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Goldstone - A Forever Charming Stone

After looking at this tone, you’ll know exactly what we are. How magical human hands and minds must be to create a stone as beautiful as this goldstone! The stone is a man-made stone that is created by melting down borax, copper oxide, silica, and many other chemicals. The stone is known by many other names, like monk’s stone, gold star, and aventurine glass.


This stone looks no less than a glittering glass with inclusions of copper particles. The stone is available in many other colors, like blue, black, green, and purple. You can buy blue goldstone in wholesale quantities and at wholesale prices at CabochonsforSale.


The stone is man-made, so there is no particular origin for it. It is known that the stone was first crafted in Italy. Find everything from a blue goldstone cabochon to a raw red goldstone at CabochonsforSale.


Speaking about the usage of goldstone crystal, apart from using it for healing purposes, the stone looks eye-catching when used in jewelry. The stone is available in various cuts and sizes and, hence, makes a great piece of jewelry. One can easily wear goldstone tumbled stone as a bracelet, pendant, ring, or earrings.
If you are looking for beaded jewelry, then you should also have a look at the green prase cabochon jewelry that CabochonsforSale has to offer.


The stone is known to be a guardian stone because of its reflective surface. It is believed that the stone bounces off any kind of negative energy that tries to affect you. The color of goldstone plays an important role in its healing properties. Let’s have a look at how this stone is beneficial for our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Here are some of the real goldstone's healing properties.

Physical healing properties

  • Acts as a system detoxifier
  • Reinforces the cardiovascular and neurological systems
  • Helps with bone density and tissue repair.
  • provides relief from the pain of rheumatism
  • Known to be beneficial to cancer patients

Emotional healing properties

  • Treats emotional wounds
  • Removes the burden imposed by psychological issues.
  • Teach you to embrace greater qualities in your life.
  • Gives you more optimism, enjoyment, and pleasure.

Metaphysical healing properties

  • Provides help in attaining your goals.
  • reduces tension and encourages a positive attitude
  • Transmits healing energies and increases self-acceptance.
  • Diverts any kind of malevolent energy into the earth.


The care for this gemstone is pretty much the same as that of any other gemstone. Use a mild soap and lukewarm water to clean your stone. No gemstone should be cleaned with any harsh chemical cleansers or brushed hard. This could hamper the stone's appearance and cause scratches on the stone’s surface. Use paper towels or a soft cloth to pat it dry.


This was a little guide on the beautifully man-made glitter glass stone. The stone would make a really cute addition to your collection. CabochonsforSale is your next-door wholesale gemstone seller, promising to provide you with the best gemstones at the best price.