iran, is also being mined in Kazakhstan, Mexico, Armenia, Tibet, Egypt, Brazil, and Australia. Apart from these places, you can always find your desired piece at CabochonsforSale.

With some stones, their birthplace contributes somewhat to their name. But it's not true in some cases, like the hubie turquoise. It is referred to as a Chinese gemstone despite being mined in different parts of the world.


If you are looking for jewelry that would give your outfit a good pop of color, then you should definitely consider using turquoise. In ancient times, it was used as a talisman. Since back those days it has also been used for its well known healing properties.


Turquoise has been considered one of the most highly spiritual and powerful stones since ancient times. Let's have a look at the turquoise stone benefits.

Physical healing properties

Turquoise is also known as a throat chakra stone. So if you have any problems related to the throat, this stone shall ease them for you to the throat, this stone shall ease them for you. It helps you rebalance your soul and your body and helps you stay fresh and calm. Being associated with the throat chakra, it not only heals that but also provides aids with lungs, asthma and any kind of dental infections. Turquoise contains detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties which can help with cramps and pain.

Emotional healing properties

If you’ve been feeling weighed down spiritually and emotionally, then this stone can help you with it. Its cool, soothing vibes make you feel like you are walking on cool water. This stone makes room for compassion and better communication tools.

Spiritually, these stones help you stay grounded, reducing overwhelming feelings and focusing on keeping you calm and cool.

Another stone that is similar to the water-cooling effect of turquoise is laminar turquoise.


You just can’t simply acquire your gemstone and let it do its work. On your part, you need to clean and maintain them nicely. For cleaning, you can simply use water and a mild soap and pat it dry.

For charging the stone, you can try running some sage around it. You can try keeping the stone under the moon so that it can absorb some pure and positive moonlight.

Avoid getting your stone in contact with any kind of heat or solvent. Also, avoid using any kind of harsh cleansers on your stone as it can hamper with the appearance of it. Always remember to be gentle and patient with your gemstones. They are precious for a reason!


Above, you learned about turquoise's meaning and its healing properties. At CabochonsforSale, you’ll find wholesale crystals for sale at the best and most affordable prices. Now you know where to look when you need some high-quality but affordable turquoise gemstones.


1. How do I check for the originality of a turquoise gemstone?

One of the most common and simple hacks to check whether your stone is fake or not is to simply conduct an acetone test. Take a small amount of acetone on a cotton pad and wipe off the stone from the back or on the edge. If the stone is fake, you will be able to see the color of the cotton, leaving that rubbed area of the stone white.

2. What is the average range of a turquoise stone?

The average range of a turquoise stone is determined by its color evenness and saturation level. You can expect a good-quality turquoise stone within the price range of $30–40.

3. Which is a highly valued turquoise gemstone?

A Persian-grade gemstone is believed to be the most valuable gemstone. Persian-grade turquoise is distinguished by its dark and rich hue and lack of inclusions.

4. How is the turquoise gemstone being used?

Since ancient times, turquoise has been known for its incredible healing properties.Its protective powers made many cultures use it as amulets and talismans. It is believed to provide protection against the evil eye, ill curses, and all kinds of negative energy.

5. How should you store your turquoise jewelry?

The simplest way to take care of your turquoise jewelry or stone is by keeping it away from any scratch-prone surface. Try to keep the stone on a soft fabric or in a fabricated storage box.

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