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Green Prase Opal Gemstone - Meanings and Crystal Properties

Green prase Stone is an attractive stone identified by its green color and unique patterns. The stone is mainly found in Tanzania and is endowed with a number of metaphysical qualities. True to its green color it is considered as a stone of abundance. People wear it to improve their physical and mental health and achieve progress in their spiritual pursuites. The stone is also loved by the jewelry shoppers for its distinct aesthetics and appealing colors and is easily available at reputed stone jewelry shoppers and gemstone wholesalers.


Green Prase Opal is notable for its lively green shade ranging from light to more intense shades; its distinctive patterns include markings like spots, veins, etc. which offer a distinguished identity to each stone. On the Mohs hardness scale the stone measure between 5.5 and 6.5


Green prase Stone benefits wearers by helping them to constantly grow in different areas of their life. It offers physical and mental well-being while also helping in the spiritual growth of the wearer.

  • Physical benefits: The stone is said to regulate the respiratory system and helps in the proper functioning of organs related to the digestive process like the liver.
  • Emotional benefits: The stone promotes self-love and makes a person accept themselves without reservations. It also stimulates the imagination and makes a person more open to changes
  • Spiritual benefits: The stone helps the spiritual seekers to reveal the secrets of the metaphysical world and connects themselves with the higher levels of consciousness


Prase green opal is extensively used to create mesmerizing gemstone jewelry for different occasions. Its versatile aesthetics enable it to seamlessly sync with any outfit and lift its spirit. However, the prase green opal’s usage is not limited to jewelry alone. Energy workers also employ green prase opal crystal to heal clients struggling with issues like agitated minds, fatigue, body pains, and headaches. Praise of green opal’s usage in the spiritual field is also remarkable due to its metaphysical properties. People with spiritual pursuits place some prase green cabochons in a bowl to intensify their meditation practice.


Tanzania is the main producer of green prase stone. It is mined from Iyobo Mountain which is situated near the Haneti region of Tanzania. In those mountains, the stone is found in veins that are hosted by the altered serpentinite.

Care and Cleaning

For keeping the original beauty intact and protecting your stone from damage or discoloration, you need to keep some key points in mind while cleaning or storing the stone. Here are a few points to consider:

  • High temperatures can cause the crystals to crack and thus discolor the store or damage its surface.
  • Use as a slightly dampened soft cloth without the use of abrasive cleaners for cleaning the stone
  • Store carefully: Wrap the stone carefully inside a soft pouch before storing it and make sure there is a comfortable space around it to avoid abrasion or hitting against other surfaces
  • Avoid chemicals: Perfuens, lotions, or soaps with harsh chemicals can significantly damage the color and texture of the stone. So, avoid direct contact with perfumes, lotions bleach, or other chemically laden materials
  • Recharge in the moonlight: For recharging for the spiritual purpose you can recharge the stone on a full moon night.

Real vs. Fake

When buying green or any other gemstone, it is highly recommended to exercise caution and carefully confirm the authenticity of the stone before paying for it. Here are a few ways that will help you distinguish the real stone from the fake one:

  • Weight: The specific gravity of an authentic stone is between 2.1 and 2.3 so, if in hand the stone feels very light or heavy then it may be a fake stone
  • Price: An unnaturally low-priced stone may be an indication of a fake stone as the real stone generally commands the value equivalent to valuable gemstones
  • Texture: Natural stone generally has a slightly porous texture, on the other hand, the lab produced synthetic stones may have an artificially smooth texture
  • Clarity: Real Green Prase Opal generally comes with natural imperfections caused due to long-term exposure to changing geological conditions while the fake stone may show the artificial uniformity
  • Luster: The real stone is characterized by the unique play of different shades and a distinct luster while the fake stone generally lacks such characteristics.


Bedecked in interesting shades of green and sporting aesthetically pleasing patterns, the green prase instantly attracts the eyes. Along with its beauty, the green prase gemstone’s healing properties also make it useful in spiritually healing various disorders and diseases. However, for the best benefits, it is recommended due to wear the stone only after consulting with qualified experienced spiritual healers. Based on your requirements and purpose you can either buy retail unites of green prase opal from retailers for personal use or buy green prase stone in bulk from wholesale suppliers of precious and semi-precious gemstones for starting your own retail business.