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Natural Garnet For Sale at CabochonsForSale

Garnet gemstone is a kind of stone that has a weirdly similar resemblance to a fruit, pomegranate. Yes, you heard that right. Not an orange, not a grape, but a big, whole pomegranate. Garnet is a bright red stone that, when polished, looks exactly the same as the fruit. The term garnet mostly refers to the group of minerals. Many minerals like uvarovite, mozambique, andradite, and almandine are included in this group.

This January birthstone is highly renowned and loved by all. Its deep, rich color is enough to convince you to buy it in one go.

What is the Meaning of Garnet? 

A Latin word "Garanatus," meaning 'seedlike', gave origin to the stone’s name. The stone’s name itself indicates its resemblance to pomegranates. The stone symbolizes determination and power. The red color of the stone indicates many things that are linked to us, like blood, heart, inner fire, and life force. The stone has a command for all of those. 

What Does a Garnet Stone Look Like? 

Garnet, when cut and polished well, undoubtedly resembles the pomegranate fruit. The stone is mainly found in red, but sometimes it can also be found in green, gold, orange, purple, brown, black, and yellow. The most famous and wanted garnet color is red. In terms of diaphaneity, the stone is sub-translucent to opaque. On a Mohs hardness scale, the stone is 6.5–7.5. Garnets, because of their rich red color, are often confused with rubies. But rubies and garnets are a lot different. Ruby’s colors are titled more towards pinkish red, and garnet’s are more bright red.

When the stone is mined, it is not procured in its natural state. It is not a finished gem ready to be used. The stone is formed under immense pressure.

Where Are High-Quality Garnet Stone Found?

Garnet is not considered a rare stone. The stone is available in various locations like India, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Russia, Africa, South America, and the United States. The stone is mainly found in igneous and metamorphic rocks, as it can only be created under immense pressure. These are locations where the stone mainly comes from.

What Are Some Types of Garnet Stone?

Garnet is a stone with a very wide variety. The stone has so many types that you’ll get tired of reading about them. Let us help you and highlight some of the main types of garnet stones. 

  • Almandine garnet

  • Pyrope garnet

  • Spessartine garnet 

  • Grossular garnet

  • Rhodolite garnet 

These are some of the main garnet stone varieties. The above-mentioned varieties are mostly easy to find. Let’s have a look at the varieties of garnet stone that are not so easy to find, or, you can say, are rare. Some of the rare garnet stones are: 

  • Demantoid Garnet 

  • Blue garnet

How do I Use a Garnet Stone?

Garnet is a highly versatile stone. The stone is not only used for show; it is also used for benefit. There are many ways to use this amazing stone. It is possible to wear it as jewelry. All types of garnet jewelry are loved. Whether it be garnet rings, garnet earrings, or even a garnet necklace, all of these are equally valued. This is how you use a garnet stone for its beauty. Let’s see how you can use this stone for your benefit. 

The stone is known to hold healing benefits for your mind, body, and soul. In order to avail of those healing benefits, you should try to keep the stone as close to you as possible. One way is to wear the stone. But if I am unable to wear the stone, You can also carry it loosely in your pocket. You can also place the garnet stone in your home or workplace. Keeping the stone in your house will induce more positive energy and love. When kept in the office, the stone helps you take your game up a notch. 

What is the History of Garnet Stone?

We believed that people were much smarter back in the day than today. Since the medieval age, people were aware of the powers held by garnet and knew how to use the stone to the maximum. It is believed that during the Middle Ages, the stone even cured the Black Plague. In the olden days, the stone was used for various things, like a token for safe return, a healing stone for a female’s fertility, and so on. 

Today, in fact, the stone is not being used up to its potential. The stone is mostly preferred to be worn for decorative pieces of jewelry and nothing else.

What are the Healing Benefits of Garnet?

Garnet is known to hold healing benefits for our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Let’s have a look at Garnet's healing properties.

Physical Healing Properties

  • It is helpful to people with low libido.

  • Ensures a healthy blood flow

  • Allows you to be more passionate.

  • It helps your body absorb the maximum nutrients.

  • It keeps your metabolism healthy.

Emotional Healing Properties

  • There is no room for negative energies.

  • Erasers, all feelings of self-doubt

  • It gives you a good confidence boost from time to time.

  • It increases your survival instinct.

  • It gives you the courage to go through an existential crisis.

Metaphysical Healing Properties

  • Aligns all the chakras of our body

  • Keeps you passionate

  • It keeps you energetic.

  • Acts like a universal spirit guide

How to Take Care of Your Garnet Stone

Every stone in your collection deserves a little extra care in order to keep it shining. You need to timely cleanse and clean your stone. In order to clean your garnet stone, you can simply use some lukewarm water and a mild soap. No use of harsh chemical cleansers is advised, as they might damage the stone. After rinsing the stone, pat the stone dry with the help of a soft fabric. 

When it comes to wearing the stone in the form of jewelry, try to choose a more protective setting. The stone has a very decent hardness level, so it is a moderately hard stone that is likely to easily get scratched. To avoid that, opt for a more protective setting, keep the stone on a scratch-proof surface, or store it in a fabricated box. 

To charge the stone, you can try leaving the stone with other higher-energy crystals. This way, the stone can easily get charged from their energy. Another way to do that is to leave your stone in the sunlight for a few hours. But make sure to leave the stone for only a few hours, as excessive heat can damage the stone’s appearance and cause discoloration.

Where to Buy Garnet Stone Online?

If you are still wondering about where to buy the Garnet Stone? Just get them online from CabochonsForSale, which offers a wide variety of high quality Garnet stones at wholesale prices.