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Opalite Gemstone For Sale at CabochonsForSale

The man-made gemstone opalite enthralls with its ethereal beauty and opalescent shine. Made from mineral-infused glass, Opalite has a subtle, iridescent glow that is evocative of the night sky. Opalite is a popular material for jewelry and spiritual pursuits due to its mystical attraction and adaptability.

Opalite Meaning

Its bright play of color and similarity to actual opals are the source of the term "Opalite". Opalite is not the same as opals, although having some resemblance. It is a man-made material made of glass that has been injected with minerals to give it its unique iridescent appearance.

Opalite Properties

Prized for its translucent to opaque look, opalite has a subdued yet alluring sheen that is reminiscent of the starry sky. Its intermediate durability and hardness (about 5.5 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale) make it appropriate for a variety of jewelry applications.

Opalite Colors

Opalite has a calm color palette that is dominated by soft blues and whites. Its translucent look lets light dance within, bringing a touch of ethereal elegance to any situation with an enticing play of color reminiscent of moonlit skies and serene seas.

Opalite Healing Properties

Encourages emotional stability and healing
Strengthens psychic and intuitive talents
Promotes communication and thought clarity
Reduces tension and encourages inner tranquility
Balances chakras and the passage of energy 
Opalite Chakra is crown chakra, which is linked to increased consciousness, spiritual enlightenment, and a stronger bond with the divine.

Opalite vs Moonstone

Man-made glass called opalite imitates the moonstone's luminosity, but it isn't formed of the same minerals. Both stones have a mesmerizing iridescence, but moonstone is associated with feminine energy and old mysticism. However, because of its ethereal look and many uses in jewelry and spiritual pursuits, opalite offers a more cost-effective option.

Opalite Jewelry

Opalite's iridescent radiance and milky translucency give off an air of ethereal beauty when worn as jewelry. Opalite jewelry captivates with its peaceful beauty, lending charm and versatility to any jewelry collection. Pieces range from Opalite pendant, Opalite necklace to Opalite bracelet, earring, and more.  

Opalite Carat Weight 

Opalite prices and values vary according to size, quality, and provider. Smaller opalite cabochon typically cost between $1 and $5 per carat, but bigger, superior Opalite gems can fetch up to $20 per carat.

Opalite Care

Although comparatively strong, opal can be scratched by more abrasive elements. Opalite should not be exposed to strong chemicals or extremely high or low temperatures. To keep it from scratching other gemstones or jewelry, clean it with a moderate soap and water solution and store it separately.