Gemstone Lizardite

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Lizardite Gemstone

The green serpentine mineral lizardite forms in rocks that are high in magnesium. Known for having a serpentine appearance, it frequently has a fibrous or scaly structure. Because it is rather soft, lizardite is not commonly used in jewelry, but it is important in the field of mineralogy. It is known for its function in the metamorphic transformation of rocks and is a member of the serpentine subgroup. Because of its distinctive patterns and green hue, it is popular among collectors and Earth science aficionados. It was first discovered in Cornwall, England's Lizard Peninsula, which is where Lizardite meaning originates from. 

Lizardite Properties

Lizardite is generally considered to be a soft mineral, with a Mohs hardness rating of between two and four. Depending on the particular specimen, its hardness can vary and it has a dull to oily shine.

Lizardite Colors

Lizardite displays a variety of green tones, ranging from light to dark, frequently with minor changes and sporadic flecks of other colors like white or yellow. Mineral impurities and trace components found in the stone might affect its hue.

Lizardite Metaphysical Properties

It is believed that lizardite has metaphysical qualities that support good change, emotional healing, and anchoring. Its energy is thought to promote creativity, ease anxiety, help people let go of ingrained habits, and promote personal development. Harmonious alignment with Earth's energies is linked to lizardite.

Lizardite Uses

Lizardite is utilized for emotional healing, grounding techniques, and boosting positivism. Its special characteristics make it ideal for personal well-being and spiritual development.

Lizardite Jewelry

Lizardite is a unique choice for jewelry because of its eye-catching green tones and interesting designs. Its organic beauty, fashioned into lizardite rings, lizardite earrings, lizardite necklaces, lizardite bracelets, lizardite pendants, and other items, lends a sophisticated touch to any ensemble while enticing onlookers with its rustic charm.

Lizardite Care and Cleaning

Because lizardite is a porous and rather soft mineral, it needs to be handled carefully. Steer clear of strong chemicals, acids, and direct sunshine as they can alter its look. To avoid scratches, wipe it down with a gentle, moist cloth and keep it somewhere else. Rehydrating it sometimes with a moist cloth could help preserve its original shine.    

Lizardite Carat Weight    

Lizardite's price can change based on a number of variables, including market demand, size, and quality. Littler examples often start at a few dollars per carat, while larger or better-quality stones can fetch prices as high as $5 to $20 per carat or greater.


What Colors Does Lizardite Come In?

Lizardite is mostly found in green hues, from light to dark green. Its unique and variable appearance might be attributed to its coloration, which can also include gray, black, or white.

How is Lizardite Different from Other Serpentine Minerals?

Because of its distinct crystal structure, which includes layers resembling brucite, lizardite is different from other serpentine minerals. This sets it apart from other serpentine polymorphs like chrysotile and antigorite.

What is lizardite price per carat?

Lizardite price per carat ranges from $5 to $50. The price of gemstones like lizardite usually depends on its colors, patterns, inclusions and market rates.