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Gemstone Atlantasite

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Atlantisite gemstone looks stunning in its interesting mottled or bandedḤ patterns and varying shades of lively green color. The stone derives its distinct visual finesse from its unique composition- a fine blend of two minerals- serpentine and stichtite. This rare stone is mainly concentrated in specific regions surrounding the old lost city of Atlantis in Tasmania, Australia. The superior aesthetics and healing properties of Atlantisite make it equally popular among jewelry shoppers, spiritual healers, gemstone showrooms, and wholesale gemstones and crystals suppliers.


Atlantisite gemstone is a translucent or opaque stone with a silky luster. The combination of serpentine and stichtite gives Atlantisite an alluring green shade with colorful swirls and stripes. The gemstone may have varied appearances based on its contents and compositions. Specific inclusions like White magnesium may add an interesting variation to the stone's looks. Polishing, faceting and, to some extent, hardness are some vital factors that influence Atlantisite's appearance.


Atlantisite gemstone is used to make necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. The interesting shade of Atlantisite is further highlighted when combined with stones of cool tones like Amethyst birthstones. Spiritual healers employ Atlantisite gemstone crystals to realign the disturbed chakras and help their patients to regain holistic well-being. Placing Atlantisite gemstones in specific areas can reduce depression, stress, and anxiety. Meditators keep Atlantiste cabochons near them to induce deep-seated peace and develop psychic abilities. The rarity of the gemstone and its unique aesthetics make it a favorite with gemstone collectors as well.


As an aggregate of two powerful minerals, Atlatntisite gemstone benefits its owners in several ways. Atlantisite gemstone releases physical rigidity, maintains a healthy circulation of blood, and heals physical injuries and wounds. The stone calms the body and mind and brings lasting inner peace. Atlantisite gemstone benefits spiritual seekers by activating their psychic capabilities and fortifying intuition power. It also helps them to receive divine guidance on their spiritual journey.


The major producer of Atlantisite is the region surrounding Atlantis, a lost ancient city located in the Australian region of Tasmania that gave the stone its name. Relatively very small quantities of Atlantisite are also found in Canada, and South Africa. Such a low, concentrated availability makes it one of the rare gemstones of the world.

Real vs fake

Rare gemstones are more susceptible to faking and Atlantisite is no exception here. Here are a few ways to differentiate between real and fake Atlantisite:

· Being a rare gemstone the genuine Atlantisite commands higher prices while the fake specimens may be sold at cheaper rates to allure buyers.

· Genuine Atlantisite stone displays unique coloration and random patterns whereas the fake piece may look artificially colored or perfectly patterned.

· As a dense stone, the genuine Atlantisite has more weight while the fake Atlantasite gemstone may be lighter

· Try scratching hard surfaces like glass with a piece of Atlantisite. As a soft stone Genuine Atlantisite cannot scratch such hard surfaces while fake stones may leave a scratch

· Make sure you buy Atlantisite from gemstone dealers with a good reputation. In case of any suspicion, demand the certificate of the stone's authenticity

Care and cleaning

You need to handle your Atlantisite stone with care to prevent damages. Following this care and cleaning guide will protect your stone:

· High temperatures and harsh commercial chemicals can easily damage the stone. So protect it from heat and avoid using bleach, acid, or other chemical-based cleaning materials.

· When storing Carefully wrap your Atlantisite stone in a soft cloth to keep it safe from scratches.

· Use a brush with soft bristles or microfiber cloth to clean it. You can wash it with gently warmed clean water and mild soap. After washing, rinse away the entire soap carefully.

· According to crystal healing experts placing the Atlantisite in the sun for several hours can recharge the stone

· Atlantisite stone can be damaged by vibrations. So never use ultrasonic cleaners to clean your stone.


What are some popular cuts of Atlantisite?

As a fairly uncommon and soft stone, the Atlantisite is not generally found in standardized cuts. Occasionally Lapidaries use Atlantisite beads for jewelry making. You are most likely to find Atlantisite cabochons on sale at gemstone manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. For bulk purchases, you can also buy Atlantisite Lot from wholesale gemstones and crystals Suppliers.

Is Atlantisite used in Feng Shui?

Yes, some Feng Shui practitioners use Atlantistie cabochons or crystals to cleanse and energize the space.

What are the major benefits of atlantistine?

Atalantsistien is said to enhance heart and mind functioning which makes it easier to resolve conflicts. The stone is also believed to cleanse on physical and metaphysical levels. The practitioners of crystal healing use Atlantistine to cleanse the blood, de-stress the mind and unlock various spiritual mysteries for the wearer.

How rare is atlantisite?

As a stone with very concentrated availability in Tasmania, Australia, Atlantisite is a very rare stone.

What is the preferred variety of Atlantisite for collectors?

The Black serpentine Atlansite is one of the rarest types of Atlantisite making it a popular choice for gemstone collectors.


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