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Natural Hungarian Gemstone for Sale

Hungarian agate gemstone is known for its unparalleled beauty, royal, well-defined hues, and extremely attractive patterns consisting of swirls and bands. The stone is also said to mitigate physical pains and make a person more confident. It is believed to make a person more composed and justified in his actions. As the the name suggests the Hungarian Agate is generally found in Hungary especially around the Veszprém city and is highly admired the world over by jewelry lovers and collectors for its unique colors and patterns.


Hungarian agate’s usage extends to wide areas. The preferred usage of the stone is in the areas of jewelry making and crystal healing. The luxurious and remarkable appeal of the stone makes it the perfect stone to create statement jewelry pieces, especially rings, and earrings. The Hungarian agate cabochons’ healing properties also make it an ideal stone for homeowners to add to their interior décor. Some branches of alternative and traditional medical practices also use the stone as a part of their ingenious treatment process to boost the overall impact of their medicines. The diverse range of usage makes the stone equally popualr across end customers, crystal healers, alternative and traditional medical practitioners, dealers, gemstone wholesalers and manufacturers of gemstones.


The stone is a translucent to opaque stone distinguished by its unique colors and patterns including bands, swirling lines, and different colorful markings. On the Mohs hardness scale the stone measures between 6.5 and 7. As the stone takes thousands of years in formation, the process and time offers it a very matured aesthetic appeal while the inclusions inside it adds a beautiful complexity to the stone.


Hungarian stone is loaded with lots of benefits in the area of physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Here are a few benefits of the Hungarian Agate that makes it highly popular among crystal healers:

  • Physical Benefits: The stone makes a person stronger on a physical level and also enhances overall stamina while reducing laxity and laziness. It is thus recommended for people who generally feel a lack of energy or get tired easily
  • Emotional Benefits: The stone has a grounding effect and helps in stabilizing chaotic emotions. The stone is also recommended for reducing the depressive thoughts.
  • Spiritual Benefits: Hungarian Agate protects against negative energies and eventually induces a deep sense of security and safety in the wearer. It also helps spiritual seekers to concentrate their minds better while meditating.

Care and Cleaning

Using the below mentioned guidelines will protect your stone’s original beauty, durability and overall looks.

  • Protect the stone from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures as it can hurt the original hues and thus interfere with the signature beauty of the stone
  • Use a slightly damp soft microfiber or cotton cloth to clean the stone if needed you may use the soft-bristled brush to carefully remove dust particles
  • Use a soft pouch and a well-padded jewelry box to store your Hungarian agate and keep it safe from damage.
  • When wearing it for parties or functions make sure that you don’t spray perfumes with the Hungarian agate jewelry on as any direct contact with chemically rich material can damage the stone
  • Keep the stone safe from lotion, deodorant, and other chemical-laden stuff
  • You can keep the stone in the full moonlight overnight for spiritual recharging

Real vs. Fake

While the real Hungarian agate stone justifies its high prices in the market, some unethical sellers may try to sell fake Hungarian stone at the prices of a real one. However, with the below-mentioned tips you will be in a better position to spot the differences between the two and thus save yourself from being cheated.

  • Price: It is practically not possible to sell the stone at very low prices due to its valuable nature and demands in the niche audiences. So if someone tries to sell the stone at unbelievably low prices then almighty be the trick to sell the fake stone
  • Weight: 2.6-2.7 is the standard gravity of the stone. If the weight feels lighter or heavier than this then it might be a fake stone
  • Pattern: The stone’s distinct patterns have a unique non-recurring arrangement if you note the artificial consistency in the pattern then it may be a fake stone
  • Texture: As opposed to the slightly porous texture of the true Hungarian agate the fake stone may have a smoother texture
  • Luster: Real Hungarian Agate is distinguished by its unique play of colors and patterns something that is lacking in the fake stone


Hungarian Agate stone is a widely available stone that can be found in Mexico, Madagascar, some US regions and Brazil. Among all these the quality of hungarian agate found in Brazil is beleived to be superior than others and thus command higher prices.


Hungarian agate stone is a widely loved gemstone known for its lively colors and beautifully complex pattern. It is also loaded with several metaphysical properties. The stone’s rarity and beauty make it equally popular among gemstone collectors while the metaphysical strengths make the stone a preferred choice as a crystal healer by the energy workers. Due to its versatile applications in different areas, the demand for the stone is increasing rapidly which has attracted many gemstone dealers and wholesale suppliers of gemstone and crystals to stock a good, regular quantity of Hungarian agate.

FAQs about Hungarian Agate

1. What is the best crystal combination for Hungarian agate gemstones?

The stone is believed to significantly increase the healing properties of specific gemstones that share the same vibes with it like hematite, Black tourmaline, hypersthene cabochons, and amethyst.

2. Which country is the major producer of Hungarian agate stone?

Brazil is counted as the largest producer of Hungarian Agate stone of superior gemstone quality. Along with it, the stone is also found in multiple regions of the world like Madagascar, Mexico, and a few parts of the US.

3.Is Hungarian agate associated with a specific zodiac sign?

Hungarian agate is among the few gemstones that are not restricted by specific zodiac signs. It is a versatile stone and offers benefits to the wearers regardless of their zodiac sign. For the best benefits, it is recommended to check with a qualified and experienced crystal healer to know the best time and day of wearing the stone.

4. Who should wear Hungarian agate stone?

As a calming stone, the Hungarian agate stone is recommended for People who are stressed and have difficulty making the right decisions. It is equally good for people who easily get overwhelmed. Along with that the spiritually inclined people who are unable to concentrate their mind while meditation can also be benefited by wearing Hungarian agate gems.