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Pinolith Gemstone - A Stone from the War

Also known as pinolite, the pinolith gemstone is a very rare semi-precious gemstone. The stone is infused with the properties of magnesite, which makes the stone full of calming energies and helps one to attain the highest level of meditation while being relaxed at the same time. The stone is an extremely rare one, as it was contracted away because of its high manganese content during World War II.


The stone is named so for its similar appearance to the white pine kennels that display a matrix radiance that ranges from gray to black. The stone's diaphaneity is opaque. If you somehow find a translucent or transparent stone, know that it is likely fake. The stone shows no luster of its own. The stone’s original color is white with blue streaks.


The stone can be found in only one place in the entire world. The Austrian Alps are a mountain range in central Europe that contains pinolith deposits.


Small pieces of pinolith are used to make small lapidary projects, such as spheres, cabochons, and tumbled stones. The stone is ranked around 4–4.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. Hence, it is treated no less than a fragile stone. The stone must be used in protective settings. It is preferred to be used in pendants, earrings, and brooches.


Once you learn about the pinolith stone benefits, there’s no going back. Let’s have a look at the healing properties of this stone.

Physical healing properties

  • Detoxifies the body and reduces body odor.

  • Works as a muscle relaxant.

  • Treats vascular and intestinal cramps

  • Reduces kidney and gallbladder pain

  • Cure headaches and migraines

  • Balances body temperature and reduces chills

Emotional healing properties

  • Helps the soul attain the highest meditation level.

  • Boosts one’s self-esteem and promotes more self-love.

  • ensures better heart-to-mind communication

  • Heals emotional wounds and allows a happiness wave to hit you.

Metaphysical healing properties

  • Teach a more optimistic attitude towards life.

  • Improves emotional stress tolerance

  • Brings more calmness

  • handles emotional waves better

If you want a stone with even more benefits than what this stone has to offer, then you should try to go for an emerald stone.


Pinolith is a fragile stone that can get very easily scratched. The stone must be handled with proper care. You should store this stone in a soft, fabricated box away from the other stones in order to protect it from getting scratched. Any use of harsh chemical cleaners and hard cleaning brushes is strictly prohibited. The stone must be worn in a protective setting at all times. Wearing it in rings or bracelets can increase the possibility of getting more scratches on the stone.


This is everything that you need to know about this super-rare semi-precious gemstone. You know everything from pinolith's physical healing properties to its usage. You don't know where to buy it. Try buying crystal wholesale from CabochonsforSale and give us a chance to prove that we can be your favorite next-door wholesale gemstone seller.


1. Where is the pinolith stone found?

The stone is extremely rare and hence can be found in only one or two places in the world, namely some parts of Austria and northeastern Spain.

2. Is pinolith considered a fragile stone?

Pinolith is considered a fragile stone because it is ranked around 4–4.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. Some silicified pieces can be ranked around 6–7 on the Mohs hardness scale as well.

3. How can the pinolith stone help you?

The stone can help one build a stronger connection with the earth. The wearer of this stone can feel themselves being extremely grounded and rooted to the earth.

4. Where was the first deposit of the pinolith stone found?

A small amount of the stone’s deposits were found in 1873 in the lower Tauern mountain range in Austria.

5. How old is the pinolith stone?

The stone is around 500 million years old and holds many secrets of the earth.