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White Opal Gemstone - Meanings, Properties & Facts

Valued since ancient times is this stone of magic and light, white opal stone. The stone is also known by other names, like white milk opal and percelian opal. Read further to know everything from white opal stone meaning to white opal stone price.


The stone comes with an opaque or translucent appearance and is also available in other colors like black and gray. Although black and gray opals are less preferred in the healing/ energy worlds.


The stone is easily and naturally available in locations like Brazil, Slovakia, Mexico, and Australia.


You can use this elegant and feminine stone in many ways. The best way to use this stone is by wearing it in the form of jewelry. Any form of white opal jewelry like rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings would give you an elegant and subtle look. The stone comes with many healing benefits and hence can be used for meditation and healing purposes. You can try placing the stone in different places in your home/office and see how this one brings calmness and peace in the environment.


The stone holds healing powers strong enough to benefit our physical, emotional and spiritual body. Let's have a look at some of white opal stone’s benefits.

Physical healing benefits

  • Helps to deal with chest pain and respiratory issues
  • Provides relief when dealing with infection, chronic illness and fever
  • Boosts and improves the immune system
  • Helps ease up symptoms of PMS and liver disorder pain

Emotional healing properties

  • Helps you overcome challenges that one might face in love
  • Helps you get rid of all the unnecessary feelings and thoughts
  • Teaches you more self love
  • Opens up some brain doors or creative idea flow

Metaphysical healing properties

  • Gives your more emotional balance
  • Deals with stress, anxiety and insomnia
  • Pushes you to the more serenic and optimistic side
  • Teaches you to be more expressive with your emotions


The care of any gemstone should be simple and easy. In order to clean the stone you can simply try using a mild soap and lukewarm water. Avoid any use of harsh chemical cleansers as they might damage the stones appearance. Pat the stone dry with a soft fabricated cloth after rinsing.

To charge the stone, you can simply try running the tone under water. Another way is to smudge the stone with a sage stick. You can try putting the stone with other quartz stone chips and let it get cleaned with their energy instead.


This was everything that you needed to know about white opals. Get the best quality white opals for sale from your favorite wholesale gemstone manufacturers and suppliers, CabochonsforSale.


1. For whom is white opal safe to wear?

People with libra and taurus as their zodiac signs are safe to wear white opal. They should wear white opal and let it heal them physically, emotionally and spiritually.

2. What are the benefits of white opal?

White opal is considered to be an excellent protective and calming stone. The stone helps calm an overactive mind and helps eliminate negative thoughts and emotions.

3. Is white opal a lucky stone?

Yes, white opal is believed to bring good luck to the bearer of this stone.

4. Is white opal a birthstone?

Opal and tourmaline are traditional birthstones of the October month. White opal comes under opal and hence can be considered as an October birthstone.

5. Is there any other name for white opal?

Milky opal is the other name for a white opal. As per the stone’s rich milky white appearance, one can guess why it is called so.