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High Quality Natural Nellite Gemstone

Nellite stone is a mysteriously beautiful stone in different colors and pleasantly covered inside streaks and swirls making en eye-pleasing pattern. The stone also benefits the wearer by mitigating pains, building presence of mind and enhancing spiritual strength. It is mainly found in Namibia, However, some quantity of the stone is also produced by china.


Nellite stone sports a pleasant mixture of brown, golden, and blue shades with streaked or swirling streaked patterns. The stone's colors are produced by specific inclusions- the tiger's eye content produces golden-yellow colors while the pietersite component produces brown and blue colors. In the combined form the two stones produce a striking effect closely resembling a shining sun and an azure sky respectively. The nellite is regarded as a rare specimen that is highly prized by collectors as well as jewelry shoppers.


Nellite's healing properties are as commendable as its aesthetic superiority. Here are some of the noteworthy benefits of Nellyte Nellite stone:

  • Emotional Beneifts: Nellite sharpens mental clarity and increases concentration power. As a soothing stone, the nephrite also brings stability and strength to the mind and body.
  • Physica; benefits: The stone assists in normalizing blood circulation and relieving physical pains It makes a body strong enough to heal on its own within a reasonable time.
  • Spiritual benefits: The stone benefits spiritual seekers to remain unaffected by worldly situations and sincerely concentrate on their spiritual pursuits. It is also said to assist in deepening meditation sessions.


Nellite is used to craft bracelets, earrings, and other types of jewelry. The stone’s stunning looks and rarity make it popular among shoppers and collectors alike. Meditations use it as a meditation crystal to enjoy long-lasting peace while meditating. Crystal healers use nellite crystals to heal physical, emotional, and spiritual issues.

Real vs fake

Some gemstone sellers may indulge in the unethical practice of selling fake Nelite gemstones at the prices of authentic ones. These tips will keep you safe:

  • Price: As a rare gemstone Real nellite is quite expensive. The fake Nellite, on the other hand, can be sold at lower prices to attract customers.
  • Appearance: Real nellite sports a blend of brown, golden, and blue shades with streaked or swirling patterns. While the fake stone may have an inconsistent appeal.
  • Weight: As a heavy durable stone measuring between 6.5 and 7 on the Mohs scale it feels heavy in hand. If your stone feels artificially light in hand then it may be a fake stone
  • Origin: Namibia is the main producer of gemstone quality Nellite. If a vendor claims the stone to be originated from another region it may be a sign that the stone is fake

Care and cleaning

Though fairly durable it is important to take good care of Nelilts gemstone and make sure that it is protected against the environment and instances that can damage the stone or cause discoloration. Here are a few tips to keep the stone looking good and maintaining its strength over a long period:

  • Protect your Nellite stone from intense heat as it can crack the stone’s surface or reduce the original luster.
  • Direct sunlight or intense temperatures should thus be avoided.
  • Put the stone in a well-padded jewelry box or carefully wrap it inside a soft cloth to protect it from scratching.
  • Use tepid water and mild soap to clean the stone.
  • Avoid wearing the stone when engaging in the tasks that expose it to impact, chemicals etc


Nellite gemstone, also known as golden pietersite or golden tiger's eye pietersite, is a rare type of cat’s eye stone with quartz, crocidolite, and other inclusions. It is mainly found in Namibia. Its pietersite content produces brown and blue color while the tiger's eye content produces golden components. Namibia is the top producer of gemstone-quality Nellite. Apart from that China also produces some Nellite.


Nellite gemstone is an amazing gemstone distinguished by the soothing and luxurious colors that blend to offer a unique personality to the stone and makes it stand out in the crowd. Nellite's healing properties, aesthetic appearance, and spiritual benefits make it a highly sought-after stone for spiritual healers, jewelry shoppers, collectors, and gemstone retailers alike.


1. What's the best crystal combination for nellite stone?

Stones like opal, emerald, and amazonite are said the be the ideal combinations for Nellite.

2. Where is the best gemstone-quality nellite is found?

The top producer of gemstone-quality nellite is Namibia.

3. Nellite is the birthstone of which month?

Nellite is considered the birthstone for October month.

4. What are some major metaphysical properties of Nellite?

Nellite helps in keeping the mind calm and helps the body to recuperate faster after an illness. It also helps in reducing chronic anxiety and depression. On an ordinary level, the stone enables a person to develop keen discrimination and take the right decisions in different situations.

5. What is the nellite stone’s meaning?

One of the major nellite’s stone meanings is to rejuvenate, repair and reinforce. The stone’s physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits are all focused on repairing the broken pieces, infusing new energy, and reinforcing strength. Right from regularising biological functions and healing pains to reinforcing confidence and spiritual uplifting, the stone possesses an impressive array of properties.

6. What are other names of Nellite gemstones?

Nellite is also known as pietersite nellite due to the stone’s proximity to the pietersite mines in Namibia, Africa.

7. What is the best crystal combination for Nellite?

Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz, and Chrysopraseare some best crystals to pair with Nellite. It is also relieved that keeping nephrite jade cabochons with nellite crystals helps in strengthening the meditative powers of a person.