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Tree Agate Gemstone - Meanings, Properties & Facts

A tree agate gemstone is a stone of plentitude and abundance. A stone with an absolutely stunning appearance and healing properties is exactly what you need. Read further to learn everything from tree agate meaning to tree agate metaphysical healing properties.


The stone can be found in green and white. Just like its name suggests, it displays tree branches on its surface. Uncanny resemblance to moss agate, which can only be differentiated on the basis of translucency. A tree agate is somewhat translucent to opaque. Dendritic agate is just another name for tree agate.

On a Mohs hardness scale, the stone has a hardness level of 7.


The stone is not that rare in terms of availability. Tree agate can be easily found all around the globe in countries like Uruguay, India, and Brazil.


With its beautiful appearance, the stone can easily swoon people away when worn as jewelry. You can try any form of tree agate jewelry, like rings, bracelets, pendants, and earrings. Another way to use tree agate is to utilize its healing benefits. The stone can be used for meditation and healing purposes.


The stone is known to hold healing benefits that can benefit our physical, spiritual, and emotional bodies. Let's take a look at tree agate's healing properties.

Physical healing benefits

  • It is understood to fortify the heart and enhance circulation.
  • Helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels.
  • Removes any kind of physical pain.
  • Helps fight back pain.
  • Helps in aligning your vertebrae

Emotional healing properties

  • It creates a shield against your aura to protect it from darkness.
  • Tries to give you emotional stability
  • Helps you find peace in the chaos

Metaphysical healing properties

  • Helps to maintain a balance between all your chakras.
  • Allows us to work on enhancing our inner stability.
  • It removes all kinds of negative energies.


In order to avail yourself of your tree agate’s benefits, you need to maintain your stone by cleansing and charging it.

To clean the stone, we go for safe and simple methods. A mild soap and lukewarm water would be just fine when it comes to cleaning your stone. Avoid using any harsh chemical cleaners, as they might hamper the stone's appearance. Remember to always pat the stone dry after rinsing with a soft fabric cloth. Try keeping your stone on a scratch-proof surface and storing it in a fabricated box.

To charge the stone, there are many ways one can try. One can try putting the stone in a bowl full of sea salt. You can also try burning a sage stick and smudging it around the stone. Another easy way is to simply let your stone soak up some moonlight or sunlight.


This was everything that you needed to know about this alluring tree agate stone. What you don't know is that you can get the best-quality tree agate stone from your favorite wholesale gemstone manufacturer and supplier, CabochonsforSale.


1. Which zodiac sign does the tree agate work for?

Tree agate is believed to be connected to the earthy elements. The zodiac sign that tree agate works best for is Virgo.

2. Which chakra is associated with tree agate?

The heart chakra is associated with tree agate.

3. What does a tree agate stone mean?

Tree agate is also known as the stone of plentitude. The stone is believed to bless the bearer with abundance and fullness.

4. Is tree agate an expensive stone?

Tree agate is believed to be a rare stone. A tree agate is basically a dendritic agate.

5. Where can tree agate be found?

Tree agate can be easily found all over the globe, just like the rest of the agate stones. Mostly in Botswana and India, one can find dendritic or tree agate.