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Gemstone Dumortierite

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Dumortierite - The Blue Denim Gemstone

A rare kind of quartz named after a French paleontologist, Eugene Dumortier, is our dumortierite stone. A stone that is a beautiful dupe of Lapis Lazuli and is a stone that teaches you discipline and self-reliance.


The stone is generally found in deep or royal blue hues. Although sometimes it is also found in hues like green, brown, lavender, or pale pink, The stone is generally impenetrable and transparent. The stone looks dull and glossy. The stone’s appearance is often confused for lapis lazuli and sodalite.


A major source of dumortierite stone is Beaunan, in eastern France. Other places where this stone can be found are Nevada, Madagascar, Canada, Austria, Italy, Namibia, Norway, Peru, Poland, Russia, and Sri Lanka.


The stone is used in various ways. When polished and carved well, the stone is used for sculptures and decorative stones. Industrially, the stone is used in the production of ceramics and spark plugs. Dumortierite quartz is very famous among crystal healers for healing purposes. The stone looks ravishing when used in jewelry but definitely looks a little less ravishing than an emerald stone.


It's time to introduce you to the amazing dumortierite gemstone's healing properties. The stone is beneficial to our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Physical healing properties

  • Helps you deal with various kinds of physical illness.
  • Reduces inflammation in the body
  • Solve digestive issues and symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea
  • Treats skin disorders
  • Relieves symptoms of carpal tunnel and epilepsy.

Emotional healing properties

  • Helps heal a broken heart due to anxiety
  • Known to keep your mind organized and focused.
  • Promotes a variety of intellectual skills.
  • Teach yourself self-discipline.

Metaphysical healing properties

  • Believed to be a stone of discipline and self-reliance.
  • Promotes orderliness and patience.
  • aids memory and promotes insight
  • Keeps our chakras balanced, strong, and aligned.


Your precious stones need a little extra care to function effectively. Consider it more like an empty vessel that stores all your negative energies and thoughts. To avoid the overflow of such negative energies from your vessel, you should try and clean it regularly.

To clean your stone, you can simply use a mild soap and some lukewarm water to clean it. Any use of harsh chemical cleaners and hard cleaning brushes is not at all advised as it may hamper the stone’s appearance.

To charge or cleanse the stone, you can use a very common and easy method of cleansing your stone with the sacred smoke of sage or cedar. In this method, you burn your sage stick and slowly let its smoke run around the stone, believing that the smoke is getting rid of all the negative energies from the stone.


This was a little guide on the "blue denim stone". We hope that this powerful healing stone has convinced you by now to add it to your collection. Find the best quality wholesale dumortierite cabochons online for sale at CabochonsforSale.


1. What is the dumortierite stone good for?

The stone is known to bring calmness, harmony, and relaxation. It is believed to be a highly supportive tone that gives you a confidence boost when you need it the most. The stone provides you with enough courage to face challenges and stand up for yourself.

2. Which chakras are affected by the dumortierite stone?

The stone is known to affect and heal the throat chakra and the third eye chakra.

3. What are the other names dumortierite stone is known by?

Other names for the stone include "blue denim stone" and "blue moon quartz."

4. Is dumortierite a UV-reactive stone?

The stone is not as such UV-reactive but is definitely reactive under some shorter UV waves and can display a white-blue fluorescent color.

5. Is dumortierite stone good for sleep?

Dumortierite, when combined with other stones like amethyst, hematite, and sodalite, can be an excellent sleeping stone for people who have trouble falling asleep.

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