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Blue Topaz Gemstone For Sale at CabochonsForSale

Imagine delving into tranquility, where the water shimmers and dances the sunlight. This surreal vision is encapsulated in the blue topaz stone. With its captivating shades of blue , the stone lets one experience calmest waves of heaven right on one stone! The stone is a symbol of stress free and enchanting, positive life. Let us dive deep into the whims of the stone!

What is the Meaning of Blue Topaz?

The word ‘topaz’ is known to have come from the Greek word ‘topazios’, which is said to be a small island in the Red Sea. The island is historically said to be the place where most of the topaz stones were mined. As for the ‘blue topaz’, the stone got its name from its vibrant blue hues. The stone symbolizes calm and serenity.  

What Does a Blue Topaz Stone Look Like? 

Known for its vibrant blue, the gemstone is pretty popular and sought as per its cut, size and variety of types available. Here are some unique characteristics of blue topaz stone: 

  • Color: Blue Topaz, as the name goes, is typically infused with shades of blue. The shades can range from nearly light blues rto almost colorless at times. You can also see medium and deep blue hues in the stone like, ‘London Blue’ or ‘Maxi Blue’. Such colors are usually the result of treatments that the raw stone goes through. 
  • Transparency: Blue Topaz stone is quite transparent and also leads to easy passage of light, which aids in radiating a sparkly look to it. 
  • Cut: The gemstone is mostly cut and faceted to enhance the shine and luster of the stone. Common cuts of the stone are oval, pear, round, and emerald cuts. The way the blue topaz is cut can impact its overall shine in the way it reflects light. 
  • Clarity: Just like other gemstones, blue topaz also exhibits some impurities and inclusions that affect its overall clarity. Well, the lesser the inclusions, the higher is the value of the stone. 
  • Luster: Blue Topaz is known for its glassy shine and luster that contribute to its brilliance. 

Blue Topaz vs. Aquamarine

Blue Topaz and Aquamarine are very much similar in appearance but have different characteristics. Aquamarine stone showcases colors from blue to green while Blue Topaz displays a multitude of colors like blue, green, pink, purple, orange, and more. Also, aquamarine is said to be more rare as compared to blue topaz and is therefore highly prized.  

Where Are High-Quality Blue Topaz Stones Found?

Numerous places on the planet contain high-quality blue topaz stones. Brazil, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, and the United States, particularly the state of Texas, are a few of the major producers of high-quality blue topaz. Each of these areas is capable of producing blue topaz in a range of colors and grades. For instance, blue topaz from Brazil is renowned for its clarity whereas blue topaz from Sri Lanka is known for its vivid colors. 

What Are Some Types of Blue Topaz Stone?

Blue Topaz gemstone comes in many types and varieties, with unique hues of blue. Some well-known blue topaz types are:

London Blue Topaz: This kind of topaz has a deeper and dark color. The stone has a typically tich blue color, giving it a striking and vibrant look. 

Swiss Blue Topaz: This is one of the most famous varieties of the stone. It has a light blue color and usually exhibits great clarity and sky like appearance. 

Electric Blue Topaz: This is the most deep and intense colored variety of the blue topaz. Such a vibrant shape is quite eye-catching and is highly sought-after. 

Sky Blue Topaz: This is the gentle and pale type of the gemstone and resembles a clear, blue sky. It is known for its peaceful and tranquil appearance. 

Imperial Topaz: This is one the rarest and most valued topaz stone and showcases an orange and reddish shade with its usual blue hue. Due to this unique color combination, the stone is pretty desired. 

Mystic Topaz: This variety features a rainbow of colors - pink, purple, green, blue, and more. To achieve an ultimate shimmering effect, the stone is coated with a thin layer of titanium. 

How do I Use a Blue Topaz Stone?

Blue Topaz is said to be a versatile stone and can be put to use in many ways for reaping its miraculous benefits. One of the best ways to use the Blue Topaz is to use it in your jewelry pieces to keep it as close to you as possible. Blue Topaz jewelry is very popular among connoisseurs. Be it Blue Topaz rings, Blue Topaz earrings, Blue Topaz necklace or Blue Topaz pendants, they all can be your best mates when it comes to adorning yourself with this blue stone jewelry. The stone can look more beautiful when paired up with Turquoise and Tanzanite.

The stone is also recognised as the birthstone of the month of December and can also be incorporated into ornaments, jewels, and other gift items for people who are born in that month. The stone is profusely used in decorative items as well, such as paperweights, vases, decorative pieces, figurines, and more. 

The stone is also used by many in practices of breathwork and meditations, as the stone is known to promote relaxation and soothing anxiety and stress. 

What is the History of Blue Topaz Stone?

In the late 17th century, the Russian Ural Mountains were the site of the first discovery of blue topaz, a relatively new addition to the world of gemstones. It was initially mistaken for other blue gems like sapphire or aquamarine, but as gemological understanding increased, it came to be recognised as a unique gemstone. Treatments to improve its color were created in the middle of the 20th century, which led to its widespread use in contemporary jewelry. With multiple trade names like Swiss blue and London blue used to distinguish its various tints, blue topaz is increasingly recognised for its accessibility, affordability, and variety of appealing blue colors. Blue topaz has firmly established itself as a popular option for jewelry connoisseurs despite not being as old as some jewels.

What are the Healing Benefits of Blue Topaz?

Being such a versatile stone, the blue topaz is equipped with a lot of benefits. Blue topaz metaphysical properties and benefits could go a long way. 

Physical Healing Properties

  • Aids in promoting throat health and treating sore throats and infections.
  • It also helps in keeping balanced blood circulation and looks after cardiovascular health. 
  • The stone is also known for its energies helping in healing wounds faster. 

Emotional Healing Properties

  • With its calming and soothing energy, the stone helps in reducing feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. 
  • The stone is also associated with expression and creativity.
  • The stone is also known for instilling self-confidence and rendering clarity to thoughts. 

Metaphysical Healing Properties

  • The stone helps in emotional healing and release, and promotes peace and relaxation. 
  • The stone helps in gaining clarity and improving mental focus. 
  • The stone is also used for purifying aura and cleansing one of the negative and evil energies. 

How to Take Care of Your Blue Topaz Stone

All stones and gemstones require consistent and regular cleaning and charging to keep it away from dirt and stray off negative energies. The blue topaz stone can be cleaned fairly by soaking it in warm, soapy water and then rinsing it off with fresh spring water or tap water. After, one can dab the stone with a soft cloth. It is advisable to avoid harsh chemicals and cleaners as it can tarnish the shine of the stone. 

Where to Buy Blue Topaz Stone Online?

As we have read all about the glory of ethos enchanting gemstones, you must be wondering where you can buy Blue Topaz gemstones which are authentic. Well, we have got you covered! Buy blue topaz at CabochonsForSale, which offers authentic gemstones in many varieties at wholesale prices.