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Red River Jasper Gemstone For Sale at CabochonsForSale

Known for its vibrant red hues and rich healing properties, Red River Jasper is a gemstone of history which dates back centuries. The gemstone is known to evoke a sense of calm and vitality and is cherished by jewelry and gem connoisseurs for its ethereal beauty. Other stones in the jasper family like Ocean Jasper, Picasso Jasper complement Red River Jasper well. 

Red River Jasper Meaning

The term ‘Red River Jasper’ for the gemstone comes from the vivid red colors that it exhibits. The river in the name is of the significance of the pattern of the gemstone that looks like a flowing river. Being named after its appearance and hues, the name of the gem reflects its evocative patterns and vibrant shades. 

Red River Jasper Properties

Red River Jasper gemstone ranks 6.5 to 7 on mohs hardness scale, making it a durable stone for jewelry setting and other ornamental purposes. The stone displays a dull and vitreous luster. Talking about clarity, the stone is translucent to opaque in nature. 

Red River Jasper Colors

Red River Jasper showcases a wide spectrum of colors that range from vibrant deep reds to warm brick reds. With the flowing river patterns the gem exhibits, it gives it an added depth and character, making it an intricate and sophisticated gemstone. 

Red River Jasper Metaphysical Properties

Red River Jasper gemstone is known to have numerous healing properties. It rendered grounding energies that lead to stability and spiritual growth. At the same time, the gemstone is connected with improving one’s connection with nature and earth, thus fostering balance and harmony. The stone is also believed to promote courage, resilience and inner strength.

Red River Jasper Uses

Red River Jasper is attributed to numerous uses. One of the major ones being its use in making jewelry. The stone is prized in the jewelry industry for its evermore beauty and rich colors. At the same time, the stone is used for making many ornamental pieces and decorative items like showpieces, bookends, carved figures, coasters, and whatnot. 

Red River Jasper Jewelry

Red river jasper jewelry is all about being started in excluding elegance. With red river jasper beads, cabochons and crystals formulated into beautiful pendants, bracelets, necklaces, the gemstone is known to add a touch of natural beauty for both formal or casual wear. 


What is the Red River Jasper Gemstone Price Per Carat?

The red river jasper gemstone price depends on various factors like its quality, its colors and its size. The price per carat for the gemstone usually ranges from $10 to $50.

Where Does Red River Jasper Come From?

Red river Jasper gem is found in many locations around the globe including Canada and the United States. Locations that have rich sedimentary rock formations which are often near river beds or river channels are the major source for this gemstone. 

Is Red River Jasper Suitable for Everyday Wear?

Yes one can wear red river jasper gemstone on every day basis as it is a durable stone with images hardness of 6.5 to 7. 

Can I Find Authentic Red River Jasper Online?

If you are looking to buy red river Jasper online, then look no further than CabochonsForSale, which offers a wide range of authentic gemstones at wholesale prices. 

Are there Different Varieties of Red River Jasper? 

There aren't any particular varieties of red river Jasper but there may be variation in its appearance and composition depending on the location where it is found and its formation process.