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Obsidian Gemstone Meaning Properties & Facts

Obsidian gemstone is a unique gemstone sporting black or solid tones with a radiant sheen that offers it a strong personality. It is widely available across several countries but the major producers of obsidian are Mexico, the United States, Iceland, Russia, and Italy. It is a protector stone that cancels out negativity and stabilizes the mind by regulating emotions.


The stone possesses powerful metaphysical properties that offer physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits to the person. In many cultures, the powerful metaphysical benefits of obsidian gemstone makes it a preferred crystal for healing. Here are a few major benefits of obsidian:

  • Physical Benefits: Alternative medical practitioners and spiritual healers use the stone to regulate blood circulation, and enhance immunity. Other physical benefits of obsidian gemstone include relieving pains and increasing stamina.
  • Emotional Benefits: Regarded as a protector stone, the Obsidian is loaded with grounding properties allowing the wearer to release accumulated emotional build-up and feel relieved.
  • Spiritual Benefits: Obsidian’s spiritual qualities include promoting intuition, and bringing strong spiritual awareness. Meditators use it to calm their mind and link them with the universal spirit.


Obsidian gemstone shows a vitreous luster with a glassy appeal and displays a metallic sheen produced by the inclusions like needles, bubbles, etc.. certain specimens of obsidian may display a cat’s eye effect. The stone’s clarity may range from opaque to transparent Measuring between 5 and 5.5 on the Mohs hardness scale the stone can be categorized as a fairly soft stone with a moderately low density when compared to harder stones like quartz.


The striking appeal and interesting patterns make obsidian an ideal stone to create a variety of gemstone jewelry. To fully accentuate its chalcedony effect the stone is generally cut into particular shapes and sizes. The black color of the stone also offers a perfect background for brighter and patterned stones like ocean jasper gemstones. Along with beads, tumblers, and crystals you can also find obsidian cabochons for sale at various retail and wholesale gemstone suppliers. Due to obsidian’s healing properties, it is also used as a healing crystal and as a part of home interior décor.

Real vs fake

Some unethical sellers may try to sell you fake stones. With these tips you can assess the stone’s authenticity more confidently:

  • Under the light, Authentic stone will show a glassy surface without visible inclusions whereas fake stone may have a dull surface with visible blemishes.
  • When held in hand, the genuine stone feels heavy for its weight while the fake stone may feel lighter.
  • Gently tap the stone with a metal object. The authentic stone produces a clear, ringing sound, while fake or synthetic obsidian may produce a dull or muffled sound.
  • If the vendor tries to sell you the stone at unbelievably low prices then it is possibly a fake stone.

Care and Cleaning

Just like other stones, obsidian needs special care. These tips will help you to keep its original beauty and strength intact:

  • Being a chemical-intolerant stone the stone should not be exposed to solvents, bases, acids, and such materials that contain harsh chemicals.
  • Always use mild soap and tepid water for cleaning the stone.
  • Abrasive materials, scrubbing, and other forceful cleaning methods should be avoided as they can cause scratches.
  • Air drying can spoil the original visual appeal leaving water spots. So use a clean soft cloth to pat dry it after cleaning.
  • Use a well-padded jewelry box or a soft pouch for storing the jewelry and avoid direct contact with other jewelry ornaments.


Obsidian gemstone is formed by peculiar natural phenomena in which volcanic lava cools so quickly that it instantly turns into a volcanic glass without crystallization. The stone is abundant in regions with a geological history of volcanic eruptions. Some major producers of the stone are the United States, Mexico, Iceland, Italy, and Russia.


Obsidian is a majestic gemstone with solid colors, a bright appearance, and impressive metaphysical properties. The stone brings clarity and calmness. On the physical level, it increases strength and resistance to diseases. The stone also cancels out negative energy and promotes positivity. In this product description, we mentioned the key characteristics of Obsidian including appearance, benefits, and tips to distinguish authentic stone from fake one.


1. Where is obsidian found?

While the stone is found in many countries of the world, the major producers of gemstone-quality obsidian are Mexico, Iceland, Italy, Russia, and the US.

2. What are the different types of obsidian?

Some of the notable varieties of obsidian are snowflake obsidian, black obsidian, rainbow obsidian, golden sheen obsidian, and mahogany obsidian.

3. What are the metaphysical properties of obsidian?

Obsidian’s healing properties include grounding energy with powerful protective capabilities, and physical/emotional vitality. It helps in emotional healing, dispels negative energy, and promotes calmness. The stone also increases physical strength and endurance and soothes joint pains.

4. Is obsidian rare?

While Obsidian is abundantly found in many countries, a few of its varieties like rainbow obsidian are rare to find.