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Iolite - A Trichroic Violet Stone

This stone is named after the Greek word "ios," which means "violet". The stone is commonly referred to as a Viking compass. It is believed that sailors were helped by this stone to navigate their way when the sun used to be hidden in the clouds. Iolite, along with sapphire and lapis lazuli, is the birthstone for September babies.


The color range of a classic iolite stone is between light and dark blue and even sometimes violet. The stone is also believed to occur in colors like yellow, brown, green, and gray. Iolite is a trichroic stone; when looked at from different angles, the stone displays three different colors.


Iolite can be easily found in countries like Tanzania, Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar, Namibia, Brazil, Canada, Australia, and the USA. You can find the best iolite gems for wholesale at CabochonsforSale. Find and buy iolite stone online at the best prices at CabochonsforSale.


The iolite stone is used to make beautiful pieces of jewelry. The stone gives off a very royal and elegant vibe when used in jewelry. Tumbled iolite stones can also be used for healing purposes.


A natural iolite stone is known to be very beneficial for our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Let's have a look at the amazing iolite gemstone's healing properties.

Physical healing properties

  • Known to be a great detoxifier for our body
  • Improves the degenerative condition of the liver
  • Reduces any kind of fatty deposits in the body.
  • Regulated digestion
  • Increases hair and nail growth.
  • Strengthen the nerves
  • Helps with eyes, migraines, and headaches
  • Improves sleep and helps fight insomnia.

Emotional healing properties

  • Encourages one to move forward
  • Provides solutions to insurmountable problems.
  • Promotes a calm and positive state of mind.
  • Gives you the emotional distance needed to get a clear perspective.

Metaphysical healing properties

  • Supports your psychic abilities and sharpens your inner vision.
  • stimulates a cosmic connection with the spirit realm.
  • Helps unravel memory banks and past lives


Every stone requires a little care for it to work efficiently. There are some simple ways to clean your stone. You can simply use a mild soap and lukewarm water to clean your stone. Any use of harsh chemical cleaners and hard brushes to clean the stones is not at all advised. This can hamper the stone’s appearance and cause scratches on the stone.


Here was everything that you needed to know about this ‘water sapphire’ stone. Your favorite next-door wholesale gemstone seller, CabochonsforSale is providing you with the best-quality iolite stone on sale. What’s holding you back now? Shop your favorite stone asap! Happy shopping!


1. What chakras is the iolite stone good for?

The stone controls and heals the third eye and throat chakras.

2. What is the worth of an iolite stone?

A decent-quality iolite stone can be found in the price range of $60–$80. The price increases as we increase the weight and rarity of the stone, up to about $100–$160.

3. Are iolite and sapphire the same?

No, iolite is nothing like sapphire. The color of an iolite might resemble that of a tanzanite stone, but there is no similarity between sapphire and an iolite stone.

4. Is iolite a rare stone?

Iolite is not generally a rare gemstone. A higher-quality gem above 5 carats might be a little rarer to find. Even if you do find it, it's going to be a little heavy on the pockets.

5. What is the Indian name of an iolite stone?

In Hindi, iolite stone is also called Kaka Neeli.