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Tree Agate Gemstone For Sale at CabochonsForSale

Tree Agate, which is also known as Dendritic Agate, is renowned from its distinct looks and patterns that resemble tree branches and ferns. This pattern is a result of formations that are caused by manganese or iron oxide inclusions, that create a natural landscape in the gemstone. 

Tree Agate Meaning

The word ‘tree Agate’ comes from the intricate dendritic patterns in the gemstone that reflect the design of branches and trees. Due to this, the gemstone gets its unique appearance and hence the anime for it as well. 

Tree Agate Properties

Tree Agate is a colorless gemstone but the dendritic patterns of the gem can be of colors like brown, green, or black. Tree Agate is translucent to opaque in nature with a Mohs hardness that ranks between 6.5 to 7. The gemstone usually appears slightly rough or smooth, depending on the polish and natural features. 

Tree Agate Benefits

Tree Agate is believed to possess many healing properties that aid in promoting connection to nature, stability, and inner peace. The gemstone is also known to soothe anxiety, improve mental clarity and encourage a sense of grounding. All in all, Tree Agate is a gemstone of emotional balance and spiritual well-being. 

Tree Agate Jewelry

Jewelry made out of Tree Agate showcases nature-inspired designs. Featuring adornments of pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings, this gemstone exudes a sense of connection to earth and tranquility, making it a timeless and elegant choice. 


1. What Chakra is Associated with Tree Agate?

Tree Agate is connected to the Heart Chakra, which facilitates harmony, balance, and emotional healing. It promotes mental serenity and wellbeing, compassion, and a relationship with the natural world.

2. How Do I Cleanse and Care for Tree Agate?

Use mild techniques, such as smudging with sage or rinsing with warm water, to clean tree agate. Avert extended exposure to sunshine and corrosive substances. To avoid scratches, store the gemstone separately.

3. Where does Tree Agate Come From?

There are several places in the world where tree agate can be found, including Brazil, India, and the US. It develops in sedimentary settings where porous rocks are penetrated by silica-rich fluids, forming dendritic patterns.

4. Where Can I Buy Authentic Tree Agate Gemstone? 

Want to add Tree Agate to your collection? CabochonsForSale is one of the best gemstone shopping stores for Tree Agate Gemstone. Order your gemstone from there at a cost-effective rate.

5. What is Tree Agate Gemstone Price Per Carat?

The price per carat for Tree Agate gemstone ranges between $8 to $50, depending on its size, quality, and the patterns of the gemstone.