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Cinnabar Gemstone For Sale at CabochonsForSale

Cinnabar, a famous gemstone with a long history, is very well known for the amazingly rich red color and the unique look. Taking place from deposits in Spain, China and the US, Cinnabar is characterized by the intensity of its color, while it becomes even more special due to the unusual formations of its crystals. This stone has been admired for ages for its aesthetics and significance to many cultures and religions, including some spiritual beliefs.

Cinnabar Gemstone Meaning

The word "Cinnabar" translates from the Persian term "zanjāfarr”, which means "dragon's blood”. This word definitely points to the red stone’s name and the multiple uses it had in past civilizations like pigment and medicine.

Cinnabar Gemstone Properties 

Cinnabar is generally opaque with resinous to adamantine luster, coping with its saturated red color. It places between 2 in 2. 5 on the Mohs hardness scale, which brings it within the soft range.  

Crystal, Cinnabar Healing Properties

Cinnabar stone is meant to increase life energy, inventiveness and eroticism matching the root and sacral chakras to achieve vitality and emotional equilibrium. It nurtures confidence, bravery and self-expression; this in turn opens up for spiritual transformation and growth from the inside. Yet, it has to be operated with care because of the fact that it contains mercury.

Cinnabar Gemstone Jewelry

Cinnabar jewelry, consisting of its bright red hues, is a bold declaration of sophistication, with all the colors and uniqueness this gemstone exhibits. As necklaces, earrings and bracelets would be used to embellish the adornment, each unique of its kind features a vivid beauty of gem. That is why a person wearing cinnabar ornaments will look sophisticated but also mysterious at the same time. And that is why this jewelry is a perfect choice for those who are more discerning.


1. How is Cinnabar Formed?

Cinnabar is a mercury sulfide which is deposited in volcanic or sedimentary surroundings as a hydrothermal activity. As the time progresses, this mineral crystallizes, and usually these formations are associated with other ore deposits. The cinnabar metal is known for its salient shade that is due to a relatively high content of mercury.

2. What is Cinnabar price per carat?

The price per carat for Cinnabar gemstone ranges between $10 to $30, depending on the quality, size, color, and other factors. 

3. What Chakras is the Cinnabar Stone Responsible For?

Cinnabar stone primarily benefits the third eye, root, and sacral chakras.

4. How do I Identify a Cinnabar Gemstone?

One can find the stone in red and orange colors. One can also go through a scratch test. Try scratching the stone with a nail or any other sharp object and seeing if it scratches. If the stone scratches, then it is a cinnabar.