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User Account, security, and password

On completing the registration formalities, you need to enter details and also set a password for your account. You are fully responsible to maintain the privacy of the user account and password, and also for the activities performed in that particular account. You are required to inform cabochonsforsale.com on an immediate basis in case of any misuse of your password and account or any kind of breach of security. Also, you need to ensure that you log out of your account after every session. 

Proprietary Rights

Our website contains photographs, graphics, images, fonts, texts, and other important information which is required for presenting our business and undertaking the transaction. The applicable trademarks, copyrights, and proprietary rights protect the entire presented content. Redistributing, copying, or publishing the content in your name is strictly prohibited. Your membership will be terminated in case the agreement is violated by the performance of any such act. The content can be added, deleted, or modified by Cabochonsforsale.com at any time. Any information other than Cabochonsforsale.com is published by the related authors and is not necessarily to be dependent upon. We are not responsible for any kind of damage or loss due to the dependency on the content posted. 

Activities Prohibited

In case you have misused the information or services or inappropriately behaved which is unlawful/illegal, Cabochonsforsale.com reserves the right for investigating and terminating the customer’s membership. Some of the activities which are strictly prohibited and you are not required to indulge in are as follows:

  • You will not use any abusive language through messages or any medium of contact to the members.
  • You will not harass any person/member.
  • You will not make any statements on behalf of cabochonsforsale.com and if any, you need to take our written consent.
  • You will not use any kind of content retrieval software or Data mining for your benefit. 
  • You will not misuse (distribute, post, or reframe) our website content with copyright and proprietary rights in any way.
  • You will not disrupt/interfere with the services and also the servers connected to our website.
  • You will not transmit any kind of material which may prove to be harmful/ dangerous for other computers and also may affect the functionality.
  • You will not use keywords, metatags, and cabochonsforsale.com -related details to direct the users to other websites. 

Disclaimer of Warranty

Cabochonsforsale.com will not be responsible for the non-accessibility of the website due to periodic maintenance, unplanned suspension, technical reasons, or any other uncontrollable reasons. We do not provide any warranty for the offered service. You will be solely responsible for downloading the information from our website and for any kind of damage caused to the computer system due to the downloaded data. 

Limitation of Liability

Cabochonsforsale.com shall not be responsible or liable for any kind of damage that happens from using the website or the content of this website. You completely understand and agree to the fact that Cabochonsforsale.com and its related people are not liable for any kind of loss you incur.

Service Modifications

Cabochonsforsale.com reserves the right to modify or end up the services temporarily or permanently, with or without the prior information/notice. You agree that Cabochonsforsale.com shall not be responsible and liable to anyone for modifying, suspending, or discontinuing the service. 

Membership security

Your membership with Cabochonsforsale.com is only for personal use. It is not to be transferred or assigned to another person or entity. It is advisable to all the members that before making any decision regarding the service advertisements, have a detailed look into it and make inquiries on your own. For ensuring that your account is safe from any kind of fraud or misuse, do not share the login details with anyone and be the sole owner of your account.

Submission of feedback and comments

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  • You will not post any abusive or offensive material that violates our terms and conditions. 
  • You will be solely responsible for the content you post and our team can delete, remove and monitor the content you posted if found irrelevant and against the company's terms of service. 
  • You will not provide the company with the wrong information related to the name, email address, etc. Cabochonsforsale.com have the right to verify the personal details provided by the customers. 
  • The content posted by you on the Cabochonsforsale.com website or related channels will not contain viruses, spyware, unlawful, etc. Legal action will be taken in this case.

Disputes and Law Applicable

In case of any disputes which arise with the use of the website, you agree to the point that all such differences and disputes will be governed by the law of India.