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Larimar Stone For Sale at CabochonsForSale

Taking inspiration for the blues of calming ocean waves, Larimar stone is one of the rarest gems. The stone takes its essence from a variety of mixed minerals caused by volcanic eruptions and activities. When looked closely, the stone exhibits a variety of patterns and hues. The stone belongs to the family of silicate minerals and is the blue variety of the mineral pectolite. In this article, we will dive deep into the blues of this precious and stunning gemstone! 

What is the Meaning of Larimar?

The unique and distinct stone Larimar was given its name by the artisan named Miguel Méndez. His daughter Larissa and the sea-related Spanish word "mar" are connected together to form the word ‘Larimar’. Larissa Mendez is actually the stone's genuine name. Larimar is also often called Blue Pectolite, Atlantis, Dolphin Stone, and Stefilia’s Stone.

If we talk about the symbolism of the stone, Larimar is a stone that strongly represents calm, peace, and clarity, giving its way to loving and healing energy. 

What Does a Larimar Look Like? 

This unique and rare gemstone is known for its beautiful blue hues. With its captivating patterns, the stone is famously called ‘Carribean Stone’ for its resemblance to the Caribbean Sea. The stone is made of hydroxide, sodium, and calcium. The stunning blue shades range from dark turquoise to light blue hues, resembling the tranquil waves of the sea.

The hardness of the stone ranges from 5-7 on Mohs scale, which makes it comparatively softer to other gemstones. Typically, the stone is either opaque or translucent in nature. The clarity of the larimar changes from stone to stone, some might display some cloudy nature and others have extreme clarity.

Where are High Quality Larimar stones Found?

Fun Fact: Even though larimar is a calming and peace rendering stone, it is obtained through the volcanic eruptions in the Dominican Republic mountains.

Apart from the Dominican Republic being the major source of larimar gemstone, little deposits of it can be found in regions of the United States (Colorado and California), Bahamas, and some countries of Europe continent.

Due to the limited occurrence of the gemstone, it is pretty rare and sought-after. The increasing popularity of larimar makes it more desirable and prized in the market. 

What are Some Types of Larimar Stones?

Since larimar stone is particularly rare, there are not many types to it, except for the colors it exhibits in various locations. 

  • Light Blue: This kind larimar exhibits a smooth light bluish tone.
  • Deep Blue or Turquoise: These larimar stones showcase deep hues of blue, resembling turquoise at times with its topical water colors. 
  • Marbled: Thes tones tend to display delicate marble patterns in shades of white and blue. 
  • Moonscape: Some types of larimar gemstones showcase unique patterns that look like the surface of the moon. 
  • Blue and White mix: These kinds of stones display a mix of white and blue hues, creating a stunning visual landscape in the stone. 
  • Matrix: Sometimes, larimar stones might include some matrix material. This material induces curation of interesting patterns, color mixes, and textures.  

How do I Use a Larimar Gemstone?

One of the best ways to use a Larimar gemstone is to wear it. Larimar jewelry is very much popular because of the healing benefits the stone renders and of course the beauty it exhibits. Larimar stones can be embedded in Larimar rings, Larimar earrings, Larimar necklaces, pendants, etc. When the stone is directly in touch with the skin, it helps in raising one's positive vibrations.

Another way to use the stone is to get its amazing benefits for your home or office space. Placing the stone where you work or reside can help in absorbing the positivity and loving energy and spreading it in the home or office blissfully.

The stone can also be used as a tool for meditation or during relaxation exercises. Holding the stone while meditating can help is getting its benefits in the purest way. 

What is the History of Larimar Stone?

As discussed above, the stone was found in pieces by an artisan named Miguel Méndez on the seashore of the Dominican Republic.

Before Méndez, many natives and their ancestors were already aware of the stone's existence. As per many theories, the stone was believed to be produced by the sea. But according to newer theories, it comes out that the stone is birthed as a reason for the volcanic eruptions. The people of the island believe that the stone was pretty much easily available and could be collected on the beach, but at one time, there were no more Larimar stones left. natives and locals of the island then followed the upstream and found a rock formation, which was actually the source of this precious blue stone. 

What are the Healing Benefits of Larimar?

Larimar stone is a kaleidoscope of healing benefits and properties. Overflowing with a calming energy, the stone has the ability to erase anxious and worrisome thoughts, making it a popular choice for many. 

Physical Healing Properties

  • The stone helps in keeping the throat in good health and renders a soothing effect to it. 
  • It aids in removing all types of blockages and also helps in healing the ailments, especially on the upper body. 
  • Paired with acupuncture, the stone is a great tool. 
  • It also helps with problems related to insomnia, high blood pressure, and skin disorders. 

Emotional Healing Properties

  • The stone helps with big emotions that can be quite overwhelming at times.
  • Larimar can start one way from the partner that can cause toxicity or self-sabotage. 
  • Encourages curiosity and childlike wonder among the wearers, giving a fresh and vibrant perspective to life. 

Metaphysical Healing Properties

  • The stone works like a wonder for all the upper chakras.
  • Primarily it is a throat chakra stone and can also render a solid connection to heart chakra.
  • Inculcates a sense of communication, trust, wisdom, and love.
  • Helps in connecting to the divinity of feminine energy. 

How to Take Care of Your Larimar Stone

Regular cleansing and charging is very much needed for all kinds of gemstones and crystals so that they can keep on rendering their benefits in the highest powers possible. Cleaning a Larimar stone is pretty easy - you just  have to put it under fresh water or tap and leave it to dry. Even soaking the stone in water for sometime can be beneficial in dispersing off any negative energy trapped in it. Since it is soft stone, it is advised to not soak it for a longer duration.

For charging the stone, you can leave it in soil for sometime or even use the sound bathing method. 

Where to Buy Larimar Stone Online?

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