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Blue Opal Gemstone For Sale at CabochonsForSale

Since ancient times, gemstones have enthralled people because each one has a distinct tale woven into the fabric of the planet. Known for its calming blue colors and captivating color play, the Blue Opal gemstone is a celestial gem among these riches. The intriguing world of blue opal is examined in this article, including with its history, physical traits, metaphysical qualities, cultural significance, and rising appeal in the jewelry industry.

Blue Opal Origin 

Like other opals, blue opals are a product of the Earth's natural wonders. These fascinating jewels are created by the intriguing interaction between silica and water, which creates a special environment for their development. Opals are usually found in areas where the water is rich in silica. When this water seeps into rock crevices, silica gel is precipitated. This gel hardens and creates the complex interior structure that gives opals their distinctive color play over time.

There are several places to find blue opals, and each one adds unique geological details to the development of the gemstone. Notable sources include the United States, especially in areas with a history of opal discoveries, Australia, which is well-known for its Opal Fields, and Peru, where Blue Opals are found in the Andes Mountains.

Blue Opal Meaning

"Blue Opal" is an opal type whose colors lean heavily toward blue. The term is used to classify opals with this particular tint and is derived from the gemstone's characteristic blue tones. Opals are renowned for their ability to display a "play-of-color," in which vivid colors appear to dance and change depending on the angle at which the gemstone is observed.

It is clear and descriptive to state that the opal in issue is blue when you use the term "Blue Opal" to describe it. Opals are available in a wide range of hues, including white, black, pink, green, and blue. 

Blue Opal Properties

  • Play-of-Color: Blue opal is known for its enthralling play-of-color, an optical phenomena in which the gemstone changes color depending on the angle at which it is seen. The diffraction of light as it interacts with the distinct internal structure of the opal—which is frequently made up of tightly spaced silica spheres—is what causes the color play.

  • Color Range: As the name implies, blue opals are mostly composed of calm blue tones. Blue Opal colors spectrum ranges from subtle sky blues to richer, more powerful tones. To further enhance their visual appeal, some blue opals may also exhibit flashes of green, violet, or other colors.

  • Transparency: Blue opals can be opaque or translucent, depending on the degree of transparency. The transparency affects the gemstone's overall visual appeal by influencing how light interacts with it.

  • Mohs Hardness: On the Mohs hardness scale, blue opal is rated between 5.5 and 6.5. Opals are good for jewelry even if they are comparatively softer than other gemstones. But caution should be exercised to prevent exposure to abrasive substances and activities that could lead to scratches or other harm.

  • Luster: When polished, blue opal's waxy to vitreous sheen intensifies its visual appeal. The gemstone's bright glow is enhanced by its luster, especially when light reflects off of its surface.

Blue Opal Healing Properties

  • Calming Energies: It's common knowledge that blue opal emits relaxing energies. It is thought that people who wear or contact the gemstone would have a sense of calm and harmony. The tranquil blue hues that characterize blue opals are in harmony with this relaxing effect.

  • Enhanced Expression and Communication: The gemstone is also linked to improving expression and communication. It is said to promote honest and open conversation, which helps people understand one other better. This characteristic is especially important because the gemstone is connected to the throat chakra.

  • Spiritual Connection: It is believed that blue opal can enhance intuition and fortify one's spiritual ties. It is thought to support spiritual journeys by enabling people to access their inner wisdom and find their spiritual path.

  • Symbol of Hope: Blue opal's calming blue hues have made it associated with hope. It is regarded as a metaphor for hope and optimistic perspectives that offers consolation in trying circumstances.

Blue Opal Varieties

  • Australian Blue Opal: Australia is a major supplier of opals, and some of these stones have stunning blue tones. New South Wales' Lightning Ridge is especially renowned for its fine black opals, some of which have vivid blue hues.

  • Peruvian Blue Opal: This kind of opal is distinguished by its pastel blue to greenish-blue hues. This Andes Mountain-mined opal frequently has a pronounced turquoise-like hue. It is a frequently utilized variety in jewelry, and it may be easily identified by its distinctive color.

  • Oregon Blue Opal: In certain parts of the United States, blue opals have also been discovered. Oregon blue opals are prized for their distinctive look and can display a variety of blue and greenish-blue hues.

Blue Opal Jewelry

With jewels that display a stunning dance of color in tranquil blue hues, blue opal jewelry is a compelling representation of nature's artistic prowess. These ethereal diamonds are prized for their distinct beauty and mystical qualities. Natural Blue Opal is sourced from places like Australia, Peru, and the United States. Blue opals are frequently used in jewelry creation to create exquisite items that highlight their cosmic appeal. Popular for highlighting a gem's color play, Blue Opal cabochon cuts can be found in a variety of jewelry pieces, such as Blue Opal rings, Blue Opal earrings, Blue Opal necklace, Blue Opal engagement rings. 

Blue opal jewelry, whether set in gold or sterling silver, or paired with complementing gemstones, is a tribute to the ageless relationship between the wonders of the Earth and human ornamentation.


Gemstone connoisseurs and jewelry enthusiasts alike are enthralled with blue opal's ethereal beauty and metaphysical charm. Its unusual color play and cultural significance, together with its roots in Earth's geological wonders, add to its attractiveness. Blue opal reminds us of the connection between nature, culture, and human creativity as it finds its place in contemporary jewelry design. Blue opal is a brilliant jewel among the world's priceless gems, whether it is worn as a hope symbol, a means of facilitating spiritual growth, or just for its aesthetic appeal. If you are looking to buy beautiful and stunning gemstones, then look no further than CabochonsForSale. Fine genuine gemstones at reasonable prices.