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Covellite - The Stone of Intellect

A beautiful mineral that would amaze you with its appearance and quality is this covellite gemstone. This powerful stone is definitely worth adding to your collection. Some of the common names by which the stone is known are covelline, blue copper, indigo copper, covellonite, and covellinite.


Covellite is an opaque stone that can be blue-black, brassy yellow, deep crimson, indigo blue, or purple in color. It gives out a semi-metallic to resinous luster. When talking about gorgeous appearance, nothing can beat the beauty of a covellite pink fire quartz.


The finest covellite stone can be found in Sardinia, Italy. One can find an exciting variety of covellite stone in areas of Serbia and the USA. Some other places one can expect to find covellite gemstones are Germany, Peru, Whales, and Alaska. You can always find the best quality wholesale crystal and stone at CabochonsforSale.


The stone is truly a game changer. One can easily get tired explaining why it is a stone worth having with you at all times. Good-quality, rare covellite pieces are used in jewelry. The stone is also known to be used for healing and meditation purposes.


  • The benefits of a covellite stone are worth knowing about. Covellite's metaphysical properties are what make it a very popular gemstone in the healing world.
  • Physical healing properties
  • Helps to improve one’s digestive system
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Strengthens the body enough to fight infections and diseases.
  • Proven beneficial in treating fungal infections.
  • Acts as a shield against the tumor radiations
  • Also popularly known as the detoxification stone.

Emotional healing properties

  • It helps you build enough trust with people to be vulnerable.
  • Teaches you forgiveness
  • Helps you set yourself free from negative feelings like anger, stress, and resentment.
  • Gives you mental peace and clarity.
  • Allows you to ditch the stress and focus better on things.
  • Enhances your creative corner
  • Keeps you calm at all times.

Metaphysical healing properties

  • Helps in increasing your spiritual awareness.
  • Helps you make a divine connection
  • Balances karma
  • The metaphysical properties of this stone are almost similar to those of a charoite stone.


There are various ways to get rid of all the unwanted and excess negative energies from your stone. One can simply start by giving their stone a good bath in the moonlight or the sunlight. Allow your stone to absorb the light for at least a few hours.

Another way is to use another stone to cleanse your covellite stone. Stones like quartz or a selenite crystal can easily get rid of all the unwanted energies without losing their own spark. To cleanse it with a stone, you can simply keep your crystal on a selenite or quartz stone for about six hours.

Burning sage sticks is also a very common way of cleansing your crystal. Just burn a sage stick and rotate it around your crystal, trying to clean it. While doing so, believe and feel that all the unwanted energies of the crystal have been gotten rid of. It is a fresh, brand-new crystal with amazing healing powers.


A stone that would literally turn every single dream that you truly believe in into reality. A stone with which you can manifest all that you desire. A stone that gives you courage and balances your karma for the past and present. An all-rounder stone that is literally the solution to every single problem of yours Covellite gemstone. Having heard so much, it must be getting impossible to stop yourself from buying it. Well, you don't have to stop yourself. CabochonsforSale is ready to serve you with the best quality gemstones at an amazingly affordable price. Happy shopping!


1. What is the color of a covellite stone?

Covellite can usually be found having shining streaks of gray and black colors.

2. Where is covellite found?

The stone can be easily found in the USA, parts of Italy, Germany, Peru, Wales, and Alaska.

3. Is covellite and chalcopyrite the same?

People tend to get confused between the two. But they are not the same. Chalcopyrite is much harder than covellite and isn't as blue as a covellite stone, either.

4. Is it easy to cut covellite stone?

The stone is a tad difficult to cut due to its hardness level. Once you try scratching it with a fingernail.

5. How many chakras does the covellite stone effect?

The covellite stone is believed to affect and work on all seven chakras in our body.