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Gemstone Amazonite

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Amazonite - A Much Needed Stone of Hope

This ancient gemstone is named after the Amazon river, South Africa's largest river. Some sources believe that the stone’s energy comes from the river that it is named after. Despite its rare occurrence, it can be found in countries like South Africa, China, and the United States.

Amazonite is no ordinary stone, it comes with a rich ancient history. Back in the olden days, it was used to create jewelry in ancient Egypt. The healing properties of amazonite gemstone are absolutely jaw-dropping. One might get tired if they start counting the benefits and qualities of this serene stone. This stone can be used wherever and however you want.


The stone has a somewhat similar appearance to that of jade, and hence is also called Colorado jade. The standard colour of the stone is blue, but sometimes it can also be found in hues of green. One can also spot some sleek white streaks in the stone which beautifully enhances the stone’s look. Both the green and blue amazonite stones serve different purposes.

The blue amazonite gemstone promotes harmony, calmness, and peace. The energy of the stone is usually affected by its color.
The green amazonite stone promotes stability and balance. The stone itself and the green color, when combined, help you communicate better.


As per its name and history, the stone’s availability was looked for in the areas along Brazil’s Amazon River. But no such remains were found there. Today, the stone is available in parts of Colorado, Virginia, Canada, Russia, Australia, Madagascar, and India. Well, if we are talking about availability, it is indeed available with us at CabochonsforSale. You should try us as your amazonite and ammonite jewelry wholesale supplier, and we won’t disappoint you!


Back in the day, the stone was used to make jewelry. Today, it is also used as a healing crystal and is known as the "hope stone." This stone represents the strength and qualities of Amazonian women. It helps in overcoming all kinds of obstacles that might appear in the path of your life.
You can wear this alluring hope stone in any way you like. It is most commonly worn as a bracelet or a pendant. Its beautiful, bright, and poppy colour will go with almost every outfit of yours.

Why limit it to only jewelry? You can try using an amazonite stone in your home or office to keep the stress levels low and induce more productivity.
If you are someone who finds it difficult to get a good night's sleep, then you should definitely try getting your hands on this stone.


We know that you’ll thank us for introducing you to this amazing multipurpose stone with never-ending benefits. The stone supports you mentally, emotionally, and physically. It’s honestly hard to list out the things that this stone can't do.

Let's see some of amazonite stone benefits:

  • To manifest prosperity and wealth.
  • Has been proven to be effective in clearing spiritual and physical body blockages.
  • Removes all forms of negative energy from your environment.
  • Eliminates muddled or foggy thoughts and brings clarity to your mind

Healing properties

Let's talk a little more deeply about the amazing healing properties of our hope stone.

Physical healing properties.

The stone is believed to help with calcium deficiency, osteoporosis, and tooth decay. People who are facing problems with their lungs, sinuses, throat, gut, liver, and heart can rely on this stone for better results. The stone helps you calm your mind, which in turn allows you to have a good sleep cycle.

Emotional healing properties

This stone helps us with our complete character development. It teaches us discipline, balance, and induces calmness. It reduces aggression and anger and promotes clarity of thought. Clear thoughts, in turn, help us make better decisions.

It's these amazonite healing properties which makes it so much popular in the gem world.

How to Identify a Genuine Amazonite

In the gemstone world, you need to always check for the authenticity of the stone before buying. A way to check for the real amazonite gemstone is by looking for its luster, or shine. In terms of clarity, it will be a little hard to identify since the stone is translucent and opaque.


By now, you must have fallen in love with this beautiful hope stone. Well, we guess you don't need any more reasons to make up your mind about purchasing it. Your search to shop natural gemstones wholesale ends at CabochonsforSale. You can purchase it in bulk from CabochonsforSale and enjoy its benefits in bulk too. The stone is not particularly a birthstone, but it is believed to be associated with March babies and the zodiac sign "Virgo."
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1. Can one wear amazonite and bloodstone rose quartz together?

Yes, one can wear these together, but not in a single hand. Both stones contain their own individual soft energies and focus on healing the left side of the body.

2. Can sunlight fade amazonite?

Yes, when left in the sunlight for a longer duration, amazonite can bleach white. The same is the case with a lot of gemstones. There are only a few that don’t get affected when left in the sun for a longer period of time.

3. What are some of the energetic properties of amazonite?

The energetic properties of amazonite include its radiating balancing and calming vibes. Amazonite is believed to establish better communication with people and your inner self.

4. What are the powers of Amazonite?

Emerging from the water, this stone has extreme calming effects. It keeps you calm and grounded. The properties of this stone are similar to those of jade.

5. How can you care for your amazonite gemstone?

Try cleaning your amazonite stone every week with lukewarm water. Swear by to avoid the usage of any kind of harsh chemicals.

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