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Peanut Obsidian Gemstone For Sale at CabochonsForSale

A rare volcanic glass called peanut obsidian is recognized for its unusual patterns resembling peanuts that are created when gas bubbles rapidly cool. Found in volcanically active areas, this gemstone is prized by jewelry designers and collectors for its eye-catching visual appeal, which is a result of its black base hue with lighter brown swirls or patches.

Peanut Obsidian Meaning

The term "Peanut Obsidian" comes from the way it looks—like peanuts stuck in a black matrix. This unusual gemstone gets its descriptive name from its lengthy, oval-shaped patterns that resemble peanuts.

Peanut Obsidian Properties

Peanut Obsidian gemstone has different levels of transparency; it is frequently opaque and occasionally translucent. It has a vitreous to resinous sheen and a Mohs hardness rating of about 5 to 5.5. It's a remarkable and sought-after form of obsidian because of its peculiar "peanut" markings.

Peanut Obsidian Colors

Usually having a black base color, Peanut Obsidian has pronounced brown to tan "peanut" markings. It may also occasionally have white inclusions that resemble snowflakes, which would contrast and accentuate its appearance.

Unique Peanut Obsidian Varieties

  • Classic Peanut Obsidian: Distinguished by a characteristic brown to tan "peanut" pattern on a black basis.
  • Snowflake Peanut Obsidian: Has inclusions that resemble white snowflakes, which improves the material's aesthetic attractiveness.

Peanut Obsidian Metaphysical Properties

  • Protective energy and grounding
  • Emotional Balance and Adaptability
  • Spiritual Detox and Rejuvenation

Peanut Obsidian Birthstone

Although there isn't a particular birthstone month for peanut obsidian, it is valued for its calming quality. It is a significant option for people looking for strength and balance because it represents stability and protection.

Peanut Obsidian Jewelry

Sleek, black stones with characteristic brown to tan "peanut" patterns are the hallmark of Peanut Obsidian jewelry, which is frequently set in sterling silver or other metals. Other gemstones that can complement Peanut Obsidian jewelry are onyx and jade.  Peanut Obsidian has a striking, earthy elegance that makes it a special option for statement pieces like  peanut obsidian pendant, peanut obsidian bracelet, etc. Looking to add mesmerizing gemstones to your collection? Explore our selection of Peanut Obsidian available online at CabochonsForSale, your one-stop destination for beautiful gemstones at wholesale prices.

Peanut Obsidian Carat Weight

Peanut Obsidian's price per carat, which usually fluctuates from $5 to $50 based on size, quality, and market demand, is influenced by the huge variations in its carat weight. Larger and uniquely patterned stones could fetch higher prices.