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Opalina Gemstone For Sale at CabochonsForSale

Australia, Mexico, and the United States are among the countries with abundant silica resources that are known for Opalina gemstone origin,  that are home to opalina, a mesmerizing gemstone prized for its ethereal beauty. Opalina is known for its captivating color play, reflecting a spectrum of colors from calm blues to flaming reds that look like a kaleidoscope. It embodies the fascination of nature's artistic masterpieces and is a valued addition to jewelry collections globally due to its translucent look and distinctive patterns.

Opalina Meaning

"Opalina" comes from the Latin "opalus," which means "precious stone." It captures the alluring characteristics of the gemstone in a single, memorable name, reflecting its intrinsic value and radiant beauty.

Opalina Properties

Opalina has a modest level of durability, with a Mohs hardness range of 5.5 to 6.5. Its transparency ranges from translucent to opaque, frequently exhibiting eye-catching color shifts. Opalina is a valuable gemstone due to its captivating patterns and radiant colors, even though it is comparatively softer than other gemstones.

Opalina Colors

Opalina dazzles with a rainbow of hues, ranging from calming blues and greens to flamboyant reds and oranges. The structure of the stone affects its play-of-color, an enthralling waltz of colors that makes every Opalina gem a singular and alluring work of art. Looking to add this warm toned stone in your collection or curate jewelry pieces out of it? Then look no further than CabochonsForSale and fine top quality gemstones at reasonable prices. 

Opalina Gemstone Types

  • Crystal Opalina
  • Boulder Opalina
  • White Opalina
  • Black Opalina
  • Fire Opalina

Opalina Metaphysical Properties

  • Strengthens spiritual awareness and intuition
  • Encourages emotional restoration and equilibrium
  • Stimulates imagination and creativity
  • Promotes manifestation and the flow of positive energies
  • Encourages emotional expression and communication 

Opalina Jewelry

Opalina jewelry enthralls with its captivating color play, which spans from serene blues to blazing reds. Opalina gemstone accessories - Opalina necklace, Opalina rings, pendants, etc. radiate elegance and charm, adding a special and captivating touch to any ensemble or occasion.

Opalina vs. Opal

The attractive gemstones opal and opalina are valued for their iridescent color play. In contrast to Opal, which is a naturally occurring crystal developed over millions of years, Opalina is a synthetic opal made in a lab. Both are quite beautiful, but Opalina is a more readily available and reasonably priced substitute for real opal. 

Opalina Birthstone

Opalina epitomizes the ethereal beauty of opals and is frequently regarded as a contemporary birthstone for October. For those born in October, its alluring color scheme represents passion, creativity, and hope, making it a significant option.

Opalina Carat Weight

The cost of opal varies significantly per carat based on many attributes including  Opalina cutting and polishing, its size, color, and clarity. Smaller stones often cost between $20 and $100 per carat, but bigger, superior Opalina gems can fetch upwards of $500 per carat.