All About Opal: A Simple Guide
Posted On : 28 May

Opal is one of the magnificent gemstones that has attracted people’s attention with its rich and enchanting play of color. Since the early Egyptian period up to now, opal gemstone has been admired not only for its beautiful play of light but also due to the mystical powers it is known to possess. 

Whether you are a lover of gems or someone who desires to dress up all spruced up in a gem-studded piece of jewelry, it is important to grasp how to wear the opal and how it can compliment you in the best way possible. This article will provide you with all the important information that you should know about opal – how to wear opal, choose the proper jewelry piece, and how to take care of it.  

Opal Stone

Understanding Opal

Opal stones’ most alluring feature is its play-of-color; the effect by which the stone appears to be filled with a vibrant spectrum of colors as the light passes through them and reflects off the opal’s internal structure. 

It is thus due to the interference pattern of light which is created by linear structures made up of silica spheres within the stone. The colors can range from some bright reds, blues, and greens to even softer pastel shades due to the type and quality of the stone. And the best part? All opal gemstones have a unique charm of their own with the way light reflects onto their surface, making each one of them an exquisite jewel. 

Throughout history, Opal stone has had a symbolic significance and meaning that is linked to it. According to Roman mythology, opal was associated with love and hope in the ancient period. 

During the Middle Ages, the gem was believed to bring good luck and even grant the powers of invisibility when wrapped in a newly grown bay leaf. As of now, Opal might not grant you invisibility but can foster creativity, inspiration, and emotional healing. Wearing opal can help one cultivate these benefits in life. 

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Types Of Opal 

Opal is broadly classified into three main types: 

1. Precious Opal

Precious or Real opal are the natural opal stones. These are characterized by the play-of-color phenomenon. Some varieties include black opal, white opal, and crystal opal.

2. Common Opal

This opal gemstone usually does not display the reflection of colors in the gem but can be found in a variety of colors and is more frequently used in inexpensive items.

3. Fire Opal

It is characterized by its vibrant reds, oranges, or yellows that may or may not show play of color.


Choosing The Right Opal For You 

Here are some factors one must look for while choosing an opal gemstone:

1. Color

Play-of-color, intensity, and range of colors, are important factors when considering the hues of the opal gemstone. The more vibrant and deep-colored opal, the higher its value and quality. 

2. Pattern

Various patterns can be displayed by opal stones, like pinfire, harlequin, and floral, about the arrangement of colors in different positions. Some patterns are considered to be more valuable and exotic than others.

3. Clarity

Some of the opals are opaque, while others might be translucent or even transparent. Here, too many inclusions or blemishes in the gemstone can be considered a drawback and may influence its value and quality.

4. Cut

Opals are generally not faceted but rather cut in cabochons to maximize the play of color. The cut should make the stone as pretty as possible while at the same time not endangering the strength of the stone.

5. Size

Bigger opals are harder to find and might cost more but more than the size, color, and clarity of the gemstone matter more. 

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Opal Jewelry: Forms And Trends 

There are several forms of opal jewelry, all of which display eye-popping colors. In the world of jewelry, opal rings are very popular, be they slim bands or massive ones. These are considered statements of their own, as standalone jewelry needing no other jewelry. 

Necklaces and pendants, in particular, give the full spectrum of opal’s breathtaking beauty, turning into accents both for formal and even party wear. The use of bracelets also offers the flexibility of combining opal in the setting with a simple ring band or a beautiful and detailed setting with a dainty design that is unique as well as versatile. 

A combination of Opal with other gemstones can create wonderful jewelry. From Moonstone to Citrine, and Tourmaline to Hematite, this stone looks good with many other gemstones. 


Caring For Your Opal Gemstone

Opal is rather soft among gemstones and it has a hardness of 5. 5 to 6. This means it can be easily damaged and needs to be protected to keep its natural look and appearance.

1. Cleaning Opal

To clean opal stone, you need to use a soft, damp cloth with no rubbing. In case of a thorough cleaning, you need to use mild soapy water, soft brush, and brush gently before rinsing and patting it dry. Be wary of chemicals and ultrasonic cleaning devices since they can harm the stone. 

2. Storing Opal 

When not in use, opal jewelry pieces should be stored in soft pouches or in fabric-lined jewelry boxes to avoid scratching each other. To prevent them from cracking, keep some warmth around it using a damp cloth and protect the gemstone from direct sunlight and heat sources. 


Embracing The Healing Benefits Of Opal Stone

Opal has different metaphysical characteristics that aim to elevate a person’s spiritual and emotional state.

Emotional Healing

It is believed that opal has therapeutic properties that stabilize the wearer’s moods and alleviate tension. Wearing opal can help one in remaining calm and maintain a serene sense of being overall.

If you want to make the most out of the positive radiations of this gemstone, wear it as a pendant near your heart or chest. 

Creativity And Inspiration

Opal is also commonly attributed to the creative faculties and new ideas. If you are an artist and you wear the gem, you will find yourself being more lucrative with your ideas and creativity. Wearing an opal ring or bracelet can help one open the door to inspiration and more artistic pursuits. 



Opal is an extraordinary gemstone that can add beautiful appeal and character to your persona and lifestyle in many ways with versatile possibilities.

Known for its lively play-of-color, rich history, and metaphysical properties, this gemstone is an extraordinarily diverse and engaging choice for any jewelry selection. 

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Yes, opal can be worn daily as it is one of the most versatile gemstones. But since it is a swift gemstone, one must always keep in mind not to wear it in prolonged sunlight or rub it against any hard surfaces. 


Yes, opal can be worn by anyone who wants to style this mesmerizing gemstone in a piece of jewelry or for its many healing benefits. It is the birthstone for the people worn in October and is known to render additional benefits to the month born. 


Opal is one of the most versatile semi-precious gemstones. With this striking visual appearance, one can adorn the gemstone in the form of necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and more.